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Chapter 1: A Visit to the Grave

A year later…

Underneath the shade of massive glass roof that exhibited the elegance of Narita International Airport's architecture, a man waited patiently for the next flight at one side of the airport lounge. White T-shirt and black pants were the one that covered him up, and the never-ending line of muscles on his body was the proof of restless days of training he had spent. A crude expression was implanted on his face; the sharp golden eyes that kept staring at his perimeter were adequate to make those street's rogue trembled in fear. He sat alone, right in front of the descending sun that beckoned the end of the day; crimson hue blanketed half of his face. The solitude appeared to be his only comrade and his own dignity seemed to be his only friend, much equal with those forlorn warriors from the past who sought nothing but glory and self-satisfaction. Yet beyond that, he emanated a sense of belief, determination; a sense of charisma, and the silver cross that was hung loosely on her neck was the only thing that showed a certain obscure virtue.

The crimson twilight lost its loyal spectator as his previous absolute attention was distracted by mere flowing crowds. All the passengers started lining in front of the gate to finally enter the aero plane after sixty minutes of waiting in the airport lounge, and the deepest instinct of his began calling him to join the queue, forgetting the fact that the twilight had not sent the curtain down. His black twins flew down his left arm, glancing at his watch and he was slightly surprised by the swiftness of time. He sighed, rising to his feet and for the first time of the day, he joined the society whose clamor he would never dream of.

He gazed swiftly at the crimson twilight for the last time. Good bye halcyon days.

Generally, it didn't need more than five minutes for Kagoshima to show its splendid views and landmarks. Nevertheless, it appeared that time didn't cooperate with the said city every time. It was December, and the peripheral area was filled with bitter draft, decorating the sky with grey hue as the cold breeze of winter presented itself. The rate of strolling pedestrians was low; much lower than any stream of people that could be found in the warmer season, and the normal comfort of every opened-air landmarks was left forgotten. The air itself was cold, and every breath was freezing bite, taunting every citizen to conceal themselves in the coziest duvet, disregarding every habitual activity and work. Nonetheless, had there been a bit less chill, it was not doubted that the traffic would be crowded, winter or not.

At the outskirts of city, where the nature still filled the perimeter and the homes of those chivalrous samurais of the past were located, a lone car could be seen moving through the perennial trees and bushes, successfully breaking all the tranquil moments into one single noise. It was a car which was rented yesterday by a certain spiky haired guy, right after thirty minutes of bargain and a signature on a contract which said that the owner wouldn't be responsible for any nicks which might be caused by a certain hazel haired woman's electricity power. Really, Kamijou Touma struggled not to tell his wife the real reason why he took so long to rent a car, for the real truth would only raise her anger.

"Are we there yet?" Kamijou Mizuki asked her father who was driving on the front seat. Her eyes were opened widely to observe any surroundings and views that could be noticed and caught; they had still not been bored, had not even blinked for the past minute-and-a-half for that matter. The voice of amazement hadn't forsaken her tongue, and the perpetual questions were thrown endlessly since they left the hotel. It was all her innocence and curiosity, with additional cutesy that never made her parents tired of responding the question, important or not.

"No…" Kamijou Touma answered simply, not even fearing for any further questions from her daughter. For her daughter and only for her daughter, every thought of piques forgotten and replaced only with soft answers, and the said philosophy could be applied to her wife too.

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

Kamijou Touma chuckled at her ardor anxiety that couldn't be coped just by watching the never-ending terrain of forest. "No, Mizuki… We are not there five minutes ago, we are not there a minute ago, we are not there now…" he replied whilst he grinned at her antique.

"Yeah, Mizuki," Mikoto added. "Be patient and we'll be there for sure!" she looked back at her and smiled; one of the things that the spiky haired guy always cherished, a smile that he wanted to protect dearly.

"But papa said that we can arrive at granny's house much earlier!" she replied in a rather annoyed tone; her forehead was curled and she pouted, being slightly fed up because of a certain broken promise. "Why don't we reach granny's house now?"

