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Summary: It's been a few months since Naruto became a genin and joined Team 7. When they go on another C-ranked mission Naruto had expected things to go normally. He hadn't expected for the mission to turn bad and for him to suddenly end up in the past! kakanaru

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~Come on Closer~

Just like any other day in Konoha, the village was bustling with lively people and everyone seemed to be in high spirits. Everyone but one genin team. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto were all waiting for their sensei to show up and either tell them if they were going to train or do some sort of mission.

All of them had scowls on their faces while their anger simmered off of them into the afternoon heat. The trio was just about ready to tear each others heads off. Kakashi was even later than usual. Ordinarily, he was about two to about three hours late. Today it was nearing four hours, which caused each genin to inwardly vow that they would get back at their sensei, one way or another.

'Ugh, I should know better than to arrive at the meeting point on time by now! Kaka-sensei is always late no matter what!' Naruto seethed. His pent up anger could probably rival whatever the Uchiha a few feet away from him was feeling. Naruto could just feel the murderous intent rolling of his teammate in waves.

Just when the three genin were about to erupt they all heard a small inaudible poof off to their side. Three sets of eyes turned to look at where the noise originated. Sure enough their was their sensei.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Naruto and Sakura both chorused.

"Maa maa, sorry about that but you see the new Icha Icha movie came out today and I just had to go see it before the tickets were sold out." Kakashi gave them his infamous eye-smile while his students gave him deadly glares.

"LIAR!" However as Naruto yelled this with Sakura, he couldn't help but think that maybe this time his sensei was telling the truth. When it came to those dreadful books Kakashi was the number one consumer of them.

As Kakashi began to inform them of the mission they would be doing today Naruto partially zoned out. It has been about four months since he became a genin and team seven was formed. And of course, it has been about four months since he found out about that.

Ever since Mizuki revealed to him about the Kyuubi Naruto hadn't been in the best state of mind. Sure he kept up his mask of carefree cheerfulness but on the inside he was a hurricane of negative emotions.

He was happy that Iruka finally passed him and became a genin. It meant that he was one step closer to his goal of becoming Hokage! That success had been dampened by learning what he was and why the villagers tormented and hated him so much. It made him feel lonelier than ever when he hoped that, among other things, would change once he became a genin.

'So much for that hope,' Naruto thought bitterly.

Being on the same team as Sasuke didn't help matters. He hated it. Sakura he didn't mind, he did have a crush on her, after all. It really wasn't as big as he made it out to be though. He just thought she was really pretty and smart, but personality wise-well he just wished she was sweeter. Despite the girl she was constantly beating him up and rejecting him he couldn't help how he felt sometimes.

Then there was Kakashi. Being the prankster that he was and how much snooping he did around the village, he had of course heard of the famous copycat-ninja Kakashi Hatake.

He had just never seen the man during his academy days. When he first laid eyes on Kakashi he had really been expecting a more refined, war-experienced shinobi. Not some white haired dude who looked like he was bored all the time and had about two thirds of his face covered up.

To say that Naruto's excitement deflated would be an understatement. He didn't show it other than the prank he had pulled on the scarecrow. The blonde only wanted to test the skill of his new sensei. The jounin had failed miserably unfortunately. He could admit that he had underestimated Kakashi though. After seeing the man in action in their mission to the Land of Waves, his impression on the man changed.

He admired him a heck of a lot more and really did see him as a role model. Though, when he noticed Kakashi paid more attention to that bastard on his team he couldn't help but feel disappointed and jealous. He still looked up to his sensei, but he didn't exactly like him. His sensei played favorites and hardly helped him out. He probably thought Naruto as a dead-last too. Sometimes he would give Naruto some advise and insight to whatever he was having trouble with but it wasn't enough.

Even Sakura got more attention than he did. And this was why Naruto was loud and obnoxious. He craved attention and he wanted nothing more than to be acknowledged by his sensei. Just some form of praise. Even if Kakashi wasn't his favorite person in the world, he still wanted to be noticed.

"So that's what our mission consists of for today. Just a simple C-rank that should be completed sometime this evening."

Naruto snapped out of his daze and shifted his attention to his sensei. During his brooding thoughts he did hear Kakashi say something about escorting a merchant to the borders of Fire Country and River Country. To keep up with his idiotic act Naruto whooped.

"Finally! Another C-rank mission! I'm gonna outshine Sasuke-teme today! Dattebayo!"

"Hn, in your dreams dobe." Sasuke sent Naruto one of his infuriating smirks.

