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~Come on Closer~

Ever since Naruto realized he had made changes to the past after he arrived, it had been constantly worrying him that every little thing he did or said would have some kind of effect. He almost screwed over Kakashi for Kami's sake! He could only hope that learning the hiraishin will allow Kakashi to use the chidori to its full extent and balance everything out again.

For the rest of the day Kakashi remained in bed to rest, orders courtesy of Rin. She came back early the next morning to check on him and see how he was doing and announced that he was good enough to get up and train again. But she warned him to take it easy.

While they had been bantering with each other, Naruto left the room and went into the kitchen. He wasn't hungry, but he felt like eating something to take his mind off of everything. He couldn't stop thinking about what he had done!

How could he be so stupid? What should he do? Naruto was sure that just by his presence being here he was altering things. He wondered what his real time was like now, if anything had changed. He hoped not. And Naruto didn't even have the faintest clue as to how to get back.

Before he was completely fine with staying in the past, he was happy here. He had everything he could ever want. But now…he really felt like he was just imposing. He knew he shouldn't be here.

Taking in a deep breath, Naruto sighed heavily in a sullen manner. What should he do? He didn't wantto go back to his time, but could he really risk staying here when he could be altering things in his time? He already messed up Kakashi! He lost his sharingan eye cause of him he was sure. Obito should of died, and then one of his eyes should of gone over to Kakashi. What if Kakashi wasn't as powerful in the future? What if he was different now?! So he could be changing things for the worst! And Naruto had no means of going back and-

Or it could be changing for the better.

Naruto stared at the apple he had in his hand, not even remembering grabbing it while running around in a panic in his head with his thoughts. While thinking of how bad things could turn out for every little thing he did, he almost didn't think that maybe some good could come out of it too. He wasn't the smartest person ever, but there was always good things that came along with the bad things right?

Kakashi lost his sharingan eye cause of him, but at the cost of that, he saved Obito's life. That was the upside to it. And Naruto had swore to himself that he'd do everything to make sure Kakashi mastered the chidori. He was certain he'd be able to if Minato taught him the Hiraishin.

Finally a small smile broke through his worried façade. Maybe he really didn't have to worry so much after all? Just because he was here and possibly screwing things up, he was at least aware of it now. And his presence could now try to keep things in the balance. Naruto would make sure of it!

His smile waned slightly as one thought crushed his heart a little bit. Things would end up differently now, and he'd never see the people he once knew ever again. Well...he would in a few more years when they were born, but it wouldn't be the same. Who would take his place in Team seven when the time came? Would this Kakashi still be the jounin instructor for that?

Well…Naruto guessed he'd have to wait and find out. He cheered up a little bit, now determined with his shaky resolve. He took a bite of his apple when he heard footsteps coming from down the hall. He looked up just in time to see Rin walking past him.

"Hey Rin! You wanna-"

Rin had rushed past him without so much of a look in his direction and slammed the door. She looked upset…

Then the jounin entered the room and Naruto turned to him. "Hey, what's wrong with Rin?"

Kakashi didn't look up at him, only stared at the door where Rin had just left through. "She's just…she needs some time to herself right now."

"What? Why?" Naruto cocked his head in concerned confusion.

With a heavy sigh, Kakashi turned his gaze towards Naruto and stared at him with an odd look in his eyes. "Don't worry about it alright? She'll be fine."

But…how can Naruto notworry about Rin now that Kakashi refused to tell him anything? It just made everything even more suspicious! "Maybe I should go talk to her and cheer up then."

Naruto pushed himself from the counter he had been leaning on and headed towards the door, but was stopped by Kakashi who took a hold of his arm and pulled him back. "No, listen it's…Rin really needs some time to herself. Alone."

"But-" Naruto tugged at his arm to free it from Kakashi's grasp, but the jounin only tightened his grip.

"Let's go train okay? I've been down and out for a few days now and want to get back to training." Kakashi needed to take Naruto's mind off of Rin and distract him somehow.

For a few moments, Naruto said nothing, seemingly trying to decide what to do but then slowly nodded in consent. "Alright. I haven't trained in a few days either." He smiled a little sheepishly, then a determined glint shined in his eyes and he grinned.

