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First FanFic, so i apologize for mistakes, any OOC etc. Anyway please enjoy!

Kyoko felt exhausted. She'd stayed up late last night watching movie after movie starring her adoptive father Kuu Hizuri. She was truly great full that Julie- 'no if she caught me calling her that she'd get so angry!' –mother sent her all the movies and TV show's his ever been in.

But I got so caught up in them that I lost track of time and then I was so tired I nearly caused Tsuruga-san to be late! And that is unforgiveable! How could a lowly kohai like me cause the great Tsuruga Ren to be late!

"AND ACTION!" The loud shout shook Kyoko out of her own thoughts of self-hatred. Glancing up, Kyoko sees Ren sitting casually on a couch whilst his beautiful co-star, Sakura, strides through a door onto the stage for the 7th time.

Kyoko stood at the back of the set watching Ren intensely. There was something nagging her brain screaming 'familiarity', which just confused her. 'Of course he's familiar! We've known each other for over 2 years now!' Shaking it from her mind, Kyoko heard the director yell cut yet again.

He looks tired, and Sakura-san keeps stuffing up. I hope this finishes soon, I need to go buy materials for the doll…

Kyoko studied Ren's movements as he smoothly ran his hand through his hair between a take and noticed that one tufted had decided to stick out. She watched as the stunning actress giggles and reaches over to pat it back into place.

Clenching her fist, Kyoko subconsciously brought her hand to her chest. 'She's lucky; I bet thousands of women would kill to be her. I wonder if his hair is still as soft as it was when Tsuruga-san was sleeping on my lap… I wish I was the one standing next to him right now, and then I could be the one to brush away that loose strand of hair… Wait what? Why would I want to t-t-touch my sempai?' shock coursed through Kyoko, followed closely by fury. Kyoko grabs her head and shakes it furiously from side to side.

"CUT! That was great everyone! We'll see you all here tomorrow morning for scene 21 and 32!" The director yells.

Ren looks around to see if Kyoko is here yet. After picking her up earlier that morning, he notified her that Yashiro was sick, and was then questioned suspiciously by Kyoko about what he planned to eat. When Kyoko didn't get a response she went on a rant about him needing to eat and saying she'll come and make sure he eats lunch. He had to look away from her when she said that to him or the blissful grin plastered across his face would probably have freaked her out.

Catching sight of Kyoko, Ren had to stifle a laugh at the scene she was creating, causing multiple sets of eyes around him to look up. She was currently banging her head on a wall oblivious to the stares she was receiving.

"What a loser! Is she trying to make a fool of herself?" Sakura giggled at her own remark.

Kyoko could feel her grudge demons surfacing causing her to freeze. Kyoko could just feel the anger coming in waves from the center stage. 'Uh oh, What if he saw me acting so unprofessional during his filming and is angry for me disturbing everyone!'

Ready to face the full force of that fearful smile, Kyoko looks up only to see Ren giving his best 'gentlemanly smile' to the actress Sakura beside him. 'He's angry at her? Not me?'

Believing the smile to agree with what she had previously said, Sakura continues 'And anyway what is a little nobody like her doing here? And wearing that hideous pink outfit? HA she must be one of those losers in the pathetic 'LoveMe' Group'

"Hmmm. Well at least it doesn't take her this long to get an actually scene right"

"Wha-what?" rendered speechless by the comment, Sakura stared as Ren walked away.

As Ren began to approach Kyoko, she dropped onto all fours and started yelling apologies.

A small smile appeared at the corners of Ren's mouth.

"Why are you apologizing? I'm not mad" Laughing at the skeptical look on Kyoko's face, Ren couldn't help but tease her "So what did the wall do to deserve being hit with your head?"

Blushing profusely, Kyoko stammers "Nothing!" Feeling the intense stare from her sempai, Kyoko knew she would have to come up with something.

But I'm a horrible liar! He'll know straight away and keep pressing me to tell him, aaah! What do I do? Change the conversation, change the conversation. "Umm well …" I'll just say something else was bugging me "I was just trying to remember what I would need to buy later today!"

"And did you remember?" seeing as Ren had seemed to accept her answer, relieve ran through Kyoko.

"Yes! I need to buy special fabric for the dolls I'm making!"

Ren smiled warmly at Kyoko as she began to describe the type of material she wanted to make the dolls look like a King and Queen.

"So who are the dolls going to be modeled after?"

"Father and Mother of course!"