"What'd you say teme!" In truth, whatever that bastard said didn't get on his nerves nearly as much as he made it seem. But sometimes that smirk did irritate him. It made him feel inferior somehow and he couldn't stand that.

"Naruto shut up! Your voice is way too loud and don't call Sasuke-kun such crude names!"

And there goes Sakura defending the asshole. It was like a ritual of some sort. Naruto would act his usual annoying self, Sasuke would give some snarky remark to his behavior, Naruto would retort back and before he could get much in edge wise Sakura would come in and yell at him for even talking back to her beloved Sasuke.

To be honest, even though Sakura always shot Naruto down when he asked her out, Naruto thought that Sakura got rejected a lot worse when it came to Sasuke. Oh well, hopefully one day she'd see past her delusions of the teme.

"But Sakura-chan! Sasuke started it!" Naruto whined.

"Can it Naruto! You always blame Sasuke-kun for everything!" Sakura raised her fist at Naruto, threatening to pound his face in if he complained about Sasuke one more time. He scoffed on the inside.

"Okay team let's not dawdle. We need to meet up with out client at the gates." Kakashi instructed. With that said, the jounin took off towards the village gates with his prized book in hand. The genin followed suit.

The walk to the gates was short and when they got there, their client was already waiting for them. He was a short man who looked middle aged. He had a kind but forgettable face and as they approached him he waved.

"Hello Koenma-san. I'm Kakashi and this is my team. We will be escorting you today." Kakashi greeted the man after putting his book away. The man gave him a peculiar look after he saw the title of said book. Who could blame him.

"Yes thank you Kakashi-san. I'm very grateful for you and your team to be helping me out." The older man smiled up at Kakashi but gave the rest of his escorts a nervous look. Well even though this was a C-rank mission, things could go wrong and this man was putting his life in the hands of one jonin and three 12 year-old genin. Not that they weren't incapable of handling dangerous tasks. The mission to the Land of Waves was a success after all due to all of their cooperation and teamwork.

"Lets head out now shall we?" Kakashi took his position in the back of the group while the three genin all got into formation. Sasuke in front while Naruto and Sakura flanked Koenma's sides.

For a few hours everything went smoothly. Sakura would, as usual, start a casual conversation with the client and Naruto would sometimes butt in. Sasuke remained quiet through it all and stayed on guard while Kakashi read his book. From what Naruto could sense, there was no danger.

As they were nearing the borders to Fire and River country, Naruto sensed it. There were three other shinobi tracking them. He glanced back at Kakashi and saw that he too noticed however, Sasuke, Sakura and the client remained oblivious. Naruto had Kyuubi to thank for his heightened senses. It was only because of the bijou's power that he was able to detect the approaching enemies. Before Naruto could say anything, Kakashi cut him off.

"Everyone be on your guard. We're being followed."

Whatever Sakura was about to say died on her lips as she tensed. Even though she was used to enemy attacks thanks to their last mission she still got nervous. Sasuke didn't say anything, but his hand did move closer to his weapons pouch. Koenma-san went silent and looked everywhere around him.

For awhile everyone remained silent, intent on keeping track of their followers. However, almost instantly the enemy shinobi's presence vanished.

'That's odd.' Naruto had been keeping track on their chakra signatures' and felt uneasy at their sudden disappearance. They continued on for half hour when Naruto felt a presence for a spilt second. Before he could even comprehend what was happening, they were under attack.

As kunai and shurikan rained down upon them, Naruto and Sakura quickly grabbed onto Koenma and took cover while Sasuke and Kakashi took into the trees. Originally Naruto had only felt three shinobi following them but now, there were five. None of them appeared to be wearing a village headband either.

"Naruto! Sakura! Stay with Koenma and don't get caught off guard!" Kakashi kicked one of the enemies away and attacked two nearby as he shouted out his order. Naruto saw Sasuke off up in the trees hurling kunai at two of the other shinobi, using his sharingan to keep him one step ahead of them.

'Tch, it figures Kaka-sensei has to order us to keep on our guard and not Sasuke.' Naruto pushed the ugly thought away and tried to focus on his surroundings for any surprise attacks. He kept an eye on Sasuke's and Kakashi's battle while he and Sakura stood on both sides of Koenma, armed with a kunai.

It was when Sasuke flipped backwards to dodge one of the enemies attacks that Naruto noticed it. Sasuke was keeping up blow for blow with two of the shinobi while Kakashi was fighting another two.

'Where's the fifth shinobi?!'

Just as Naruto realized the absence of the fifth, he heard a few kunai whistling through the air towards him. He threw some shurikan at them and deflected the knives in midair. Naruto spun around towards Sakura and saw the enemy behind her and Koenma.

