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Chapter 11

Tomorrow turns out be Yesterday

Rei's P.O.V.

I've been tossing in my bed for hours. So much that the rustling of the bed sheet is the only thing I could hear. I couldn't sleep, not with the thought that hours from now, I could finally see her again –Aya. I sighed and sit up in bed exasperatedly. It's no use in trying to sleep, when an hour later it, dawn would break soon. I still haven't known what to do or what to say. I don't even know how to act when I see her.

I hate feeling so helpless, but what could I do? The mating pull had gotten stronger even with the countless rejection I did to her.

"What will I do?" I muttered in the darkness just to make sure that I still have my voice despite the close feeling in my throat.

"Goddamn!" I cursed loudly not caring if anyone in the pack house could hear me. To hell with them all!

'Aya and I need to settle things soon.' I thought grimly. I needed to get her out in my mind or I will go crazy soon and I have just the answer to that.

Aya's P.O.V.

I felt excitement and fear mixing in me that I hardly slept a wink last night. Aiden barged into my room with a tray of breakfast in one of his hands. I smiled at him and patted the side of the bed, motioning for him to sit down.

"Haven't slept at all?" he asked and bit on his apple.

I nodded sadly and sip the milk lazily. "I'm afraid to go." I admit and look at him under my eyelashes. He quirked an eyebrow at me and sprawled on the bed with his legs dangling on the edge.

"You don't need to go just yet. If you want, you could stay for a bit and let me and Adam do the business transactions."

"No. I need to assure Uncle I'm okay and I think its time to go back."

'It's time to face Rei' I wanted to add that but they didn't know anything about him.

"I've always been wondering when you'd tell me about what's making you fear to go home." Aiden started as if he had just read my mind. "Want to tell me about it?"

Just then Adam walked in with a breakfast tray on his hand. His eyes narrowed at the sight of the breakfast tray in my bed then it shifted to his twin and he growled annoyed.

"Not fair Bro." he muttered and stomped towards the bed. I chuckled, forgetting Aiden's inquiry for a bit until his gaze shifted again to mine.

I shook my head at him and he sighed and offered a small smile. 'When you're ready, we're here for you' He said through our mind link.

I felt a heavy weight being lifted from my chest. This is what I love about the twins. They're really like bothers to me. It's safe to tell them I love them like family. Like real siblings.

"I've organized ten men to go with us. Dave is going to speak with the Alpha." Adam said and plopped in the bed, oblivious to Aiden's and I silent agreement. "I'll miss you both guys." I said and bit my lip. I don't need to get teary-eyed just yet. I think I'll save it for later.

"We'll miss you too." They said in chorus and in a blink the two of them had engulfed me in a tight group hug. I would miss this. The brotherly love and warmth they can only give.

It was around lunch when we enter my pack's broder. I easily recognize some pack members in wolf form. The Alpha was there including my Uncle who wagged his tail upon spotting me. I nod at him but didn't made a move to go to his side. I stayed in between Aiden and Adam just like what is planned. Until the truce has been agreed, I couldn't leave their side. We were in human form, so we headed straight to the pack house where a number of people are outside. I quickly spotted Ran by the front with her eyebrows raised. She was inspecting my brothers like they were some piece of rare meat. I openly-glared at her, not minding if I am disrespecting her or not. As if the twins could sense my anger, they turned towards Ran and the expression of disgust quickly flooded their eyes. I smiled in relief when both of them laced their hands with me. I heard multiple gasps and some saying I whore myself to my brothers. I rolled my eyes and ignore them. The twins however, halted which forced me to stop too. They simultaneously look at the one who said it, and glared at him that the girl cowered away and paled.

"She's our sister moron. " They said in unison and smirk when the girl almost fainted in fear. We quickly resume our pace thankful that the Alpha hadn't witness a thing.

"How dare you treat a pack member of ours like that!" Ran bristled with fury.

Aiden glance at her briefly before shrugging his shoulders. "Why do you let a pack member to treat another like she's a scum?"

Ran flushed a bright red color. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. The twins tugged at my hand until we were inside.

I couldn't help but laughed gaily as her embarrass expression flashed in my head. "So you don't like her huh?" Adam commented lightly and grinned at me.

"She was my best friend once but not anymore."

We were ushered to the study were no one was. Adam and Aiden took a seat in the plush sofa and pat the middle for me to sit on.

"Your pack house is pretty big!" Aiden said and stretched his arms over his shoulder. His light gaze then hardened and he turned to me.

"What happened just a while ago, is that why you're afraid to go home?" He asked coldly. I was surprised to see this side of him. His amber eyes had hardened and so as all of his features. I gulped and look away, not trusting myself to speak.