"I bet you're rusty, so it'll be even easier to kick your ass!"

Kakashi faked a hurt look. "So you're not even going easy on me even though I'm still recovering and was specifically told to take it easy?"

"Nope! Not my fault you collapsed from chakra exhaustion! If anything, that's your own fault and giving me an advantage!" Naruto cackled evilly, but abruptly stopped and had a thoughtful look on his face while staring at him.

"What?" Kakashi asked.

A small grin appeared on the blondes face, his eyes shining a little bit in mischief. Kakashi lifted an eyebrow, wondering what was on the genin's mind.

"I know what we'll do! Let's do a little stealth exercise."

"A stealth exercise?" Kakashi repeated, but was interested in the idea.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah! I'll be gracious since you can't overdo it just yet. So we can just practice our stealth. I'll hide and keep out of sight and try to steal a kunai at the target posts, and you try to find and stop me!"

That actually sounded like a pretty good idea. Plus with Naruto wearing that eyesore of a jumpsuit, it'd probably be easy to find him. "Alright." This actually sounded like it'd be quite fun too.

Once at the training grounds, that little grin appeared on the blonde's face once again, and Kakashi had a sneaking feeling that Naruto was up to something. "Okay, I'm going to leave my kunai in the target post, then we'll both go in opposite directions to hide. Then in three minutes you can try to find me while I try to steal the kunai back!"

Kakashi nodded and turned around to walk in the opposite direction. Naruto did so as well and once he was far enough that he couldn't sense Kakashi's chakra, he grinned and made the hand sign for his trademark shadow clone jutsu. He summoned one clone and silently they both nodded at each other.

The plan Naruto had come up with was that the clone would stay behind and play cat and mouse with Kakashi, while he went off to find Rin. He needed to make sure she was alright and...and he really wanted to know what was wrong. It bothered him not knowing.

Quickly as he could, Naruto dashed out of the training grounds unseen before the exercise began. For awhile he should be alright, his clone could keep Kakashi busy so long as the jounin didn't hit his clone too hard and disperse the jutsu.

Rin's house was the first place he looked but she wasn't there. He even checked her usual spots and little cafe's or restaurants she liked to go too. He may not be that close to her, but he did listen to her idle chatter during training. But she was nowhere to be found, Naruto had looked around everywhere.

With a heavy defeated sigh, Naruto was turned around to head back to the training grounds. Hopefully his clone was still intact and distracting Kakashi. "Maybe I'll see if she's home tomorrow..." He muttered.

"Oh Naruto!"

Surprised, Naruto looked up and saw Obito waving at him. He waved back and grinned. "He Obito what's up!" Then his eyes brightened. "Hey have you seen Rin?"

"Not much was just making a quick delivery for my father." His eyes lowered a bit. "And yeah I did awhile ago. She looked upset and when I tried to cheer her up she snapped at me to go away and then she ran off. I think she might of gone towards the Hokage mountain."

"She snapped at you?" That didn't sound like Rin at all...She was too kind and never snapped at others. Plus it must of hurt Obito as well. Naruto knew very well the Uchiha liked her a lot.

Obito shrugged. "Yeah but it's no big deal." It was clear as day that Obito was a bit hurt over it.

"Don't worry about her, I'm sure she'll come around eventually and return your feelings!"

"W-What?!" Obito's cheeks started to turn red, making Naruto grin in amusement at his friends expense.

"Well I'm outta here! I needed to go see Rin so Imma check the Hokage mountains! See ya later!" Naruto ran past Obito, then hopped to the roofs to get to the mountains faster.

Obito glared at Naruto's retreating form. "I can't believe Kakashi fell for him of all people." Not that Naruto was a bad catch at all. He was just surprised that someone like Kakashi, would be head over heels for someone like Naruto, his complete opposite. But whatever, whatever made the both of them happy. Which come to think of it...wasn't Naruto training with Kakashi right now? He could of sworn he saw them at the training grounds before he met Naruto here-

Obito smirked and muffled a cackling laugh. Looked like Naruto was playing a prank on Kakashi and even ditched the jounin. Now he wanted to watch and see if Kakashi would notice he had been doped! Quickly, Obito raced to deliver a package for his father. He wanted to see the moment Kakashi realized he had been duped!

