"Welcome to ABCE Rent a Car Company," said the employee, as a tall man wearing a scarf and what appeared to be an Asian woman entered the building.

"Oh hello," said a tall man wearing a scarf. He had a Russian accent.

"Have you filled out the contract on our company's website? If you have then the keys should be in the vehicle you rented," explained the employee in the cheeriest voice she could fake. She really didn't like it when customers came into the building and interrupted her YouTube watching just because they didn't read the step-by-step instructions on the website.

"We haven't been on the website aru," explained the Asian with long hair. "Are we required to rent the car from the website?"

"Oh no, of course not. It's just preferred," said the employee wishing that she could just get back to watching wedding proposals on YouTube. "If you know what kind car you want we can fill out your renting contract now."

"Well, what kind of car is recommended for a trip from here to Tahoe?" asked the man wearing the scarf.

"San Francisco to Lake Tahoe? Well, just about any car would do. You wouldn't need four-wheel drive since its still off-season and the roads aren't frozen yet. But, if they do get covered with ice you can always get chains," explained the employee with a fake cheery voice. Seriously, they want to rent a car and they don't even know the kind of car they want to rent.

"You don't need to explain snow to me. I know everything about snow," stated the man wearing the scarf. "We'll just take something simple. California isn't going to get any snow anytime soon."

"Yes, of course. Currently, we have a Civic, a Hummer, a Volvo, and a BMW available," explained the employee.

"What ever kind of car you want to get is fine with me. You'll be driving for most of the way anyway aru," said the Asian with long hair turning to the man with the scarf and Russian accent.

"I've heard of BMW before, we'll take that one," said the tall man with the Russian accent.

"Oh my goodness! I totally should have had my camera ready!" cheerfully cried the employee. "If you wait a second I can get my phone out and record you two signing the contract together."

"Excuse me aru?" asked the Asian woman confused.

"You're renting a BMW together! That's like so freaking cute!" cheerfully explained the employee. Maybe this was better than watching YouTube proposals.

"I'm confused. How is that adorable?" asked the Russian man confused.

"It's a BMW! That's like totally a 'be my wife' car!"

"A what?" the Russian man and Asian woman asked together in perfect unison.

"A 'be my wife' car! You're like totally proposing to your pretty Asian girlfriend!"

"What?" asked the Russian man in a voice that was between confused and completely horrified.

"I'm a man aru," stated the Asian with the long hair.

"That's perfectly fine! This is, like, California! Love can go anyway it wants! And besides both of you being dudes makes this proposal even better to witness," happily stated the employee digging in her purse to find her phone to record this proposal.

"I think we should go rent a car somewhere else aru," said the Asian as he opened the door to leave the rent a car company.

"I agree, California is a weird place," agreed the Russian man following the Asian out the door.

"Wait! Come back! I just found my phone! This could be an epic proposal video for the internet!" cried the employee waving her phone over head.


This idea came form my cousin, Jodi. According, to her you can't drive a BMW unless you just got married or you just got proposed to. Since it is a "Be My Wife" car.

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