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Summary: Born from streetwoman's womb, and Kyuubi's power sealed into him, Naruto's entrusted to ROOT under secrecy while everyone's thinking Minami, Minato and Kushina's daughter, as a hero. As time pass by, things go bad for Namikaze family as Minato only wants a 'son', and Naruto trying to bite his master's hand.

Warning: M for language/ mild adulteries and scences.

Yondaime is bit of a sexist here.( I'm a girl and no sexist, but if you hate story with sexist languages then don't read.)

Dark, cold Naruto.

NarutoXmany but NOT a harem. Eventual NarutoXAmaru.





"Demon speech"


On October 10th, Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konohagakure no Sato, tore through the village, and killed countless shinobi of the leaf. On the very same day, The Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, summoned the Shinigami to help defeat the Nine Tailed Fox and bring an end to the devastation. The Nine-Tailed Demon has been stripped of it power and sealed away in a prison from which it will never escape. Konoha's savior, Yondaime's daughter, Namikaze Minami, the container of the Kyuubi's power, stripped of any will of its own and never to harm Konoha again, as well as saving her parent's lives from Shinigami.

Konoha rejoiced, and all over the village, the name Namikaze Minami was spoken with smiles.

After the nightfall, October tenth.

It was a night of the fateful day.

Danzo stared at the cup of tea in front of him, before staring at young Hokage again.

"..So what's your business with a man like me, Hokage-sama?"

"..." Without a word Minato sipped his own cup of tea.

"..." Danzo also took a sip of his tea.

Silence resumed for a long while until Yondaime finally spoke up.


"Yes, Hokage-sama."

"Do you think you and your ROOT are capable enough of caring Kyuubi's power?" Minato bit out in a rather fed up voice.

Danzo suppressed a frown, wondering what game this young man was just trying to play with him. Indeed, he secretly had some thoughts of making Kyuubi's container into a great weapon, however the container was living Hokage's daughter and no one could dare to suggest such idea.

So why the hell is he making such inquiry?

To give him a warning to prevent any future gruesome ideas?

"I don't understand what you're trying to tell me." Responded the old man. "Well, the answer to the question is yes, but I don't seek out a chance to grab your daughter. And even if you allow it," His tone tuned into annoyed tone. "Whole Konoha is now loving her as a hero. They won't allow their hero to be_"

"I'm not talking about my daughter." Minato's words cut him short.

Danzo resisted another frown at this. "What are you talking about, then? I don't understand..."

"I'm talking about... My son."


Weird silence consumed the two as Danzo quietlyy stared at the blond Hokage for a long while, before quickly regaining his usual posture.

"Ah, so you got twins? But then why did you announce your daughter as a.."

The younger man sighed. "Danzo-san... Actually, She's only containing Kyuubi's soul. And they're not twins, Danzo-san."

This time Danzo could not help frowning, finally. This young Hokage was frustrating him even more now. Upon seeing his expression, Minato heaved a sigh again. "I sealed Kyuubi's soul into our daughter Minami, and sealed its power into my son."

Silence again. Then Danzo muttered calmly. "Your illegitimate child, then."

Now Minato frowned, obviously hating the term of definition. However he nodded. "Illegitimate child or whatever. He's contaning Kyuubi's power now."

"Who's the mother?"

"Just one of street geishas. It was a drunken, mistakable night..." He flushed little. "She died upon delivery a month ago. My student had been taking care of my son then..." He made a hand sign.

Danzo watched as a brown-haired medic nin walked out from a shadow, holding a small form wrapped in a bundle within her arms.

"Rin, hand him to Danzo-san."

"Sensei..." Rin mumbled in almost desperate voice, but Minato easily ignored her and commanded in firm tone.

"I said, hand him to Danzo-san."


Danzo held the babe and took a look at him. The boy was just Minato's clone, with spiky golden hair and sparkling sapphire eyes. There were whisker marks on boy's cheeks, and he softly whimpered when he felt the old man's stare onto him.

"..What do you want me to do with this boy?" Asked Danzo now bit heated with this meeting.

"What do you think?" The blond man smiled crookedly. "The question I'd made while ago."


"I entrust him under ROOT's care. He's containing bijuu's power, he'll grow into fine guardian of Konoha. And_" He then sighed again. "Now you're the only person who knows about his background, beside I myself and Rin."

Not a surprise, if his redheaded wife finds out then... Ahem.

For the first time since the meeting started Danzo straightly gazed at Yondaime's blue eyes, rather piercingly. "And you know what that means?"

"..." A silent nod.

"So you won't ever reclaim your parentage over this boy?"

"..." Another silent nod.

"Fine, then." The elder man stood up with a baby in his arm. "This boy is ROOT member from nowon. By the way, what's his name?"


"A right name for a child from streetwoman's womb. May I leave now?"


Danzo turned, to be bit stunned when Minato motioned him to hand the baby. Suspiciously he handed the boy to his father.


Holding his son, Minato unconsciously smiled when Naruto grabbed his index finger with so tiny hand.

A son.

His son.

His son that just resembles him.

Son he'd always been wanted...

No way. He and Kushina were going to have more children, as well as many sons. He'd already given up his parentage over this child now...

But still, he couldn't help his heart stinging with pain.

From the moment Naruto's handed back to Danzo then.. He'll never have a chance to grow with any humane influence which any children deserve to have.

Danzo pressed a relieved sigh when Minato handed the boy back to him.

"Dismissed. And remember.. Don't ever reveal our secret to anyone."

"As I wish, Hokage-sama."


Minato watched Danzo going away with Naruto, a bitter taste left in his mouth. Soon he broke from his reverie when Rin began to sniffle tearfully.

"Don't be sad, Rin. Kyuubi's power needs prudent care and training. And neither you or I can always take care of him. This is the best way."

"I know, sensei." Rin wiped her tears with a hand. Ahh, a weak heart of women.. "I'm just... sad for his departure."

"Well, at least he's not that far away."

"Are you okay, sensei?"

"I'm okay. Thanks Rin, you may go back now."

Kushina looked the baby that were peacefully sleeping, finally. She smiled sometimes, thanking God. Her life was going well. She had survived giving birth, her husband had survived something nobody was supposed to survive, and their daughter was being praised as a hero. What more could a woman ask for?

"How's she?"

Kushina giggled when she felt muscular arms softly hugging her from behind.

"Our little hero is sleeping peacefully_ Hey, Mina-kun! Stop tickling me!" She burst out laughing.

Minato chuckled, and putting his lover onto his lap he whispered. "Kushina-chan."


"Are you happy?"

"Oh, Mina-kun." She hugged his neck lovingly. "What more can a woman ask for?"

A peaceful silence passed for a moment, then Kushina looked into Minato's eyes. "And you? Are you happy?"

"Of course, with my two princesses."

"Even if we got daughter instead of son you'd eagerly wanted?"

"Don't test me." He grinned cheekily. "We can make a son anytime."

"Huh? What do you mean?" She asked teasingly, feigning a false innoccence.

Sapphire eyes sparkled playfully. "You don't get what I mean?"




"Then I'll let you know_ right here!"

"Wa.. Wait, Mina-kun! Minami is with us_!"


A happy night. May God bless them for their passions.

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