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So this is just something random I thought of while I was meant to be listening to my Religion teacher. I got bored with him and this is what happened. It's been a while since I wrote and posted anything, so I thought I'd post this, even if it is terrible. And I would love you forever if you reviewed. :)

It had been over eight hundred years since he'd been to one of these places. He took a deep breath and walked in, staring ahead of him, trying not to look as out of place as he felt. He didn't know what he was doing there, but for some reason, he had felt as though he'd needed to go. It was normal, he supposed, after losing a friend to want some sort of comfort. To feel as though there was a reason that they had to leave him.

He remembered when he was so young, back on Gallifrey, where these sorts of buildings didn't stand as tall as they do on Earth. Gallifrey was very much a planet of science not faith. But sometimes, even Time Lords needed a little faith. He never used to mind the looks he would get thrown from the people who happened to be passing by, as he walked in to the humble little building, wedged in between two universities or the disapproving comments from his friends when he said he had 'something to do' so he couldn't do whatever it was they wanted him to do. But it didn't matter. Because that was where he didn't have to worry, where he could be himself.

He remembered there was always one old lady, who was there every time he was. She would greet him with a smile and sometimes a hello and say good-bye before he left. He became quite fond of that old lady. After a while they began to talk. About what was going on in their lives, what they needed, even the weather, and she would always say 'you don't come here to ask for what you want. You come here to ask for what you need.'

That old lady was the only person he spoke to before he ran away. He explained everything. How he needed to get away from Gallifrey, how he'd found the perfect TARDIS to run away in, how he was bored with his life and wanted to see the stars. How he wanted to help people. She smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder and said, 'well, looks like you've been given what you needed then. Although, I am going to miss our lovely conversations.' She was the only person who he thought would understand, and he was right. She did understand. She told him she wouldn't tell anybody, and he knew she meant it. He remembered hugging her and telling her that he'd be back one day and then he'd come and see her.

He remembered she said she'd look forward to it. He never did get to see her again. He thought about what he was looking for by coming here, it didn't take him long to figure it out. He knew all along really. He was looking to be forgiven.

And so for the first time in eight hundred years, the Doctor closed his eyes and prayed.

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