Before I could even say anything, a familiar masculine scent hit me hard, making me dizzy. I felt a sting of pain in my heart. I looked up just in time when Rei entered the room with Ran on tow. His azure eyes instantly locked on mine and I felt the world go away for a bit until the series of rejection popped up in my head. My breathing became ragged, I clutched Adams hand tightly. He looked worriedly at me then to Rei and a flicker of understanding flashed in his dark blue eyes.

I heard Aiden growl low in his throat too. I should have known the moment they look at Rei they would know about everything. The twins clutched my hand tightly and sent their bone-chilling glares at Rei. Rei glared back at them and look accusingly at me I wanted to scream at him that I didn't tell anyone about us.

The atmosphere of the room had gotten heavier. The twins' stance looked as if they were ready to attack Rei or to shift wolf any minute now.

Rei looked at my hands laced with the twins. His mouth curved down disapprovingly. "You can hand her down to me now." he announced harshly.

Adam gave a bark of mocking laughter. "Hand her down? You're making it sound like she's a thing rather than a person future Alpha."

If I looked closely, I swear I saw a tinge of red creeping on Rei's cheek but he covered it up well with his sardonic smile.

"You like her then?" He drawled, his eyes flickered to mine.

"Yes." The twins chorused then looked at me lovingly. "She's our sister. Of course we like her. "They said in unison that never failed to amaze me. It's a wonder they know each so well.

I believed them. They've treated me not just a girl but as a sister. But it looks like Rei had trouble believing the same. His jaw was clenched and I could almost see his wolf resurfacing. Ran laced her hand with his but it didn't look like its having an effect.

'He's not hers' My wolf howled joyfully. That's right. Rei was supposed to be ours.

I smiled softly at the twins. 'Cool it down, he's not worth it.' I said through our pack link. Aiden cast another glare at Rei.

'But he rejected you sis. I honestly want to beat him down to the pulp!'

'Don't Aid. I don't want any of you to get hurt.'

"Its best you hand the bitch to Rei now!" Ran said angrily.

"Shut up. We will only hand Aya to the Alpha or to Uncle Rich, no one else!" Adam roared. He was shaking with rage that I had to hug him so tightly but that action didn't please Rei. He growled loudly. "Get away from him Aya!" He ordered in his Alpha tone but that didn't made me flinch because I was his mate.

"Do something bitch or else Rei will shift soon!" Ran said in panic.

"Why don't you do something yourself. You said you were mates didn't you?" I said icily to her before calming Adam again.

"Aya!" Rei roared and my wolf desperately wanted to calm him too.

"Go Aya, calm him now. I'll be fine." Adam rasped when he finally get the reins on his mate. I spun around to face a very angry and on the verge of shifting Rei but I didn't made any move to go to him. This has to end.

"I hate you." I spat the word with all the hate I could muster. It was like a cold slap on his face for he instantly stop shaking and looked at me with wide painful eyes.

"Wh-" He started but I quickly cut him off.

"I Aya Hoshino am finally accepting your rejection Rei Otohata. I reject you in turn." I said almost breathlessly.

He stood frozen in his spot for a full minute until a smirk made its way to his lips.

"Good, then this is a good timing for you to witness this."

I frowned. I wasn't expecting this kind of reaction from him. I expect that he will be hurt like I was. That he will broke down to pieces like I have, but he simply kneel down on one knee and clasped Ran's hand.

My heart lodged on my throat. I have seen this scene in movies. I felt my heart beating rapidly that all I could hear was the pounding of blood in my ear.

"Ran, will you do me the honour and be my wife?" Rei asked with a love I yearned for. That's when the all too familiar feeling of rejection washed through me like a dreadful breeze. Adam and Aiden sat there shocked and unmoving but I could feel the cold rage starting to boil down in them. I felt the tears springing free from my eyes when Ran screamed yes and they both hug each other but I spun around so I won't be facing them. The twins growled but I begged them not to do anything in our mind lin. Instead, both of them hug me tightly.

Just then, the Alpha, Dave and Uncle entered the room. I quickly run to my Uncle's arm sobbing and I was glad he mistook it for me missing him.

"Let's go home please." I pleaded wiping the tears hastily. He nodded and looked at the family I had stayed in while I was away.

I looked back at the twins' worried faces and manage a soft sweet smile of good-bye for them.

"Goodbye A.A. I hope I'll see both of you soon and you too Dave. Thank you for everything." I said and bit my lip to control my sob. I don't really know if Rei's proposal is still making me cry but the heaviness in my heart had come back and I don't want to leave the twins' side.

"We will see each other soon little sis. We promise." They said before Uncle led me out.

That night, I sat awkwardly in my bed, feeling like a stranger in my own home. I miss my bedroom back in the Blue moon's pack. I missed the twins so much and I am hurting so badly from permanently losing my mate to my supposedly best friend.

Why did tomorrow turned out to be just like yesterday? When will everything cease to a stop?


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