"Sakura! Look out!" He grabbed a few more kunai and threw them at the shinobi, but they were easily dodged. Sakura tried to attack him, charging head first with a kunai in hand. The enemy easily side stepped her and knocked her off balance with a sweep of his foot at her feet. He caught the ends of her hair roughly and flung her off to the side. Koenma backed up as the enemy nin advanced on him.

"Tajuu! Kage bushin no jutsu!"

Before the shinobi could do any harm to the old merchant, a few dozen of clones appeared and charged at the startled ninja. He jumped up into the trees to avoid the clone's attacks and started to pick them off by using the branches to his advantage. Only a few of Naruto's clones could reach him at a time as they were all trying to avoid colliding into each other.

While his clones were having a bit of trouble trying to land a hit on this guy, the shinobi started to make his way towards the original.

Seeing this Naruto decided to take some evasive action. He pulled out a couple kunai and wrapped an explosive tag on both of them. The enemy nin was only a few yards away up in the trees when a couple of Naruto's clones ambushed him from above to distract him. When his attention was taken off of the original, Naruto threw both the kunai up at the shinobi and ran towards Sakura and Koenma to take cover again. The shinobi avoided one of the kunai but the other got embedded into his thigh and before he knew it, both of them exploded instantaneously.

All the surrounding ninja in the area immediately scattered so as not to get caught in the blast. After a few minutes nothing was heard except the sound of falling trees and branches. Naruto gave a little sigh, glad that he avoided whatever that shinobi was about to do when he heard Sakura scream next to him. He whipped his head around so fast that he felt a sharp pain sting in his neck and looked towards what Sakura was pointing at. His eyes widened.

What he saw had him sucking in his breath harshly. On the ground a few feet away lay the shinobi that had been attacking him. At least, half of him was there. His lower half was no where to be seen and there was blood everywhere. Naruto turned away sharply and retched. This was the first time he had ever killed somebody.

"I can't believe I…I hadn't really meant to…" Naruto felt like he was about to hyperventilate. His stomach felt heavy and empty yet he continued to dry heave. In the deepest part of his mind he knew that ninja were taught to kill and it was just in the nature of a shinobi to do that. Hell, the higher ranked ninjas were almost always sent out on assassination missions! Naruto knew all that, but he wasn't even close to being prepared to actually kill someone! He had just graduated from the academy a few months ago!

"You little bastard!" One of the enemy shinobi saw the little runt take out one of his comrades and in a blind rage lunged towards Naruto, ready to rip off his head. Kakashi took off trying to intercept the enemies attack but one of the other enemy nin attacked him.

Naruto felt weak and looked up and saw the ninja descend upon him and perform some weird jutsu. Sakura had already gotten up to pull Koenma out of the way.

"Naruto! Move!" Sakura yelled out at him. Finally coming to his senses Naruto shakily got up to his feet and tried to do another kage bushin. As the blonde was about to perform his signature jutsu, he saw Sasuke come into view. The Uchiha threw a few shurikan at the approaching shinobi. Even though Sasuke succeeded in messing up his aim the ninja still crashed down into Naruto and his jutsu erupted.

There was a flash of bright light that blinded everyone for a few seconds. After it faded Kakashi swooped in and slit the throat of the shinobi who was about to kill Naruto. The other three ran off into the forest.

"Is everyone all right?" Kakashi stood up and surveyed the area. He could see Sakura and Koenma crouched down besides one of the fallen trees and Sasuke was hanging upside down on one of the branches above him. But he couldn't see Naruto anywhere. A bit of panic clenched inside the copy nin's chest.

"Where's Naruto?"

Sasuke, Sakura and Koenma looked all around them but couldn't find their blonde comrade. Sakura did find his headband laying on the ground, but still no Naruto. Kakashi kneeled next to the shinobi he had just killed and examined his hands.

'He was about to execute a strange jutsu before he collided into Naruto.' He began to worry that much more. Guilt soon took the place of worry. He saw how well Naruto performed his duties in protecting Koenma and Sakura, as well as trying to keep the enemy away.

The second he saw that kunai wrapped in a paper bomb impale into the enemy's leg he knew that was the end of him. He was proud of Naruto, even though he had just killed another ninja, the genin still did needed to be done.

However, he hadn't fully expected Naruto's reaction. When he saw his face, completely speechless and horrified he felt bad for him. Unfortunately, taking the life of another was a part of a ninja's responsibility and Kakashi planned to help the boy cope with it after the mission.

Now he couldn't. Naruto was gone and he had no idea what happened to him. He didn't believe that the genin was dead, but who knew?