Just like Obito said, Rin was up on the Hokage mountains by herself. And she must have been really upset seeing as she hadn't even detected his presence yet. With a worried frown, Naruto approached Rin and stood in front of her, not wanting to startle her from coming from behind or her sides. However that still didn't seem to get her attention.

"Rin?" Naruto knelt down in front of her and tried to look at her face, but she had it buried in her arms. "Rin what's wrong?"

"Naruto..." A heavy sigh came from Rin as the girl lifted her head. Her eyes were red and a little puffy, and Naruto realized it was because she had been crying.

"W-What happened? Why were you crying?"

For a long moment Rin said nothing to him, just simply stared at him. It got to a point that Naruto started to feel very uncomfortable. It felt as if Rin was sizing him up or trying to discern something for herself. But then she shook her head and sighed once more.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I'm just...just heartbroken."


"Ah." Rin wiped the corner of her eyes and smiled sadly. "Have you ever liked someone so much, but know deep down it could never be? I had known for a long time that he didn't share the same feelings I had for him."

"You mean Kakashi?" Naruto asked slowly. He knew exactly how she felt too. Back when he was with team 7, even though he had liked Sakura, he kind of knew that Sakura would always have her heart set on Sasuke.

"Yes. And today I decided to give it my all, hoping that my feelings would get through to Kakashi."

Naruto lowered his gaze. So that was what had happened this morning. Rin had confessed her feelings to Kakashi and he shot her down. For some horrible reason, Naruto felt relieved to hear that. He had known Rin liked Kakashi, but he never truly thought much of it. But he shouldn't feel that way at all! Not when Rin was so deeply crushed from rejection.

Abruptly Naruto shot to his feet, startling Rin. "I'm gonna go talk to him." He had to make it right. He hated this sickening relieved feeling in his gut, it wasn't right! He shouldn't pleased by this news!

"W-What? Naruto don't!" Rin jumped to her feet and grabbed Naruto's arm to stop him. "You can't force someone to like another person! You just can't do that!"

Naruto growled under his breath. "I know that!" He knew that better than anything! "But he should at least give you a chance! To see how if it'd work out! That's the least he can do for you!"

"No, that won't work. It's not going to work anymore, it's too late for that."

"Too late? What are you talking about? Are you just going to give up? It's not too late!"

"It's not about me giving up!" Rin yanked Naruto around to face her. It shocked him with the amount of force she used. Not to mention it was the first time he had ever heard her raise her voice at someone other than enemies.

"I love Kakashi. I have for the longest time. And I've watched him go through so many painful experiences. Each one breaking him more and more, closing him off to everyone around him." Her eyes began to shimmer with the threat of more tears. "And I thought that I could be the one to save him. To be his ray of light, to make him smile again and to feel happy once more."

She lifted her hands to her face to wipe away the tears but they just kept coming. "But no matter how hard I tried, nothing ever worked. I couldn't break down his walls or even make him smile once. I don't even think I'm anything more than just a comrade to him."

"That's not true!" Naruto grabbed Rin by her shoulders, wanting to shake these negative thoughts out of her head but held himself back. "Kakashi thinks of you as a really close friend! I'm sure of it! And you just have to keep trying-"

"You don't get it Naruto..."

"Don't get-What don't I get?!" This was starting to piss him off a bit. Rin really needed an encouragement boost but she just kept refusing it!

But then Rin just smiled at him. A very sad, defeated smile. "There's at least one thing I'm glad to see though. And that's Kakashi finally finding someone who makes him happy. Even if it's not me. I'm still so happy for him."

Rin sniffed softly, then stepped closer and embraced the genin into a hug. Awkwardly and way more confused than he was five seconds ago, Naruto returned the hug. Maybe Rin was right. He didn't really understand what was going on. It just sounded like that she was backing off because Kakashi found someone else-


"So...Kakashi likes someone else?" Naruto cringed at even having the nerve to ask Rin, but now that it finally hit him, he felt irritated and...and crushed. Something heavy settled itself in the pit of his stomach and it made him feel sick.