"Because papa took so long to rent this car," Mikoto sighed, and sarcasm managed to acquire its glory through her next words. "Maybe papa was involved in a certain misfortune that he couldn't handle in such a short time," she smirked and squinted her hazel orbs into him; her arms were crossed in front of her newly-developed cleavage in a cynical way.

"Or maybe the owner was reluctant to rent this car because mama has a great potential to destroy this car by her power," he grinned, daring to risk the existence of every electronic devices that he had only to reply the sarcasm. He was slightly reminded of the days of the past and was amused by the fact that the sarcasm he threw used to be countered with blue line sparks of electricity.

Her face instantly became sullen. "Nobody asked for your opinion, Touma! Just drive! Anyway, who do you think will think of something like that when someone sees my calm, soft-spoken, and kind personality?"

"Yeah! Mama is kind!" Mizuki agreed almost spontaneously. The two females high-fived.

The spiky haired guy sighed, thinking of the irony of his own wife. If only Mizuki knew…

"And Touma, I also have a visit to make before we get to granny's house! Remember that!"


"I mean my mother…"

"Yeah, yeah… Okay…"

"Here… where?" Mizuki inquired, being disappointed by the fact that their arrivals to her grandma's house would be delayed again. Her question was unanswered though. She tilted her head and looked at her mother curiously, no longer interested in the scenery of the perennial trees. Her eyes unsuccessfully searched for the vague truth that would be much too incomprehensible for her innocent heart, not knowing that the answer would come in another span of minutes.

And the location was spotted just when the spiky haired guy controlled the car to turn right around the corner. She didn't need more than a second to finally recognize the place, to eventually recognize the location she would drop by. On the top of the hill was a graveyard which was located in the center of the forest, as though the lost souls demanded a certain proximity to the nature where they were derived from. Kamijou Mikoto looked at the hill and tears subconsciously fell gracefully from her eyes, silencing the other members of her family in just one moment. Even her husband stopped the car in front of the hill, currently mesmerized by the sudden gloom that his wife brought, and his mouth couldn't release any words that could ease the feeling that the Railgun might have. It took some minutes for her to come back to reality, as if the sight of the graveyard brought hundreds of unexplainable emotions to her heart, knocking the door of her memories, until she finally spoke up softly.


No one wanted to die. Even people who wanted to go to heaven didn't want to die to get there. And yet death was the destination we all shared. No one had ever escaped it. And that was as it should be, because death was very likely the single best invention of life. It was life's change agent. It cleared out the old to make way for the new. Nevertheless, the affection given to the dead would remain unchanged, for the memory would always take the place of them, and the pain of losing would never vanish. The new would always be the new, but the old would always be the old.

(Because nobody would ever miss the new, but they would likely miss the old…)

Kamijou Mikoto stood in front of her father's graveyard, not so surprised by the presence of shimmering puddles on her eyes. She stared at the name and the epitaph of her father, denouncing every good side of his and the splendor of his deeds in the world. It was all those memories and the reminiscence of the past that made her gazed at the tombstone as though she was meeting a lost family member and freshly united, and the hazel haired woman was sure that the door of her memories wouldn't be closed by just mere call, persuasion, invitation-to-leave or whatever. She even feared that the next series of memories would only make her cry in front of her family just like a little baby who needed nothing but embrace.

The spiky haired guy and his daughter watched, judiciously placing ten-meters-of-space with his wife, permitting her to have a certain private time with the dearest father. They left the two to have one-sided chat which would only bring tears to those who heard, for the hazel haired woman needed something more than a lifeless reply from her father, so desperately needed. Mikoto finally came back in fifteen minutes, wearing a sad facial on her face. She appeared so bitter, so vulnerable and he was slightly wondered where the ever-cheerful and vibrant eyes of Mikoto went in such little time. It was much better than their previous visit though, much better than the time when she nearly ripped her emotion apart in the form of timeless shedding tears. Frankly speaking, he was slightly relieved that his existence could cheer her up, even for a little.