'I should of ran to his side the second I saw how stunned he was. I could of protected him from what the other shinobi while he was in such a vulnerable state.'

Kakashi closed his one eye tightly for a few seconds then opened it to stare at his two remaining students.

"Kakashi-sensei, what should we do? I can't sense Naruto's chakra anywhere." Sakura's eyes glassed over from a couple unshed tears. She was beyond concerned for her teammate, she was scared for him. Even if Naruto got on her nerves a lot she didn't want to anything bad happen to him. Sasuke wasn't any better. He was fidgeting and he looked distraught. His blonde rival was missing and even when he came down to save him, it wasn't enough. Naruto was gone.

Kakashi performed a few hand signs and summoned his ninja hounds. Pakkun and his pack appeared before them.

"Yo Kakashi! What's up?" Pakkun greeted while his pack all turned towards their master expectantly.

"Pakkun, I need you and your pack to search for Naruto. He's gone missing." Kakashi took Naruto's headband from Sakura and held it out to his ninja dogs to sniff and get accustomed to its scent.

Pakkun gave Kakashi a worried look. "You mean that blonde kid on your team?" He looked over to see just Sasuke and Sakura.

"Yes. This guy," Kakashi pointed to the ninja he had killed, "tried to hit Naruto with a strange jutsu, but didn't exactly succeed. Instead his body rammed into him and a bright light engulfed the area. After the light dispersed, Naruto was gone."

Pakkun stared at the fallen shinobi and then looked back up to his master. "We'll try our best to locate him."

With that said Pakkun and his pack scattered in different directions in hope to cover as much ground and to catch Naruto's scent. Kakashi then turned to the rest of his team and his client.

"The rest of us will continue on to our destination, we're almost there. Once we get Koenma-san there safely we'll search for Naruto."

All he got as a response was a soft 'hn' and a discouraged 'hai'. Kakashi knew his remaining students felt defeated. Even if they were about to complete their mission successfully, it just didn't feel like a victory if one of their teammates was missing.

'Please be alright Naruto…'

'Why do I feel like shit….' Naruto groaned. His eyes felt heavy, his mouth was dry and his whole body ached. He slowly opened his eyes and stared up at the sky. He was lying flat on his back on the ground and from what he could tell by the sun, it was midday.

'That's strange, we left the village around midday with our client. It should be nearing late evening by now.'

Naruto sat up and automatically, flinching at the sharp pains pounding away in his head. He could hardly bear it. He grabbed onto his head and immediately felt that he didn't have his headband on. He looked around him, but couldn't find it.

"Damn it! That headband was special! Iruka-sensei gave it to me." Naruto sighed and tried to get up. He was a little wobbly but managed to stand up. He didn't see his teammates or sensei anywhere. In fact he was surprised to see that he was only a few miles away from the village.

'How in the world did I get all the way back here….' Naruto was a bit taken aback by all this until his mood darkened.

'They didn't seriously just leave me out here by myself just cause I passed out! But wait, why did I pass out…' Naruto couldn't remember much, but the most current events flashed into his mind and he gasped.

'That's right….I killed someone.' Naruto felt sick, but willed himself not to throw up again. Or dry heave as there wasn't anything left in his stomach. Trying to keep himself from falling over Naruto began his trek towards the Leaf village. He started to see the village gates in the distance as he drew nearer but as he did he couldn't stop the voices running in his head.

"Murder! You're a murderer!"

"You deserve to die! Monster!"

"Demon! No one wants you around! Why don't you die!"

"The nine-tailed fox that destroyed our village is sealed within you. You are the nine tailed fox!"

Everything that the villagers had said to him since he was young kept running through his head and made his headache even worse. As the voices grew louder he squeezed his eyes shut. They kept echoing away in his head until he suddenly tripped. When he fell he could smell and feel the blood running down his legs from his harsh fall, but he didn't care. Naruto just laid there feeling lifeless.

"They're all right. They were all right…I am a murderer." Naruto whispered to himself.

He was about to curl into a ball and cry when he a shadow fell over him. He looked up and saw a man. A leaf shinobi like himself.

"Hey there, you alright? You don't look too good." The man kneeled down next to Naruto and put a hand onto his shoulder.

Naruto shuddered. Not from fear, but from something else. Something he couldn't quite place. The man seemed eerily familiar. He had spiky blonde hair that reached up to his shoulders and blue eyes. He looked to be around his early twenties too. He continued to stare blankly at the man.

"Err…well can you say anything?"