Rin only nodded. His arms tightened around her, feeling even more upset now. Eyes narrowing a bit and his lower lip jutting out slightly, Naruto felt hurt. Very hurt.

But the feeling was all too familiar.

"Do you know who it is?"

For a long minute, Rin said nothing. But then she stirred and pulled herself away from Naruto and gave him a very strange look. "You don't know? I thought Kakashi told you."

Now that really upset him. So Rin knew and he didn't? "No. He didn't."

Rin stared at him, as if carefully observing him. "Are you sure? Kakashi told me that he told you." Then something seemed to dawn on her and she brought a hand to her mouth as if holding back the urge to laugh.

"Naruto are you sure Kakashi never told you or at the very least given you hints?"

Naruto tried really hard to think back if Kakashi had ever told him who he liked but couldn't come up with anything. He shook his head and felt dejected.

However, Rin seemed to find his misery amusing, and just shook her head at him with a smile. "Okay then. Think carefully about this then. Has Kakashi been weird at all towards you lately?"

Actually, in fact he has! "Yeah! He kissed me twice for no reason you know! I hate it when he teases me like that!"

Rin's face reddened a little at Naruto's outburst but then coughed into her hand to try and compose herself. " you know the signs of when someone likes you right?"

"Of someone liking me? Why would anyone like me in that sense?"

The brunette just stared at him in shock, then shook her head as if in disbelief. "Naruto, did you know that no one has an control over who they fall in love with? It doesn't matter who it would be, it just happens beyond your control. Even if you actually think you hate them, you turn out to actually like them a lot."

"Really? That kind of sounds terrible..." So if he himself fell in love with someone he hated...say someone like Sasuke-

No, that was definitely horrible and an utter nightmare.

"It's not, trust me it's not! It may be very confusing to you at first, but once you come to terms with it, it can be wonderful. And I'm sure that's just how Kakashi feels."

Naruto squinted his eyes and cocked his head in confusion. "So Kakashi fell for someone he didn't like at first?"

Rin nearly faced palmed. "It's you! Kakashi fell for you! Why else do you think he'd kiss you twice?"

"What?! No he doesn't!" Naruto's face was first shocked, then burned red with embarrassment. And worse, he felt weird.

Even after releasing a heavy sigh, Rin couldn't help but giggle a little at Naruto's reaction, even though she felt floored with how dense he was being. "Trust me when I say that Kakashi likes you a lot. And he did confess this to you. I think he told me that you took it the wrong way though."

That was impossible. Sure Kakashi had kissed him a couple times, but that was just because the jounin was screwing with him. Right?

And when the hell did he tell him his feelings?

"I avoided you because...I like you. I like you a lot."


He had thought Kakashi had meant as a friend. But he had actually meant as in liking him that way? Naruto felt his face burning and his own legs shaking a bit, as well as his insides felt like a knotted mess.

But the weirdest thing of it all was that it felt good. He didn't feel hurt anymore knowing that Kakashi didn't like someone else. He didn't like someone else. He liked him. The deadlast. The outsider...

But he liked him.

"Naruto, are you alright?"

The blonde had been silent for a little longer than she thought he would and was starting to get a little worried for him. But once she got a good look at his face, she smiled. It was finally hitting him. Hitting him a little hard by the looks of it.

"I'm uh...I'm alright." Naruto finally answered.

Just to be sure, Rin needed to ask. "How do you feel about Kakashi?"

His shoulder's stiffened at the question, not knowing how to answer that. How did he feel about Kakashi? Did he even like him back?

Seeing that Naruto seemed to be stuck on this question, she decided to help him a little bit with another. "If you're not sure, then have you ever liked someone else before? Your feelings right now could be the same as the ones you had for someone else."

Sakura...he had liked Sakura back then. But what he felt then couldn't even be compared with right now. In fact, with how he was feeling right now, he had to wonder if he ever truly had real feelings for Sakura at that time.

"How do you feel?"

Naruto looked up at Rin. "Overwhelmed. Happy. Excited. Relieved too. Too many things at once...and I feel like I'm sick but not in a bad way."

Rin just smiled and cupped his hands in her own. "You know Kakashi feels the same way."

