The surfer holding his board upright and staring at us as we looked around and got our bearings. Then he spoke, "Whoa! You dudes just appeared out of nowhere!"

Another surfer with a large, fiery hawk tattoo spread out on his back between his shoulder blades looked at his buddy. "Dude! Seriously?"

"Dude! Seriously! They weren't there a few seconds ago!"

"Sweet!" the blond surfer exclaimed.

"Yeah, man! It was crazy! I was just standing here, right? And then all of sudden, they were there! And I was like 'Whoa!' And then I said, 'Whoa!!' And then I was like, 'Dude!'" he nodded solemnly.

"Dude…" the tattooed surfer nodded his head, agreeing.

"Sweet…" the blond nodded too.

"Dudes… you people need help…" I said, shaking my head sadly.

"Dude! You just said 'dude!'" The first surfer (whom I shall call Board for lack of a better name) was amazed.

"Dude! No way?" Tattoo said.

"Dude! Way!" Board answered.

"Sweet…" Blond murmured.

I rolled my eyes and withdrew the dragonball radar out of the backpack. I checked the reading. "It says… it's out there." I pointed at the vast ocean sprawling out before us, glittering in the newly risen sunlight.

"What's that?" Tattoo asked, looking at the radar. The surfer group had been steadily moving closer to us as they had talked and now they practically stood on our toes.

"It's a radar," Mike answered.

"Shibby!" Board exclaimed and reached for the dragonball radar.

"Touch it and I bite your hand off," I growled at the surfer.

"Seriously?" he withdrew his hand and gave me a funny look.

"Yes, I do not joke." I hissed and gnashed my teeth at him.

He blinked and backed up a few steps. "Freak…" he muttered. I glared daggers at the surfer and took a menacing step forward.

Kakarot cut in before I attacked. "So, do you want me to go get the dragonball?" He took the radar out of my hands.

"Yeah. Sure, I guess.."

"All right." Kakarot leapt into the air and took off over the ocean, his energy aura leaving a streak of light behind him as he used the radar to guide him to the dragonball.

"Righteous!" Board blinked as his jaw dropped open, "Did you just see what that dude did?"

"That was beyond awesome." Tattoo looked quite stunned.

"Sweet…" The blond gaped.

"Is sweet all you can say?" Zar asked the surfer.

"Nah, little dude. I just like it a lot. It's a sweet word, ya know."

"Uh, using a word to describe itself isn't exactly the best way you could put it," Mike told the surfer.

"Pssh! Like it matters, dude!"

"He would never pass the high school qualifying exam…" Mike muttered to himself.

"Awh, c'mon man! Loosen up! Catch a few waves with me!" Blond grabbed Mike's arm and dragged him out towards the sea.

"I'd rather not." Mike tried to pry the large hand off his upper arm.

"It'll be fun! Trust me!" the surfer flashed a smile full of pearly whites at Mike as they stepped into the salty water. He slid his board into the water, swung Mike onto it and then pushed off into deeper water.

"I don't want to surf!" Mike wailed.

"What are you so afraid of?" the blond asked as he began to scope out the waves coming in.

"I can't swim!"

"Oh… shit… yeah, that's bad…" the blood stood up on the board as a large wave came rolling towards them, "Well, brace yourself, man, and just try to stay on because here it comes!"

"Kami, why me!" Mike howled as the wave came crashing in.

Goku hovered above the blue ocean as he studied the radar. According to the reading, he was directly above where the dragonball should be located. The Saiyan tucked the radar into a pocket so that he would not lose it, took a deep breath and then dove down into the sparkling sea.

He swam down into the dark blue, shimmering depths, searching for the dragonball. He passed by a shark, which inspected him for a moment and then continued on, and a nice sized school of fish that gave him a wide berth.

Goku touched down on the ocean bed and looked around. Where could it be? He pulled out the radar and checked it once more, silently thanking Bulma for thinking to design it so it could be used underwater. Yes, the dragonball was right in front of him. He looked up from the radar and looked around as he put it back in his pocket. There was no dragonball to be seen.

Frustrated and beginning to feel his need for oxygen, Goku swam up to the surface to breath and think for a moment. He recalled what the ocean bed looked like. Sand, stretching out all over, a reef to his left and a bed of huge oysters in front of him. There was nowhere where the dragonball could be…

Oysters? Goku paused. Wait… there was something about the oysters. Goku took a deep breath and dove back down, swimming directly at the oysters. He grabbed onto one of the oyster's lips and pried, straining against the oyster's locked muscles. He growled and powered up to Super Saiyan. The oyster came flying apart, the muscles ripped apart by the mighty Saiyan's strength. Goku dug through the pieces of oyster, searching for something. He found a large pearl nestled among the oyster corpse. Goku put that in his pocket and moved onto the next oyster, continuing on his search for the dragonball.

After the sixth oyster and another trip to the surface, Goku found the navy blue, six-star dragonball. He blasted out of the water and headed back to the group he had left behind.

"You have the dragonball?" I asked Kakarot as he landed on the sandy beach.

"Ah, Kakarot's returned. I was beginning to get worried." Vegeta said sarcastically.

