"Young Master… young master…"

Not now Paula, Elizabeth thought warily, snuggling into the pillow more.

"Young Master!"

Elizabeth begrudgingly opened one eye, and peered around the room. To her surprise, the first thing she saw was Sebastian, leaning over her.

"Sebast…ian?" she asked, uncertain.

"Young Master, what is it?" he asked, confused.

As Elizabeth took in her surroundings, she realized that she wasn't in her room. Or her manor, for that matter. And if Sebastian was here…

She was in the Phantomhive manor.

Well, it made sense, seeing as she had to spend the night, due to weather conditions… but why was Sebastian referring her as 'young master'?

She touched her left eye... it was covered. With an eyepatch.

But then that would mean...

"I'm in Ciel's... body."

By the look on Sebastian's face, he must of thought that Elizabeth had snapped, "Young Master, are you okay?"

He would never believe her if she told him that she was Elizabeth... trapped in her fiancee's body.

"Yes, I'm fine," she said bluntly, "Sebastian, do you mind waking up C-Lizzie for me?"

He raised his eyebrows, but said simply, "Of course."

However, instead of heading out of the door, he merely went to the closet and picked out one of Ciel's outfits, walked back and started unbuttoning Lizzie's shirt.

"Wha-What are you doing?" she asked, blushing.

He couldn't help but smirk, "Young Master, really. We've been doing this for five years now."

"O-Of course we have... Sebastian." she mumbled, but her blush never did quite leave her cheeks.

Elizabeth outright refused to look... down at herself, and kept her eyes (or rather, eye) on Ciel's clock, watching the second hand tick and tick endlessly. Of course, she moved her legs and arms whenever Sebastian say, needed to put on a jacket, but other than that, she stayed as still as possible.

After she was fully dressed, Sebastian poured a cup of tea for her, and left to get Ciel.

I wonder how Ciel is taking this...

"Lady Elizabeth, please wake up."

Ciel sighed as he woke up, rubbing his left eye warily. As his eyes focused, he realized he could see with both of them, not just one.

"Sebastian." he said sharply, "Where is my eyepatch?"

Sebastian looked at him quizzically. "Eyepatch?" he repeated, as though he wasn't quite sure what Ciel was talking about.

"Yes Sebastian, my eyepatch!" Ciel fumed, "Why can I see with both of my eyes?"

"Lady Elizabeth, are you alright?"

Lady Elizabeth? What is up with that demon?

"I'm not Lizzy, Sebastian. I'm Earl Ciel Phantomhive. Your 'Young Master', as you call me."

Sebastian's eyes widened with shock, but was soon replaced with a smirk.

"Well then, my young mistress, you ought to look at yourself in a mirror."

He took Ciel to the full length mirror that was nearby, and to Ciel's astonishment, he wasn't Ciel Phantomhive. Well, he was. But his soul currently inhabited someone else's body. And that somebody, of course, had to be...

"Lizzy?" He said, shocked. "I'm in Lizzy's body?"

"For now, Young Mistress." Sebastian said, a cheshire grin playing on his face.

"I need to see Lizzy. Now." He said immediately.

"Actually, Young Mistress, I was going to get you on her request."

Ciel nodded with understanding. Then, he realized something...

"Sebastian, did she see-"

"No, she had the eyepatch on."

Ciel could feel himself relax; the last thing he wanted is for Elizabeth to find out about the contract. She couldn't find out. Not yet.

"I should get dressed..." he muttered, looking at the nightgown that Lizzy had worn the night before.

Sebastian cocked a brow, "Young Mas-Mistress, you do understand what that means, don't you?"

"What do you mean by that?" he snapped, but then finally realized what Sebastian was going on about.

He didn't know how to dress himself properly, let alone dress Lizzy's body. And the last time he wore a corset and a dress was Alister Chamber's party, and that was years ago. Remembering it now, he cringed at the pain of putting on said corset. He didn't know how so many english women put up with it. Besides, Ciel didn't even dress himself for that occasion either; Madame Red and Sebastian did. And he'd have to see Lizzy's... erm, body fully. Something that he didn't exactly want to do quite yet...

"Help me then," Ciel said gruffly.

"As you wish, my young mistress."

Elizabeth was wandering around her Earl's bedroom, getting used to her new body.

Nothing had changed, really. She was just shorter, with a lankier body. And no corset to put on, thank goodness. Even if it was a bit disorienting seeing through one eye, she had to admit; it was much more comfortable walking around without skirts to pull or to trip over. She was glad that Ciel had long ago done away with those high heeled shoes of his... those would've been a disaster to walk with.

Sitting back down on his bed, Elizabeth wondered what was taking so long... Sebastian had been gone for twenty minutes now! Perhaps Ciel was having trouble with something...?

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Lady Elizabeth, can we come in?" It was Sebastian.

"Yes, of course."

It was weird, looking at herself with Sebastian. No, it was weird just looking at herself in general. Now that Ciel was inhabiting her body, she looked... different. Ciel held her body upright, and stiff. He moved robotically, and he was without the grace and elegance that any proper lady ought to have. But then again, he wasn't a lady... just trapped in the body of one. And Elizabeth reckoned that he wasn't used to walking in dresses, as he repeatedly tripped over them, or lost his balance, somehow. Sebastian was always there to help his young master, of course. She noticed that Ciel had left her hair down, rather than putting it up into her regular hairstyle. So her golden locks fell down to her waist, rather than being in the tight bun that she was so accustomed to seeing herself wearing. Although, she kept the twintails only when she was visiting Ciel. During a fencing match, they simply get in the way, as her mother said.

"Lizzy." he said firmly to her; he was obviously weirded out by the whole ordeal too; he wouldn't look her in the eye.