"You know, in this third visit, I began to think of something…" Mikoto began the conversation as they walked to the parked car and Kamijou Touma found himself staring at the wonderment of her dismal never-ending circles of eternity. Mizuki was no longer with them; she was not interested with the slow-walk and incomprehensible conversation. She walked ahead of them, right to the same destination with them.

"And what is it?" Touma inquired, his expression softened (again) when he saw her closing her eyes, thinking of another words that could be considered as adequate respond (not inaudible sobs). She opened her eyes and answered.

"I wondered whether he's proud of me… because I am one of the seven strongest espers in Academy City… whether he approved my departure to Academy city… Did he know why I wanted to study in Academy City? Did he forgive my failures for giving my DNA randomly? Did he understand me?" the Railgun said lugubriously; eyes trying to determine the answers or maybe even shallow conclusions in a mere blink; and those were all wiped away by the northwestern wind, leaving nothing but the bewilderment and sorrow in her heart. Kamijou Touma must have noticed this. He kept silent and let her continue the monologue.

"I will never know… I never get any call, message… I never get any letter from papa…" she sighed… her head appeared to be so heavy and her age appeared to double, she was no longer the Kamijou Mikoto that the spiky haired guy really acknowledged, not the ever-steadfast Kamijou Mikoto. The 'Imagine Breaker' guy was reminded of his own family; his father, mother, and cousin, and wondered what he would really feel when he lost one of them.

"He was there for me just until my ages reached seven… I remembered him taking me to the Kagoshima Festival… I'm wearing kimono and he took me by the hand. But after I entered the elementary school… he was gone…"

"Well… I believe… he has his own motive… He appeared to be caring though," Kamijou Touma scratched his head, knowing that his answer couldn't even match her long monologue, but he really didn't know how he should answer. Out of the blue, he was embarrassed by his lack of creativity to arrange nice words.

"Well I hope so… but…"


Mizuki suddenly called, running into them with Mikoto's cell phone in her hand. Instantly, as though she didn't need to be trained to do so, a smile graced upon her lips, and Kamijou Touma was grateful that their daughter called her in such a crucial time. Such conversation was never her specialty, and he would take note to learn of it from her mother later.

"Look, your facebook!" Looks like everybody is online!" Mizuki said cheerfully, handing the said cell phone to her mother. Mikoto took it and checked the screen.

"Ah? That's rare… let's see…"

GekotaGirl (signed in)

Foodaholicz : Ah, Tanpatsu! How's Touma?

GirlzAreHot : Easy, easy, Fukiyose, be patient please, I was drunk yesterday and… Aaaahhh Miko-nyan!


GirlzAreHot : Oh yeah, How's Mizuki? Is she good? By any chance, can I invite her to my house later?

GekotaGirl : Huh?

GirlzAreHot : Come on! She'll have more than fun!

GekotaGirl : Huuuhhh?

GirlzAreHot : Well.. I can't clearly explain… but…


GirlzAreHot (signed out)

GekotaGirl : Fukiyose?

SpartanGirl : Yeah?

GekotaGirl : Please protect my daughter from any perverted intents…

SpartanGirl : All right!

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SUPER! : Ahhh Kamijou-san's on! I'll surely tell the others about this!

GekotaGirl : Hey, Kinuhata-san…What's special with me online?

RainyDays (signed in)

RainyDays : Hey.. it's kind of lively here…

GekotaGirl : Ah, Saten-san! Oh yeah, and Index, Touma is okay, and you don't have to ask the same thing every time we chat you know?

Foodaholicz : I just want to know!

SpartanGirl : Well… what's this now?

RainyDays : Cat-fight!

Foodaholicz : Eh? Wait… Styl! He's taking my food. Wait!

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GekotaGirl : … food fight?

RainyDays : …

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CrystalBreeze (signed in)

I'llRipYouApart : Railgun! I demand another battle!

GekotaGirl : Just stop it…

BunnyGirlzFTW! : What's wrong, Kinuhata? I heard that Takitsubo is involved in an acci…

CrystalBreeze : HAMAZURA!

