DISCLAIMER: I do not own Metroid! All right, now that's out of the way, let's begin the story!

I WOKE UP TO FIND myself inside a vat, looking through pink liquid at the barrel of a gun, instantly deciding for me whether or not to taunt its holder. I thought, "What's this guy's beef?" Was it a guy? It looked like a mutant crab. The crab-man with the gun, who I decided to call Gunner, looked at me for a moment, then began to issue orders in a raspy voice to other crab-men. I was surprised that I could understand him-it? He turned away. I took the opportunity to look around. It was a dark room filled with computers and weird machines.

Then I remembered where I was: in a vat filled with liquid. I looked down at myself. I was wearing a pair of shorts, but nothing else. I could see a six-pack, and looking at my arms and legs, I could see they were well-muscled. With that out of the way, I decided to try and figure out what the heck I was doing in this vat. When I tried to remember anything, I drew a blank. How clichéd, I thought. I couldn't even remember my name. But I must be pretty important if these goons had me locked up. Suddenly, a rumbling noise shook the room. The crab-men staggered around. Gunner issued orders to attack the… Federation Army? Who were they? Gunner and the crab-men dashed out of the room, through a weird glowing door. A crab-man with a funny suit was left. He glared at me- how could he glare through those bug eyes?- and strode over to a conical machine. I watched him nervously. The crab-man punched some keys on the machine. It whirred to life, and began to flash. On the computer across from my vat, words scrolled across the screen: BEGIN GENE MODIFICATION? Y/N

Gene modification? That didn't sound good. The crab-man pressed some keys on the computer, and the letter Y started to blink. The cone machine began to whir faster. I noticed some cables coming out of the machine. I followed them… right into my vat. The cables began to sag, and as I looked up at the top of the vat, I saw blue stuff issue from holes. The blue stuff sank down, surrounding me. I gazed at it, wondering what would happen now. Then I realized that I wasn't getting any air. The pink liquid had somehow supplied me air, but the pink water was gone. I choked, flailing around, but to no avail. I hazily thought, "What a way to go, and darkness fell.