He felt the same way? This was how Kakashi felt when he was around him? How could the jounin stand it? But this was wonderful! Someone actually...really liked him. A boy but, all that mattered was that someone actually cared for him in that way. He hadn't felt this happy since Minato and Kushina asked if they could adopt him.

But then a pang struck his heart.

"What about you? You like Kakashi so much."

How could he even feel like this for Kakashi and know these feelings would be returned if Rin was left with nothing? But the girl only smiled at him.

"It's okay. I told you that I'm glad just to see him finally happy. That's enough for-"

Naruto cut her off by pulling her into a bone crushing hug. Rin was startled, but then hugged him back and felt her eyes get teary once again. She cursed herself for these tears, she had cried enough.

"You know, there's someone else who feels the same way you do." Naruto said as he pulled back a little.

"There is...?" Rin was confused.

Naruto smiled brightly at her and nodded. "Yeah. Maybe it's not just me who doesn't seem to see when someone likes them. Obito has been pining for you for a long time too."

At Rin's stunned face and raging blush,, Naruto laughed then let her go. "I need to go find Kakashi now. I actually ditched him to find you and he'll be mad if he finds out. When you see Obito tell him I said you're welcome!"

Before Rin could even reply, Naruto took off, racing to the training grounds hoping that Kakashi hadn't caught on to his little trick. He had been gone for a couple of hours though, so the chances of that were slim. Naruto bit his lip and hoped that Kakashi wouldn't be too mad...

When he arrived at the training grounds, the very first thing that came to his attention was that it was deserted. He couldn't feel Kakashi's chakra signature anywhere and it looked like his clone had dispersed. He couldn't feel his clone anywhere either.

Naruto walked over to the target post where he had left his kunai and noticed that it was still there. Slowly Naruto picked it up and held it in his hands. So Kakashi and hi clone was gone, but the kunai was still here...

That could only mean that Kakashi had left angry after finding out that Naruto had tricked him. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach at the thought of angering Kakashi. But hopefully the jounin would forgive him. He would wouldn't he?

Naruto sighed and wondered where Kakashi could of gone but couldn't come up with any particular place in mind the jounin would run off to. The only pace that came to mind was the KIA stone. He remembered when Kakashi-sensei would always go there and stare at it for a long time. But that was because he had lost so many friends and comrades. He still had a his precious people with him right now...most of them. He didn't have his father anymore...

Just to be sure, Naruto checked the KIA stone to see if Kakashi was hanging around there, but no one was there. Naruto tried to think of other places Kakashi could be but then thought, he could of just gone home. He was still recovering so that'd be the best place to check.

The walk back home was a bit slow. Naruto would of just sprinted across the rooftops, but the dread he was feeling was holding him back. Would Kakashi be there? Would he be angry? How was he suppose to tell Kakashi how he felt?

And the other thing that was nagging at the back of Naruto's head was the fact that this was Kakashi. His future sensei. Or his would be future sensei. There was no telling with how it'd all turn out now. But with him stuck in this time now, and Kakashi actually having feelings for him, things were definitely going to change. And for some strange reason, it didn't feel weird to have these feelings. When he saw Kakashi, he didn't see him as his sensei anymore. He just saw him as Kakashi.

Thinking about the jounin made him feel happy and nervous at the same time. Finally he reached Kakashi's house and cautiously opened the door. It was silent inside. And a little dark. Slowly Naruto stepped inside and closed the door behind him. The silence became glaringly apparent at the loud creaking sounds the door made. He never noticed how loud it actually was...

"Kakashi?" Naruto walked further into the house, trying to sense if Kakashi was there or not, but so far he couldn't feel the other's chakra.

"You home? Kakashi?" As he passed the stairs he felt it. It was small and barely noticeable, but he felt Kakashi's chakra. He was upstairs.

Taking in a deep breath, Naruto walked up the stairs and down the hall to Kakashi's room and stood in front of the door. He was definitely in there. Was he sleeping? No, he was sure he wasn't.

"Kakashi? I know you're in there..."

He was met with silence. Naruto weakly glared at the door, debating if he should leave Kakashi alone for now or barge in. It probably would be best to leave Kakashi be for now. He might be angry with him, but the need to see and talk to him was overwhelming persistent.

