Disgustingly Human

AN: Izaya is so rotten, and I love him to bits. Yay, for lovable villains!

In this underground utopia, there were many drugs, but no chemical had anything on curiosity. Izaya's curiosity regarding his beloved humans was insatiable, and it got him higher than anything ever could. No matter how many times he logged into the chat room, no matter how many times he moved the pieces of his odd little game, there was always, always, more to experience. That's why he loved them. Was it a hobby? An obsession? No. No! It was his duty, as their omnipotent observer to guide them through their daily lives.

Still… There was always more. He had seen his humans fight each other, and kill each other, but while he had excellent knowledge of their conflicts and struggles, there was more to be said about the things that made them happy. Humans don't just have trials, they have successes too. He felt like he hadn't observed enough of his humans in a more positive light.

What were the things that made humans happy? Some people wanted money, fame, and power. Others drew comfort from their morals, their religion. However, one thing that a greedy mobster and a pure hearted salary man both took pleasure in, was having someone to share their lives in. People were a very affectionate species in general. They wanted to share meals with others, spend time with their families. Make new friends, spend time with old ones. He adored his humans, and he did not need them to love him back. Furthermore, they did not need his love, because they were content in loving each other.

The thought left too bitter a taste in his mouth. He was above them, all of them. Yet he wasn't a supernatural entity like Celty or Saika. He was human through and through. Did that mean that some part of him wanted the same things that his humans wanted? Did he want someone to talk to, to eat meals with? Did he want to wake up next to someone in the mornings? Did he want someone to come home to at night?

Of course not. Izaya was happy. Why wouldn't he be? In this underground utopia, he was a sort of king. His curiosity for his humans got him high. To want something so human as companionship would be beneath him.

He was content with this life.

He was happy.

Izaya made himself dinner. He ate fatty tuna from Russia Sushi. He drank a beer. His phone vibrated every so often, and he made calls to people. He was happy. He chatted online as the night went by. When exhaustion overtook him, he climbed into bed, making sure his switchblade was still within reach. He slept lightly, waking up at every slight noise. He was happy.

He didn't need anything other than this. Observing his humans was enough. Eating, sleeping and living alone, was enough. He was happy. He was happy. He felt so disgustingly human in that moment, staring up at his ceiling, telling himself that he was content with his life.

Happy. Happy. Happy. Izaya reached for his half full (or was it half empty) can of beer. It was lukewarm by now, and the bitter taste he had grown to love was nowhere near as bitter as the lies he was feeding himself.

AN: I can't decide if this is a oneshot or not…. Yay or nay on more?