The Saiyan ignored Vegeta and handed me the blue dragonball, "There you go!" He turned to Mike, who was sprawled out on the beach, coughing up salt water in between extreme vulgar obscenities directed towards all surfers who were "the damned hell spawn of Lucifer himself". "What happened to you?" Kakarot asked.

"Damn Blondie over there dragged me surfing with him, not even bothering to ask if I could swim or not!" Mike snarled.

"It's not my fault…" the blond one scuffed his foot on the ground as water dripped off of him.

"Excuse us for a moment," I said to the surfers and turned to my people, "All right. We have the three-star, six-star, and seven-star dragonballs. Kakarot, find the next one." I put the newly acquired blue, six-star dragonball in the backpack as Kakarot studied the radar.

"Why are they all different colors?" Goten asked, his brow furrowed.

"Yeah, green, black and blue. What's the next one gonna be? Purple?" Krillin chuckled.

"I wonder what kind of Kami dwells here…" Piccolo thought aloud as he looked up at the blue sky.

"Well, I know that he's an asshole," I replied, still smarting from my encounter with the angry god's wrath the day before.

"Dude!" the tattooed surfer turned to look my way with a glare that was on fire, "Don't diss God, man! He rocks!"

"Kami has never helped me before. Why should I respect him?" I growled.

"Haven't you seen Bruce Almighty, man? That movie rocks! God knows everything, man, and he knows what's best for you!"

"Oh Kami… Christian surfers… What will be next? A plague of locusts?" Then I remembered something, "Wait, do you know Japanese?"

"Hell yeah! I love Japanese! The best language on the planet!" the tattooed man grinned.

"Yeah, we like getting unsubbed, uncensored anime from Japan. It's the shit," Board winked.

"Hentai freaks…"

"What's wrong with hentai?" Tattoo asked.

"Don't get me started on porno, boy!"

"Bo, you ready to go?" Kakarot asked, "I found a ki next to another dragonball and we all are waiting on you."

"Dragonballs…" Blond blinked, "Dudes! It's Vegeta and Goku and Goten and Trunks!"

"Dude, no way!" Board exclaimed.

"Dude, so way!"

"Shibby!" Tattoo yelled.

"Dude, you do not believe how great this is!" Blond exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah. We've heard it before. Now leave," I hissed.

"No way."

"Hey, it's been great talking with you three and I'd like to give you all something." Kakarot cut in. He pulled five large perfect pearls out of his pockets and deposited them in the hands of one of the surfers. "Have a good day."

"Oh… my… God…" Board stared at the pearls.

"No… fucking… way…" Tattoo fell back onto his ass.

"Sweet…" Blond's mouth had dropped down as far as it would hang and a small line of drool dribbled down his chin.

"All right, let's go." Kakarot grabbed my arm and as the other latched on, put his fingers to his head. In mere moments, we were transported to the next location.

I looked around at the plush, expensive looking office we had arrived in. "Eh… where are we?" I asked Kakarot.

He shrugged. "I have no idea but it's in this room somewhere."

"Who are you? Can I help you?" a voice asked us from behind. I turned around quickly, searching for the speaker. She was a pleasant looking woman, standing at about five foot seven inches, with golden brown hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing some snappy business clothes and I don't know why, but as she stood next to her desk, one hand resting on her desk as she leaned against it, she looked quite familiar.

"Um… we're here looking for something…" I didn't really know what to say because my mind was busy trying to figure out who she was.

Mike was holding the radar and trying to pinpoint the location of the dragonball. He walked over to a trophy cabinet and opened it. He took out a small trophy with a copper world globe on top of it. "Vegeta, come here for a second." Vegeta gave Mike a look and Mike heaved a sigh and walked over to the Saiyan Prince. "Can you see if there's a dragonball in this globe? I think they may have put a copper covering over it or something."

As Vegeta began twisting the orb in an attempt to break it open, the lady objected, "What are you doing to my trophy?"

"Can we have it?" Mike asked as he passed Kakarot the radar so he could scope out the next place.

"Why do you want my trophy?"

"Well," a loud crack was heard and Vegeta held out the dragonball to Mike. Mike took it, "Because that was in there."

Vegeta set down the two halves of the covering on the desk along with the trophy's mount. "Just glue it back together and it'll look as good as new." The woman stared at the group as they got together in a circle, made sure everyone was touching Kakarot and then disappeared. She blinked a few times, rubbed her eyes and stared at the spot they had been moments before.

"Holy shit… did mesa just hear what I thought mesa heard?" She moved to sit in her computer chair, staring right through the large monitor. "Did that guy call him 'Vegeta'? Mesa so confused… Was that… no, no… that's impossible…" she shook her head quickly, "Mesa don't fall for silly things like that…" the President of the United States, also known as DeathStorm to those on, pushed any thoughts of the odd visitors out of her mind as she peered closely at her computer monitor and typed up a review for a fanfiction.


I have to admit, the surfers were the product of influences from both Dude, Where's My Car? (which I happen to think is one of the stupidest movies ever) and Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo. Crush rocks. *noddles* Did you know the director of the movie voiced him and also wrote the movie? Anyway, yeah…

I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I struggled a bit writing it but I thought it didn't turn out too bad.

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