With a deep breath, Naruto grabbed the door knob and turned it. It was a little surprising to see that it wasn't locked, but he didn't waste time thinking about that, he just pushed the door open and peeked inside. It was dark inside the room as well.

Opening the door a little wider, Naruto stepped inside, his eyes zooming in on the figure laying on the bed. He closed the door and walked over to the bed and looked down. Kakashi was wide awake, glaring at the opposite wall from him.

Naruto looked down at his feet, knowing exactly why Kakashi was so mad. His heart clenched a little painfully in his chest.

"Kakashi...I'm sorry. I-"

"Sorry? What are you sorry for?"

Naruto hadn't expected to suddenly hear him speak. It stumped him for a few seconds before shaking his head. "For-you know for tricking you. I left a clone behind to go and find Rin."

"I know you did. Obito told me."

"He did...?"

"Yes. Showed up when I was still trying to find you and just sat there and watched me as if waiting for me to come to some realization. That's when it hit me."

So Obito indirectly sold him out...Naruto would get back at him later. Indirectly of course.

"How was Rin?"

Naruto sapped back to attention at the question and nervously lifted a hand to rub the nape of his neck. "Oh uh...she's fine. We chatted for a bit."

From the corner of his eye, Naruto noticed Kakashi's posture relax slightly. So not only had he been a bit mad at him, but he was also very concerned for Rin. That brought a tiny smile to his face.

"What are you smiling for?"

Naruto's eyes snapped over to Kakashi and was surprised to see him so clearly when there was hardly any light. His smile widened and he cocked his head to the side. "Just smiling about how much you care about Rin. She was really upset about you turning her down, but I think she cheered up a bit." A small blush spread across his cheeks upon remembering what Rin had told him.

"That's good." Kakashi sat up a little bit, his eyes appearing relieved with the news. Then those dark eyes focused on him. "When I found out from Obito after beating him up that you had ditched me to find Rin I was going to drag your sorry ass back. But then figured you would of probably had found her by then. I didn't want to hurt her more by showing my face..."

His eyes lowered and his shoulders slumped slightly, a soft sigh drifted from his lips. "I had known for a long time that she had feelings for me. But back then I had selfishly ignored them, and had once inwardly mocked her for having such feelings when she was a shinobi. To me feelings like that were just a weakness. My attitude towards her was probably also part of the reason why Obito and I didn't get along at all since he likes her."

Kakashi looked back over at Naruto. "She really was alright when you spoke to her?"

Naruto sat on the bed next to Kakashi and his smile widened. "Yeah. She's definitely alright. We talked about it, and she told me a lot. She also made me realize something that I was too stupid to figure out myself."

Confused, Kakashi turned towards Naruto with a raised eyebrow in question. "What were you too stupid to figure-"

A pair of lips planted themselves over Kakashi's masked ones, shocking the jounin to his core. When the genin pulled away, Kakashi could only stare at him in a stunned silence. Naruto's face was beet red with embarrassment, but despite the fluttering of his heart, he stared Kakashi dead in the eyes.

"I get it now. Those times when you...kissed me. I thought you had just been teasing me in your own weird ass way. Also back when you did confess your feelings to me. I like to think that I am a bit perceptive and sometimes even clever with most things. But I'm dumb as shit when it comes to things that I've never experienced firsthand before. No one has ever liked me before...nobody ever cared that way either."

Naruto smiled sadly. "I also think...even if I was fully aware of your true intentions, I might of come up with excuses to not believe it or even convince myself that you were only toying with me. I don't know how to tell the difference. Sometimes I just don't know when certain actions are truly genuine. I mostly only know if I'm being deceived. I couldn't make out heads or tails with you, so I just thought you were teasing me like any weird friend would."

His faced reddened a little bit more. "And not only that...I don't think I've ever truly liked someone before either. I used to think I liked this girl from my old team, but now I can see that it was only a weak infatuation. She was just really pretty even though she didn't treat me kindly half the time. So when Rin told me that you had turned her down, I oddly felt relieved. It's so selfish of me to feel that way when she was hurting, but I felt so relieved that you had turned her down. I didn't even realize myself that I might feel the same way you do."

