Spring 2 1986

"Mom I'm going to the park!" I yelled.

"Okay dear but come back before it gets dark!" my mom yelled back to me to notify me it's okay to go outside.

-At the park-

When I got to the park I saw this boy that looked about my age probably one year older than me or so.

The closer I walked to him the more I could see his face. It was as beautiful as an angel from heaven. I kept walking closer until I was standing right next to him, I extended my arm and said "HI my name is Hikari! What's your name?" after he just glared at me and I was like blinking waiting for him to answer and shack my hand.

"Hmp...Whatever" that was his answer and just walked away. I actually felt a bit sad and a bit angry that he wouldn't even answer a simple question like that because maybe we could have been friends.

-The next day-

"Hikari today is Monday you have school today! WAKE UP!" l groaned and sat on my bed and yelled "I'm awake now! I'll be right down!"

I hurry and run to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and wash my hair. Once I was done washing my hair I wrapped it in a pink towel than ran to my closet to pick out what to wear. I picked out a white button up shirt, a black vest and a red, black and white plaid skirt.

I unwrapped my hair to dry as I packed my backpack. I put a binder, a pencil case and a book just in case I got bored.

When I got all dressed and got my things ready I ran downstairs and my mom just glared at me with confusion.

"What it's my first day of school I want to look my best!" I said with a pout.

I grab my lunch bag and breakfast and headed out.

While I was walking to school I noticed a figure a few meters away. It was that boy at the park yesterday!

"Hey you stop there!" I yelled out to him while running. Then he suddenly stopped and I accidently bumped into him then fell on the cold stone floor.

He gave me a hand and asked "what do you want?"

"Your name that's all." I reply with a whining voice.

"My name? Why do you want my name?" he asked.

"W-well I…I want to be friends!" I said.

"You want to be my friend?" he asked with a bit of curiosity.

"Yes…. Is that a problem?"

"No… it's just that usually people don't want to talk to me…." He said in a sad voice.

"It doesn't matter I want to be your friend! Do you?" I said.

"Yes" once I heard his reply my grin started to turn into a big smile and also inside my head I did a happy dance. Then we walked the rest of the way to school together and he even told me him name. 'Chase'.

author's note:

this is the first chapter. i think this is an okay start. mainly cuz i wrote this at 6:30 am. anyways R&R.