GirlzAreHot (signed in)

GirlzAreHot : Fukiyose's still here?

SpartanGirl : Yes.

GirlzAreHot : Fuck…

GirlzAreHot (signed out)

BunnyGirlzFTW! : Eh? She's online? But…

CrystalBreeze : So I heard that you were hanging out with a girl I don't even know, huh? I'LL GIVE YOU TONS OF PUNISHMENTS FOR SURE!

BunnyGirlzFTW! : Eh?

Super! : Takitsubo : *Furious mode on*

CrystalBreeze (signed out)


Super! : Nothing, really…

I'llRipYouApart : Soo, Hamazura, I heard that you were hanging out with other girls huh…

BunnyGirlzFTW! : Ehhh?

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Super! : Ah! I've some images I must take!

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BunnyGirlzFTW! : Huh? What images? Wait, someone's knocking the door… Wait…

RainyDays : Hamazura-san, maybe you shouldn't….

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GekotaGirl : You're late, Saten-san…

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KillerInstinct : I'm not a Tsundere!

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GekotaGirl : Touma? You don't need to sign in by yourself, you can share the chat with me!

FortunateMan : Oh, all right…

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GekotaGirl : It's Touma speaking… Hey, what's up you guys?

SpartanGirl : It's okay, how's…

GekotaGirl : Sorry… Touma should wait for his turn first, now's my turn to…

GekotaGirl : Sorry… My wife suddenly take the cell phone, so let's continue.. How's…

GekotaGirl : That idiot kept taking my cell phone! Sor…

GekotaGirl : I…

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RainyDays : Huh?

SpartanGirl : Seeing their stubbornness and all, it would be impossible for them to share something…

RainyDays : At least… they had shared their lives with each other… until now, I guess…

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SpartanGirl : Get back to work!

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RainyDays : You're a little bit too strict… let him take a break…

SpartanGirl : Hell, no!

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SpartanGirl : They are back… So you guys have stopped arguing, I believe…

FortunateMan : Yeah… kinda…

RainyDays : What move? Thunderbolt?

FortunateMan : No, thunder punch…

GekotaGirl : He deserved it!

RainyDays : Yeah, yeah…

BunnyGirlzFTW! (signed in)

RainyDays : He… escaped?

BunnyGirlzFTW! : My friend Touma! I have just escaped from the hell!

FortunateMan : I just exited the hell…

GekotaGirl : That was just a simple punch!

FortunateMan : Yeah… a punch that had a certain potential to make a three-meters hole on the ground. Great, Mikoto…

BunnyGirlzFTW! : Really?

GekotaGirl : He was exaggerating!

FortunateMan : Such misfortune… So… You really hit on a girl?

BunnyGirlzFTW! : Yeah… I MEAN NO!

FortunateMan : Just spit it out…

BunnyGirlzFTW! : … Okay… I did… so what?

FortunateMan : Bunny girl?

BunnyGirlzFTW! : What else?

FortunateMan : I know, I know…

GirlzAreHot (signed in)

GirlzAreHot : Fuki…

SpartanGirl : Sign. Out. Now!

GirlzAreHot : Come on Fukiyose! I can die if I don't take any break!

SpartanGirl : Good…

FortunateMan : Good…

BunnyGirlzFTW! : Good…

GirlzAreHot : You too Hamazura-san?

BunnyGirlzFTW! : I'm not in my best mood…

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BunnyGirlzFTW! : So let's continue… what about… DAMN! THEY ARE HERE!

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GekotaGirl : Let's hope we can see Hamazura's face tomorrow…

RainyDays : Yeah, and anyway, I need to sign out, so bye!

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KillerInstinct : Hey, is the brat really not here? Where's everybody?

GirlzAreHot : Yeah! Fukiyose's offline! Hey, guys, you know? I have a new theory! I know that a human whose skin's color is white is prone to be a loli! While those who…

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GirlzAreHot : Hey, Am I really the only one here?

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