Naruto swallowed thickly, nearly trembling from how nervous he felt from admitting this to Kakashi. Part of him still felt like this might be some cruel joke that Kakashi might find funny. Like this was just some mistake and Rin had interpreted Kakashi's actions wrong. But instead of his worst fear coming to life, the last thing he ever expected to happen did.

Slowly Kakashi raised his hand, their gazes securely locked with each other. At first Naruto thought he was going to touch him, but the hand went towards his own face, and tugged his mask down, all the way to his neck, revealing the face underneath he had always plotted and schemed to see.

Pale, flawless skin. A pointed chin and strong looking jaw. The scar on his left eye even ran a little further down than he had thought. A regular mouth with a full bottom lip. In all, Kakashi looked perfect.

"No buckteeth..." He whispered. No buckteeth, no tiny mouth, not even huge fish lips. Even if his imagination exaggerated the images, he was still stunned to see how perfect Kakashi looked in his eyes.

And then that mouth quirked into a smirk. For once Naruto didn't have to envision what kind of expression was on Kakashi's face through his eyes. It was all laid out for him to see.

"Don't ruin the moment."

It was weird actually seeing words coming out of a moving mouth on Kakashi. Before he could even think to answer, Kakashi leaned in and pressed his lips to his. With his newly discovered feelings and being aware of Kakashi's as well, this kiss felt electrifying. He didn't freeze up from it, didn't even fall into a stunned daze this time.

This time Naruto kissed the jounin back. It was slow, having a languid feel to it. But it still sent a heat rising rapidly in his body, making his stomach flutter and flop around pleasantly. He sighed softly through his nose and felt his eyelids drift shut.

Hands grabbed his arms to pull him closer to the jounin's body. Lazily, Naruto draped his arms around Kakashi's shoulder and pressed himself against him. He hummed slightly in amusement at a sharp nip to his lips, knowing what Kakashi wanted, and granted it.

This was the first time he had ever kissed anyone like this, so at first the feel of another's tongue in his on mouth felt odd, but strangely nice at the same time. He was surprised to hear and feel Kakashi moan softly into his mouth. It sent an odd spike of pleasure through him. Shyly Naruto responded with his own tongue, and felt Kakashi respond with a bit more intensity.

Completely forgetting to breath form his nose, Naruto broke the kiss and sucked in fresh air. He heard a Kakashi chuckle softly at him, then felt a small peck on the corner of his mouth.

"It's easy to forget to breathe through your nose, but it becomes second nature quickly." He murmured against his lips, then softly kissed them.

"Mmmm." Naruto kissed back and was ready to resume what they had been doing but then felt himself being guided down to lay on the bed.

Another soft kiss was planted on his lips, then Kakashi gently nuzzled his face against his. A wide smile stretched across his face from the unexpected show of affection. Naruto had never felt so happy and content before. This was bliss.

"Thank you Kakashi."

"For what?" The jounin looked at him curiously.

Naruto shifted a little bit till he was comfortable laying next to Kakashi and smiled at him. "For making me so happy. Minato had once asked me if I knew of anyone that might of liked me. And I asked him back why would anyone like me that way? For the longest time I thought I was...unlikeable. But slowly it seems everyone, especially you, have been proving otherwise." Naruto's smile grew wider as his eyes closed shut. "I've never been so happy in my life."

"Naruto..." A soft, loving look shined in Kakashi's eyes as he leaned in and kissed him softly while wrapping an arm around him to pull him closer.

Immediately Naruto wrapped his arms back around Kakashi so they were snuggled against each other. He ended the kiss and stared into Naruto's blue eyes. "You're not the only one. This is the happiest I've been in a long time. I'm glad you came to this village." Since Naruto appeared, it had been changing his life for the better.

"I'm glad too."

Never would he have thought he'd have the kind of life he had always dreamed of in a different timeline. For once, he actually felt complete. He had everything he could want. His dream was to become Hokage, but that dream seemed to dull in comparison of what he had now.

They both laid there together for awhile, simply enjoying the other's warmth and presence. At some point they both drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's embrace.






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