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April 15th, 1922

Life stood still at that moment, but the world still spun. It was like a ghostly presence took over the young woman that stood before Brittany. The brown orbs of the other woman watched on as Brittany tried desperately to make sense of it all, but she couldn't. She was at a loss of words as they locked eyes and it only made sense.

"Brittany," the young woman finally breathed out and Brittany walked around the counter at the sound of that angelic voice, wrapping her arms around her petite frame. Tears stung at the corners of her eyes and it seemed like the only natural thing to do was to cry.

"We've missed you," she manages and the young woman brings her slender arms around her much taller frame burying her head into her chest.

"Yes, me too," she responds and gulps, pulling away to offer her a much needed courageous smile. It is returned, but painfully so. "Is Quinn with you?" She finally questions and Brittany looks down at the hardwood floor, shuffling her shoes against it.

"Yes—she's running an order to one of our clients," Brittany turns around to hide behind the counter and the brunette merely nods, not knowing how to respond. It's been ten years no less, so how does one respond when you've missed so much?

"My mother told me that there was a business privately owned by two women in the city. I wasn't one to believe it, but I had to see it for myself seeing as we needed fabrics and such," she finally states her business of being in their establishment. "However, she told me it was owned by two Titanic survivors—it gave me hope, I suppose," she adds, taking small strides around the store, unraveling her scarf in the process to place it down on a nearby chair.

Brittany watches her movements with so much precision and she tries desperately to get the words out she's craved to ask for ten years, but she just can't. She just now came to the conclusion that she needed to give herself peace and here is the one person who could change everything.

"Rachel? What happened that night?" Brittany asks quietly fidgeting her place. They lock eyes again and it is only for a moment that Rachel sees the pain in Brittany's eyes. She's not over it, hell nor is she and she's positive the rest of the survivors aren't over their loved ones lost.

"Life works in mysterious ways, doesn't it?" She sighs, turning away from her to collect her thoughts. She has a right to know what happened when they placed Quinn and her on those boats. She in takes a breath, before letting it out deeply to turn back to the begging young woman; in her eyes it was enough to show the desperation she harbors.

"We went down with it," she begins quietly, looking down at her fingers then gave herself enough strength to continue. "She pulled us to the safety of a piece of debris and pushed me up. When she went to get up, it tipped and she was willing to give up," her voice cracks a little at the distant memory that yet still felt so fresh in her mind. Watching the way the cold engulfed Santana and how her body was beginning to shut down. How she gave her the strength to push forward, so that one day they could reunite with the ones they loved.

"She's selfless, you know?" Rachel breaths out, her eyes glassy meeting Brittany's now glossed over blue orbs that match the sea. Brittany nods furiously, knowing it held truth. It wouldn't be true if she didn't do what she did ten years ago—how she wished she would've been that selfless and jumped off to be with her. "But I made her get back up and we used each other's body heat to hopefully keep our body temperature up," she continued further getting lost in her memories—or nightmares.

It's been hours and the rest of the sea seemed to quiet down with just the mere sounds of the swishing back and forth. Some people still screamed or tried to keep themselves a float, regardless of their life vests. While others used their arms and legs to keep the blood flowing through their nearly numbed bodies.

Off in the near distance, Santana laid on Rachel, their arms still engulfed around each other. Their breathing was unsteady and their once tan complexions are a deep purple blue color that could be freezing to the touch. Frost has taken over their hair as their lips changed the same color as their skin.

"I—know—one—one thing, I can't—w—wait to be wrapped up in a—w—warm body again," Santana shivers into Rachel's neck and if she had the strength she would've slapped her, but instead she could only scoff a reply.

"You are—st—still as rude as—ev—ever," Rachel replies as Santana chuckles softly, coughing just a little as her breath can be easily visible in the cool night.

"When—are—they—going to—c—come?" Rachel asks, twisting her neck a little bit to see in the far distance the life boats that still wait for the Carpathia's arrival. Santana swallows hard, breathing heavily, before offering the other young woman a shrug, burying herself further into Rachel. She needed heat as she couldn't feel her entire body.

"I think—I will—rest—my eyes," she chatters, closing her eyes as she rests her head on her chest. Rachel nods distantly, keeping her eyes peeled at the boats in a distance, hoping that one of them will just come soon.

An hour later, the faint screams have died down and the water has calmed down immensely. Rachel opens her eyes to find herself in a bed and a gown. She tiredly looks around at the pale white walls as nurses rush around to other patients. It's a community hospital that they've set up for the people that need medical attention. She lifts her hands and rubs her eyes, taking in her pale complexion. The blood hasn't rushed fully back into her body.

The rain pitter patters against the window behind her bed, but all she can think about is confusion. How did she get out of the water? Where is Santana? Her eyes widen at the thought of Santana and Brittany—Quinn. What if they went looking for her and they couldn't find her because she's here? She sits up frantically only to have a rush of dizziness hit her.