The man was a little put off by the strange boy just staring at him like that. He had never seen the child in the village before. He had a weapons pouch that looked to still have some kunai and shurikan in it so the boy must have been a ninja, but he didn't have a headband. By the look of the boy, he leaf ninja assumed his fellow blonde couldn't have been more than a genin. All of that coupled with the fact that the boy was injured and alone seemed quite strange.

Hearing the man speak to him again snapped Naruto out of his trance.

"Uh yeah, I guess." Naruto looked down, suddenly very nervous. He had never seen this shinobi in the village before. Course he couldn't say he's seen all of Konoha's shinobi, some of them were anbu and did S-class missions for years so Naruto probably had just never seen him before.

"Ah well let's get you to the hospital. You have a few injuries that should get checked."

Naruto nodded and tried to get up, but his arms collapsed under his weight and fell face first into the ground. He groaned. The blonde tried again to lift himself only to hear the man beside him chuckle.

"Here, let me help you." The man suddenly picked Naruto up and placed him on his back and started walking towards the village. Naruto was a bit startled, he wasn't used to people helping him much less touching him without some ill intent. He instinctually tensed up.

The man felt the boy go rigid and tried to calm him down. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. By the way what's your name kid?"

Naruto hesitated for a moment before answering. "Naruto." He didn't say his last name because he didn't want the man to recognize him as the demon child if he suddenly gave him his whole name. Though the name Naruto wasn't very common so it was probably a lost cause on his case anyway.

"Naruto huh? Cute name, never heard someone with that one before. My girlfriend would probably fawn all over you. She loves ramen and the fish cakes in it."

Naruto blushed, no one had ever given him a compliment like that before. Back in the academy kids used to tease him for his name, calling him a fish cake. Sometimes he found it ironic since he loved ramen so much.

"Oh, uh, thanks um…shinobi-san." Naruto muttered, he was still a bit embarrassed at the compliment.

"Oh don't call me that, my name's Minato." The man turned his head and smiled at Naruto, which only turned into a grin when he saw the kid's blush.

'Minato….that name sounds so familiar…' Naruto tried to remember where he heard that name when he caught Minato grinning at him.

"What's with the grin!" Naruto scowled, not liking the man's expression. Minato just laughed.

"Sorry was I grinning? It was only because of the blush on your face!"

Naruto sputtered, way more embarrassed now than he was before. "I w-wasn't blushing!"

"You weren't? Then why is your face so red?"

"It's not red! Something must be wrong with your eyes cause I'm not blushing!" Naruto huffed and turned his head away. Minato wanted to laugh again but held it in. The kid was just too cute especially when he was unknowingly pouting like that.

They made it into the village a few minutes later and Naruto couldn't help but feel strange. Something seemed different but he couldn't figure out what. The village was as lively as ever and everything looked the same. As they walked on towards the hospital Naruto noticed one of the things that was wrong.

'No one is glaring at me. None of the villagers are giving me those hateful looks whenever they see me.'

As they got closer to the hospital Naruto saw the Hokage tower come into view and then looked passed it towards the Hokage monument with a gasp.

'Where is the Fourth Hokage's face!? It wasn't engraved into the mountain!'

Minato heard Naruto gasp and looked at him. "What's wrong kiddo?"

Naruto's gaze snapped to Minato's and blurted out what he was thinking. "Where's the 4th Hokage's face on the monument?"

Minato gave him a strange look and said, "The Third Hokage hasn't elected his successor yet."

Naruto looked confused for a few seconds when it finally dawned on him. He was in the past! And the guy that was carrying him to the hospital, Minato, was the Fourth Hokage! At least in his time he was. Then he realized how screwed he was. If he was in the past then he shouldn't of blurted that out, he might mess up the time line or something. He didn't really understand the whole domino effect, but he understood enough to know he needed to be a lot more careful. He tried to come up with a lie fast.

"Uh yea, sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. I guess my mind is a bit scrambled from hitting my head on the ground earlier. Couldn't really tell where I was for a second. Ehehehe…"

After saying that Naruto suddenly thought of how that just made him sound like. An outsider. Minato was gazing forward and the humor that surrounded them suddenly vanished.

"Ne, Naruto, where did you come from?" The way Minato asked that sent a couple of chills down Naruto's spine. Now he knew he was in some deep shit.

"I…uh…" Before he could blurt anything else out Minato cut him off.

"Never mind, save it. Sorry but I'm going to have to take you to see the Hokage. I noticed your wounds don't seem to be too bad, so they can wait." Minato then changed his course to the Hokage tower. Naruto gulped, he didn't know what was going to happen. He just hoped everything turned out alright for him.

'I wish, I always seem to get into shitty situations like this….'






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