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Original Summary (i had to cut out a few words in order to fit in the 255 character limit):

When people tell you that you can erase your past and start over, they're just puking up a bunch of rainbows and bullshit. But, second chances are out there and you gotta figure, everything-especially second chances- has to start somewhere. For me, it was when I first met her.

This was originally going to be added to my drabble collection, I Have a Confession To Make, and it was going to be called I'm In a Gang, but then I started writing it and it grew too big for a collection and it demanded its own story so that's how I came about writing yet another story.

Oh, and a round of applause for the beautifully written summary by hanmajo. Just beautiful.

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Thanks to You

Chapter One

The first time I met her was when I was on lookout duty for Kouga. He was finishing up a deal with one of the drug dealers in town. I was leaning back against the chained linked fence that surrounded the basketball court located across the street from the apartment building Kouga was conducting business in. She came out of fucking nowhere and shoved this bright orange flyer under my nose.

"It's for the high school's canned food drive," she explained after I stared down at her as if she had two heads. I don't know why the hell she was smiling at me. Most people get the hint that I'm not friendly and leave me the fuck alone, but this bitch seemed to be lacking in the common sense department. "We're going to be trick-or-treating for cans on Halloween; it's for charity."

I glared at her. If it wasn't fucking obvious, I am the charity that needed the canned food. "Get the hell out of here."

"If you just donate five cans, our school could beat out other high schools in the district on collecting the most cans and we could win the money for different programs and stuff. We could finally get new computers and—"

"Get the fuck out of here," I cut her off. "I ain't got no cans."

She just smiled at me. "I'll be back to collect cans on Halloween, Inuyasha."

I'll be back to collect cans on—"Wait!" I shouted out after her, stopping myself from mocking her in my head. "How do you know my name?"

She just grinned and waved.

I scoffed. Fucking do-gooder.


"National Honor's Society will be collecting cans throughout different neighborhoods on Halloween for…"

The morning announcements sounded awfully familiar today, so I actually looked up at the TV instead of passing out like I always do.

"If we collect the most cans out of all the high schools, we can win the money and get new sports equipment, new textbooks, computers…"

Apparently, the first time I met her wasn't really the first time I met her. Apparently, she actually went to the same school as me and apparently, she was in my Drama class (the class I sleep through) and that's how she knew my name.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi and we really want to…"

And apparently, her name is Kagome.


I know, what the hell am I thinking writing ANOTHER story when I have so many I'm working on already? Well, fact of the matter is that these chapters are short and easy to write and I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I will update once a week. Preferably on Mondays because nobody likes Mondays and you'll need something to look forward to. And I've got quite a few chapters already done and they're just going through editing, but I SWEAR I WILL UPDATE ONCE A WEEK!


That beautifully tweaked line "and you gotta figure, everything-especially second chances- has to start somewhere. For me, it was when I first met her" orginates from "You gotta figure, everything has to start somewhere. The closest for me is when I was just seven days old, and I met her." Said by my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts games: Roxas. It's not like I wanted to steal the line, but sometimes an editor has to do what an editor has to do when put on summary duty and lacking inspiration.