"No, I don't know what happened to us, nor did I do something to trigger said event. I simply went to bed last night, and when I woke up, I was in your body." she said, before he could say anything else. She had been mentally preparing herself for this conversation while she was waiting for him.

"I see," he said thoughtfully, furrowing his brow in concentration.

"Perhaps this was... a supernatural occurrence?" Elizabeth threw out, expecting weird looks. It was the books she was reading recently; she had thumbed though Dracula by Bram Stoker one day, during a fit of boredom. To her surprise, she ate it up immediately, relishing each scene of the book.

To her immense surprise, Ciel didn't dismiss her tentative thought as ridiculous. "I don't think we can rule out the supernatural..."

"My Young Mistress, we ought to think of the cause of this whole fiasco later." Sebastian interrupted, "We have more pressing matters on our hands."

Ciel glared at his butler, "And what would that be?"

"Well ma'am, I believe we were going to trail Brocklehurst today, to see if he's behind the recent string of kidnappings." Sebastian said, "And not to mention, I believe Lady Elizabeth has a fencing match today as well. So how do you suppose, with your bodies switched, would we go about doing our daily business?"

"I'll need to get home as soon as possible then." Elizabeth said. Then, she cringed; she doubted that Mother would ever believe that she was really herself, and not Ciel. Nor would Edward, who would probably hack her to pieces on the spot.

"Lady Elizabeth, pardon my language, but I doubt that the Marchioness would ever believe that you, being in your current state, would be you. She'd think that the Young Master was simply going mad, calling himself his fiancee. So I don't recommend going to the Marchioness quite yet."

"Then there's no other choice. I must act out Ciel's duties, while he acts out mine." Elizabeth replied, with a grim smile.

"No." Ciel's voice was strong, and firm. It scared her to see herself so serious and grave.

"Why not?" she asked, keeping herself in check, "Really Ciel, if there were a better way to go about things, then I hope you know I'd use the latter. However, we have no choice. Or would you rather be locked in a mental asylum for the rest of your days because of a supernatural occurrence?"

"There has to be another way. You can't do my Watchdog duties. You simply can't."

"I'm more capable of defending myself than you are Ciel, and we both know it." Elizabeth countered, her voice low and deadly, "Besides, Sebastian will be with me. I'll be safe, so don't worry."

"I'm not worried about you getting hurt..." Ciel mumbled, begrudgingly.

"Then what makes you so hesitant?"

"You don't know what it's like to be out there." he said firmly. "You've never been on a mission before. You might slip up. Or make a mistake."

"Then I'll learn. Face it Ciel; no matter how much you wish to protect me, there simply isn't any other way. And to be honest, I'd be worrying more about you, considering you can't fence professionally to save your life. It's the first string of matches; how will you explain that Elizabeth Middleford, the genius with the sword, lost in the first rounds? You can't. So right now, you should be practicing with me, instead of arguing over something you can't win against."

Both Ciel and Sebastian were left speechless.

"Fine. We should get practicing then." Ciel said finally, turning away. "And Sebastian. This is an order. While your out on the mission tonight, protecting Lizzy is your first priority. I don't care if we don't get anything tonight; I'm sure this whole damn problem will be finished shortly. So find out what you can, and don't do anything rash. Same goes to you, Elizabeth. Now, let's get going." And with that, Ciel strutted out of the room... only to fall flat on his face, tripping on his dress. Again.

Elizabeth sighed as she watched Ciel struggle in her body, and then get lifted up by Sebastian. If he can't handle those skirts, then how is he going to be able to win those matches today?

"Ciel, what the hell were you doing?" Lizzy looked over at her fiance. Ciel was on the ground, getting up and dusting himself off. "You do not simply stand there while I attack you. Your footwork was wrong, you were just swinging your foil around like it was a battle axe, and your stance was completely off! Good Lord, when was the last time you've even picked up a foil?"

"Stop lecturing me Elizabeth." Ciel spat. "If you're just going to yell at me, I might as well lose on purpose to let you look bad. I'm not learning anything from this."

Elizabeth sighed as she went over to him. "Look, put your feet out like this." she grabbed his right leg and moved it forward. "It's like you're about to take a step. But you don't. When you're actually fencing, you take small steps, or you'll lunge yourself into their foil. It's almost like a little scuttle, really. And you're holding your foil wrong, at least, you're not holding your arms out correctly. Don't point it out straight; that makes it easier to knock out. Bend your arm like this." She took Ciel's arm, and bent it slightly. "Only hold it straight when you're attacking. Even then, don't fully extend it unless you have a clear shot. Bend your knees slightly, and then- look! Now you're in the right position. Are you ready now?" Ciel scowled, but nodded.

But, in the course of five minutes, Elizabeth had knocked down Ciel again.

"Dear God Elizabeth, aren't you supposed to go easy on beginners?"

"Yes. But we don't have time to go easy on you Ciel; my match is in four hours from now, and that does not give us time to go easy on you. Now get up, and I'll show you what you did wrong."

By the time the 'training' session had ended, Ciel was covered in bruises everywhere from the waist down. He swore as he got up, feeling as though he would collapse at any minute. And his mood hadn't improved, either.

"What the hell was her problem?" Ciel asked, outraged, "I swear to God, that woman went completely mad when we made that switch. It's like when we switched bodies, someone took away the sweet part of Lizzy, and added about 20% more bitch into her. Is she on her time of the month? Jesus Christ..."

Sebastian smirked in amusement, "Well, young mistress, you haven't exactly been the most helpful with improving her attitude..."

"Shut up."

"As you wish, young mistress."

But Sebastian couldn't help but be amused by all of this; it was simply fun watching the two of them act so differently than usual; undoubtedly confused and mad on how their souls got switched. Of course, he wasn't going to say anything but...

This was certainly going to be fun to watch from the sidelines, that's for sure.

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