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Fencing, as Ciel soon found out, is complicated.

After getting rushed into Lizzy's 'school', he was forced to pick a weapon. Knowing at least something about the sport he was about to partake in, he chose the foil, as he was the most comfortable with it, and he knew that beginners used the foil. Then, he was sorted with other people that also chose the same weapon. Then, he was to sit on the sidelines, until it was his turn to spar.

"Lizzy, why are you using the foil? Did you forget your epee at home, or something?" Ciel looked up to see a girl standing in front of him. Long, thin, with curly brown hair and big brown eyes. She looked like her eyes were about to pop out of her skull.

"Edward has the epees right now," Ciel said, remembering to keep Lizzy's voice soft, "But it's okay. I suppose I can make do with foils. Don't worry about it." He prayed that he finally got Lizzy's attitude right.

"Oh okay then." she replied simply, and moved up closer to the match in front of them.

Watching the sabre, and then the epee matches made Ciel's insides squirm uneasily. They were all so... good. He wondered what the foil matches would be like. He'd have to have all the forces on his side in order to win, which he doubted that he did.

Damn it, why did Lizzy have to be in the 'advanced' classes?

Finally, the foil matches started, and Ciel was amazed to see the sheer skill they exhibited throughout. Suddenly, he wished Sebastian could somehow impersonate Lizzy, and do his matches for him, because there was no way in hell he could win. But of course, he couldn't do that. No matter what form Sebastian may assume, there was no way to get rid of those blood-dried eyes of his. And they'd look even more prominent on Lizzy's face, as her eyes were enormous next to the rest of her features. So that was out of the question.

By the time Ciel's name had been called, his hands were glistening with sweat, and his eyes were alight with panic. How was he going to win this? All the other competitors were so damn good, and he was really out of practice when it came to fencing. Yes, he was able to beat Soma when he was thirteen, but that was because Soma didn't know how to fence, and it was easy to beat someone that was completely ignorant to a sport, even if Ciel was out of practice. But now, he was facing people who, like Lizzy, played this sport as often as Ciel would sign paperwork or perhaps have a conversation with Sebastian. So to say that he was panicked was an understatement.

"Twenty Four and Thirty Two!"

Oh crap. He was next. Wringing his arms out, Ciel stumbled to the front, and turned to face his partner.

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