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I started becoming a fan when I was in third year of high school when I accidentally pass over a cd which I remembered was the anime my friend was talking about. I bought it and watched it myself until I finally got to know Aya and Rei. I love this pairing!

Anyways, this is a werewolf romance. That's right ,you there… This includes paws and furs and things about mates. I f you don't know what a mate is. It is in other words a soul mate for a werewolf. That's all for this chappie. Enjoy Reading! And don't forget to tell me what you think of it…. Thanks!

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First Rejection

Aya's Point of View:

I could still remember the pain, that unbearable pain I felt just two days ago...

Tonight is the night I'm telling him I'm his mate. It's perfect! He promised everyone in class for a dance and when it's my turn, I'll tell him. Scratch that, he'll know. He's a werewolf too and I'm sure he'll feel the connection once our eyes locked. It's what I've read in books about mates. I'm a werewolf and my mate is Rei Otohata, the future Alpha of the shibuya pack.

Tonight is the annual school party of Shibuya high. I walked over the corner where a full length mirror was and check my appearance. For a brief description of my plain looks, my hair is dark blue almost to the shade of black and my eyes were amber in color. I'm 5'4 in height and I weigh almost nothing because I was too thin. I have pale skin but red lips.

I smiled over my reflection seeing that the black halter dress fit my body nicely and my hair style which I tied in a bun with long curly strands teasing my cheeks and nape suit me well. The look was classic much better than my geeky way of fixing myself. Tonight is special and hopefully after tonight, I won't be going back to being Ms. Hoshino- the top student in class a.k.a the geek or loner as other people call someone liking his or her privacy.

It was only two months ago since we transferred in the shibuya pack because of my former alpha's cruel ways in leading us and my parent's mysterious disappearance when they were sent to a mission the alpha won't tell anybody. On my first day at my new pack I saw him in the pack house alone in a corner reading a book. At first I felt nothing but when his azure eyes meet mine for the briefest second I felt the connection surging through my blood stream. I don' know if he felt it too. All I know is that females figures it first than the male specie so I guess he still didn't figured it out. It was hard to approach him to confront him about our relation because, one hiss famous and two, because he's one of those snobs.

I almost thought he doesn't know I exist not until he pointed at me and appointed me as one of our class's officer, addressing me with my first name. My heart beat ten times faster than normal and I could feel my wolf howling and calling for its mate. I doubt if he could even feel it, because he's always wearing his nonchalant mask which he rarely took off only with Yuuya Asou,-the school's second heart throb. I winced as I realized I need to mingle with those people if ever Rei accepted me which was I'm one hundred and one percent sure of. I giggled but quickly stop when I heard someone clearing his throat. I turned around just to find my uncle smiling ear to ear.

"Hello there gorgeous!"

I chuckled and walk towards him, giving him a big hug. My uncle is the only family left of me and I love him so much like real father. He stayed by my side since my parents disappearance and I'm so thankful for that.

"Do you mean it? Don't I look like I had overdone it?" I asked with bubbling curiosity and stiffly twirl around. He chuckled and gave me a dismissive shrug.

"You look just fine as beautiful as your mother"

I beamed at him and jump to give him another bear hug. He gave a muffled "urf" and then laughed at my action before returning my hug.

He then pushed me gently away and looked me in the eye.

"Just be careful okay. I know you're doing this for your mate who might I add, I still don't know who" he said his tone laced with disapproval. I gave him a sheepish smile and crossed my fingers childishly.

"Sorry, it's still a secret but just for tonight"

He nodded.

"Enjoy the party and remember if he ever rejected you, you ca-"

"No he wouldn't!" I cut him off harshly. Just thinking of the word rejection makes me want to burst into tears and eventually commit suicide.

"All right, it's just a "what if" darling, Now, if he ever did, don't even hesitate t call me okay"

With a heavy heart, I managed to nod at him

"Now smile" he instructed gently with a grin. I quickly cleared my mind and do what he said. Thoughts like rejection aren't going to help boost my self confidence for tonight.

"Thanks Uncle!"

~At the party~

"Hey Rei" a blonde guy approached a guy with dark brown hair and azure eyes in three long strides with a big grin plastered on his handsome face. The azure-eyed guy winced and took a sip of his wine.

"Hey yourself Yuuya"

"Cold ehh?"

"Just shut up"

"I heard you broke up with Cassie?" Yuuya queried, eyebrows shooting upward. Rei just grunted and took another sip of his wine while Yuuya drank his in one gulp.

"Still much of a drinker?"

"Don't change the subject" Yuuya gave a light punch on Rei's shoulder and the latter chuckled lightly.

"I did broke up with her" Rei said in his nonchalant tone. Yuuya shook his head in disapproval. He had known his bestfriend and future Alpha since they were a child and he knows its one big reason why he broke up with the sexiest lady in their pack and with Rei you'll need to beg to know.

"Why? She's a nice catch"

Rei didn't respont and finished his drink before casting Yuuya a glance. "You're my Beta but that doesn't mean you should know everything"

Yuuya clucked his tongue and shook his head. "Come on, I'm more than that. I'm your best friend!"

Rei rolled his eyes and heave a sigh before walking towards the entrance of the pack house where the party is mainly held.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"To my future wife..." Rei trotted off the lawn and disappeared in the crowd leaving Yuuya in a disbelieving state.

"That's one lucky guy..."

Aya's Point of View

I'm late! Traffic was heavier than I thought and I could already hear the loud music five blocks away. The party has already started. God, what if the dance started earlier?I walked faster and was greeted by a large crowd of people on the porch of the pack house dancing to the music. I breathed out a relief sigh finding nobody in the dance floor but a couple of groovy dancing couples.

I was about to head inside when I caught sight of him and my breath was taken away. He was so gorgeous! I can't believe his mine. I internally squealed and my wolf growled in anticipation for what the night has for us and I have this huge feeling its going to be great.

Oh God his coming this way!

My eyes was fixed on him and only on him. He was walking to my direction and I silently pray that he knew it-he knew I'm his mate...

I stood there waiting and when he was a step away I prepared a sweet "hi" but it never came out as I planned because he didn't stop in front of me as I thought, he just passed and my heart and knees fell down. If I hadn't recollected myself in that minute I could have fall and loose my balance. In pain, I look back and my heart broke into tiny pieces because there in front of me was my mate...kissing my so called best friend.

It was like bright lights exploded before my eyes and the air was taken away from my lungs. I couldn't breathe... I couldn't even think. The pain was eating me up and I mustered the tiniest bit of strength left of me to took a step backward and another and gently turn as if nothing happen. I held the tears or so I thought but they came running down my chheks. Everyone was oblivious and the loud music concealed my sob too well. When I reached my car I look back and he was staring back at me with his nonchalant and guilt free looking eyes. I quickly turn my back at him and got into the car gripping the steering wheel harshly. I want to die and I tried but the fates won't let me...

I rolled over my bed and gaze up on the window. Outside was dark and raining, it's like the clouds were in sync with me because that's what i feel, cold and lonely.

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