"Whoa dear, take it slow," a nurse comes up to her dressed in all white. Rachel takes in her presence—she seemed like a dear woman, but she needed to find her friends and her lover.

"Where am I? What happened?" She asks fearfully, knowing she's at least in America based on the woman not having an accent.

She checks her chart briefly, casting her eyes on the lost young woman. "You're in New York. They pulled you and another girl out of the water after seeing the rise and fall of your breathing when they passed the debris you were laying on," she explains and Rachel gulps—that means they have Santana.

"Is she alright?" She asks softly, hoping she is just as fine as she is, but the woman's face doesn't teeter her worries. The woman grimaces at her, before placing her chart back in its place, walking to her side.

"I'm afraid it's too soon to tell. You've come in early this morning and while you shared body heat, it wasn't enough for her. She has a serious case of hypothermia—there's no way to tell. She hasn't woken yet, but when she does, I'll be sure to let you know. I just need your names," she explains thoroughly. Rachel nods weakly at her, thanking her for the information she just disclosed.

"Rachel Berry and her names Santana Lopez," she says still in her own thoughts as the woman walks away to let her get some more rest. She felt hopeless sitting in this bed, not being able to be by Santana's side to riddle any information back to Brittany or Quinn. Hell, she doesn't even know where they are nor where to look. She imagines they're in the same situation no less, but all she could do was do what the nurse said because she'll be no use weak.

"Rachel?" Rachel turns around and locks eyes with hazel eyes that belonged to the young woman standing in the doorway. They stand there stunned for what felt like an eternity. Rachel's breath has caught in her throat as Quinn has always had this effect on her. She's still just as beautiful as she remembered, if not more. She doesn't have to wear the same clothes every day seeing as business is doing well for her.

Quinn looks startled as if her love was brought back from the dead because that's exactly how she expected her to be. She didn't know how to react in this moment as her eyes brimmed with fresh tears as she advanced towards the smaller woman, pulling her close to her and capturing her lips with her own. Both women's tears fell freely as Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck, keeping her as close to her as possible.

Brittany watches in the distance, smiling softly at the interaction feeling that pool of envy hitting her with each move of their lips against the other. She was happy for them—they've found their way back to each other, but it didn't change anything. She still had to grieve and she still had to hold on to something; someone who will never come.

Rachel pulls away, placing another light kiss against Quinn's lips, turning back to Brittany who watched on sadly as Quinn wraps her arms securely around her lover. She pulls away from her embrace, locking her fingers with hers, walking towards Brittany.

"I have something I want to show you," she tells her softly. Brittany meets her eyes, nodding quietly before walking back around the counter as they quickly close up the shop, writing that it was an errand.

They walk down the street of the city to the subway where they take the train out to the country part where Rachel grew up happily. She wanted to experience the world—it was why she was in Europe to begin with, but it seems as though she won't be able to do that again since her mother refuses to let her take another boat after what happened. She always just chuckles at her protectiveness, looking out the window as she holds Quinn's hand, running her fingers over her knuckles soothingly.

Brittany watches each tree pass, wondering what it was that Rachel had to show her, but she knew if she asked Rachel wouldn't tell her. She sighs deeply as the buildings of the city disappear in the distance, loving the serenity of the country. It makes her think of the time Santana told her about where she lived. Her life always seemed to be at ease and she wanted to partake in all of those adventures with her. They swore they would, but she couldn't do it without her. It's not the same because that was the whole point—to do it with Santana. To do everything with her. Tears make their way down her cheeks silently as her eyes remain peeled at the window, before she quickly brushes them away furiously—tired of crying.

The train comes to a halt and the women get up from their seats. As they do so, they step down and is met with the smell of fresh air and quietness—not the loud chatter of the city. Both blondes smile at that, liking the difference that a simple train ride can make. Not that they didn't love the city—it was glamorous and everything they knew it to be and more, but it was nice to have a change every now and again.

"It's not very far, so we'll walk," Rachel tells them as they walk down the road towards her home. Quinn's heard that Rachel came from a family that worked hard for a living and had the land, and animals to prove it. They had a farm where they'd sell off their crops and chicken eggs, milk; anything they could produce and they did well for themselves. However, her brother had to take over after her father got sick, but even so it was becoming too much for him alone, so they really weren't sure what to do. Her mother took up sewing as another source of income, so it explains where she gets her fabrics from now.

As they turn around the bend, her house comes into view and it's a very quant place, with white panels and black hinges on the windows, two stories. It was beautiful and Rachel smiled at Quinn's awestruck face, before leading them both to the home.

As they step through the gate, they hear in the distance voices in the back which causes them to walk around and see a girl stomping out of the barn with a young guy. She pushes him playfully as he laughs at whatever it is she said, but Brittany locks eyes on the female and finds herself growing a nervous pit in her stomach.

