Disclaimer: I think C. S. Lewis (God rest his soul) died in the '60s, so I think we can safely say that I am not him, nor do I have the rights to anything pertaining to Narnia.

Dear Susan,

Do you realize it's been 8 years to the day since we were called into Narnia the second time? I can hardly believe it! I can remember dear old Cair Paravel, lying in ruins, and the chess piece you found. Oh, the memories are so hard to bear at times! Yet I should feel fortunate, for I was able to go again, and sail with dear Caspian to the end of the world. I wish you could have been there... but then, wishing is not worthwhile. But, oh, the sea of lilies! And the great wave forever rushing upwards! I do wish that I could once more bury my hands in Aslan's golden mane.

On the anniversaries of our going or leaving Narnia, I always feel a bit melancholy, and must speak of it to someone. Edmund and I have been talking about it quite a bit of late, and Peter and I write quite often, but I feel that sometimes you are the one I must speak to. I remember that when you came home that time, from America, and Edmund and I had been to Narnia again, you had parties and dances to go to, and were not able to hear the tale. Well, it is too long to write in a letter, but you will come, sometimes, won't you? And then Edmund and I can tell you all about. I do miss you, Susan, more than I can say, and wish that you were home more often. But, I know you are busy, and have things to do. Do drop me a line if you can; just seeing your familiar hand helps me when I'm lonely for you.

Well, I've spoken enough about myself. What have you been doing? Father and mother said that you had met a lot of handsome, rich boys, but that you've scorned them all. It reminds me of Narnia; there you hardly even considered marrying anyone, except that horrid Rabadash, but he hardly counts. If I can, perhaps I will visit you. I am finishing my final exams up, and then school will be over at last. I half wish this wasn't my final year; I remember you being so excited when school was all done for you, and you could put away your books. But I'm not so eager. I fear I shall forget very soon much of what I have learned. You mentioned in your last letter that you had gotten a new dress for a dance. What was it like? I do wish that the clothes here in England were like our Narnian clothes: so comfortable they were, and they shimmered and twirled so!

Well, I must get back to studying. I love you dearly, Su, and hope I can see you very soon!




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