A few days later, Rachel sits by Santana's bedside, having gotten a full body of health. While it was okay to leave, she couldn't leave Santana—not yet, not now. The doctor still said it was too soon to tell if she was going to make it, but they were doing everything they could. She has managed to get in touch with her mother to tell her she was alright and would be home soon, but she had to stay behind because of a friend. Her mother understood nonetheless, but she just wanted her daughter home and to never leave her sight again.

"Santana, you're stronger than this," she whispers to the young woman who has gotten some of her color back in her face, so Rachel knew that there was still hope if the blood was circulating up to her puffy cheeks. All the doctor said to do was wait and hope for the best since there wasn't much they could do, but keep her warm. Even through all they went through in the water, neither one of them suffered from frostbite though, so that held some positivity she thought as she traced her lines of Santana's face with her eyes.

She wouldn't be able to live with herself in Santana didn't wake up nor if she left her side. She may be prone to being on her own, but she didn't have Quinn by her side this time and she was in a hospital bed, she just couldn't have that on her conscious; not after all she's done for her too.

She sits forward and takes Santana's hand in hers. "I'm with you," she tells her softly. "You and I may not have liked one another, but we're stuck with each other now, and I'm not leaving your side, not day, not tomorrow, not till you wake up," she finishes as her thumb runs over the top of her hand softly. Santana's hand remained limp for a few moments as Rachel continued watching for any signs of her condition changing.

Rachel blinked back a few tears before, placing her head on her arm to hold back from crying because she just couldn't anymore. She was too tired. She was just too tired.

A thumb brushes over her knuckles and her head shoots up and she sees the faint movement of Santana's thumb caressing her skin. Her eyes widen and her mouth gaps open, before she turns around to find a nurse, doctor; anyone.

"Somebody help! She's awake!" She calls out, turning back to Santana with a big smile, laughing happily. "You hold on Santana. Don't you give up now,"

Rachel watches Brittany take in the young woman's presence in the distance. The sun is setting just behind the trees leaving the sky an orange tone. Quinn is just has dumbfounded, knowing exactly who that is in the distance.

The young woman looks up to see the three women, placing her hand over her eyes to get a better look. Her smile drops in disbelief as she takes in the short haired blonde next to Rachel then the one closer to the fence. She couldn't believe it as she took in her best friend next to her lover again, who also became her best friend and the young woman that only took four days to make her fall in love with her.

"So your mother is alright with me living there?" Santana asks as they sit on the train to Rachel's home. They have no belongings, but the clothes on their backs and that's enough. Her mother is an excellent seamstress, so she will be willing to make them clothes, plus her father has leftover clothes as does her brother that Santana can wear if she doesn't want to wear dresses.

"Yes, providing you pull your weight," Rachel responds, pointing to her as Santana nods, knowing she was planning to do so as it is. She couldn't live in someone else's home and not do something for them, whatever it may be.

"Anything she wants," she breaths out and Rachel gets up as the train comes to a halt at their stop, getting out with a hop as does Santana. They smile at the conductor, before making their way down the road.

"Well my brother needs assistance on the farm. Do you think you can handle that? I'm sure the horses and the rest of them will warm up to you fairly quickly," Rachel suggests and Santana chuckles at the thought. She's never worked on a farm before, but she's always liked to think hard labor was in her blood, so who was she to turn down the challenge?

"Absolutely, just let him show me the ropes and we got ourselves a deal," she replies with a smile and Rachel laughs softly, nodding as they make their way around the bend, but Santana stops short placing her hand on the other young woman's shoulder.

"Hey—thank you, for everything," she says sincerely and Rachel shrugs.

"I should be thanking you. You nearly died for me," she tells her and Santana blinks for a moment, debating if it was true or not, but she supposed so since she suffered worse than Rachel did.

"Do you think we'll ever see them again?" Santana asks softly, having battled with that thought for some time now. Brittany still racked her brain every chance she had time to get into her head. Her smile, her laugh, those eyes, those lips, her touches, her skin, her body—everything and more; future plans that she never thought would come true now. She hoped, but now she couldn't be sure.

Rachel shuffles her feet in the dirt, having thought about the same things, but now that it was in the light, she couldn't be sure. She wants to have all the answers and she wanted to believe they'd see their lovers again, but it was hard to say.

"I don't know. I hope that if God has a sense of humor, he'd humor us," she responds back and they leave it at that. Leaving it up to God's will, not one to be religious, but what other choice do they have?

Santana walks closer to the three young women and as she gets closer, Brittany darts towards her full speed. Santana smiles instantly as she does so, waiting for her and when she does so, she jumps into her arms, wrapping her legs around her waist, pulling her in a hard embrace. They pull away enough so Brittany can brush some strands of loose dark hair from her face, before capturing her lips with her own. Santana clutches on her tighter as Brittany wraps her arms around her neck, kissing her like her life depended on it. Every part of her became intoxicated with Santana's scent, touch, and kiss again and in this moment as Rachel and Quinn watch in the distance of their reuniting, they knew nothing would keep them apart again.