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"Last place to check before we head back." Mark said as he and Will got out of the rover The sun was high overhead it was about 3 in the afternoon.

"Thank god I want to get back before dark. One night outside the gate is good enough for me. Plus Maria always worries about me" He answered as they advanced toward the substation.

"Aw how cute" Mark replied with a smile. "Don't worry we will have you back with her in no time it's only an hour ride back to Terra Nova after this"

"So how's it going on with you Maddy?" Will said switching topics not really wanting to get his hopes up anything can go wrong in this place.

"Nothing too serious, I think her father would kill me if I hurt her in anyway."

"Jim Shannon right, his the new Sheriff?"

"Yep that's right."

"He has that look like he knows your every secret."

"Yeah tell me about it, therefore I am taking it slow." Mark answered as they approached the station.

"How long have you been with her?"

"6 months almost 7"

Mark typed the code in they entered the small square inspecting the wires and making sure everything was good they did a quick computer scan to check for any internal problems.

"All good on my side"

"Same here" They then headed back outside "I'll take the back." Mark went around back while Will inspected the front for any damage done by dinosaurs. When Mark was out of sight checking the back Will noticed some scratches on the side of the building and bent down to take a closer look.

"Hey Mar" that's as far as he got when he heard I twig snap he stopped speaking and slowly start turning around to what he thought would be a dinosaur but instead he was met with the butt of a gun to his face.

Mark got suspicious when Will was cut off from calling him he started to head back around when he heard a groan from the front of the station. He cautiously made his way to the front with his gun raised.

"Will" He called out tentatively, his eyes fully aware now darting all over scanning the area.

He rounded the corner he saw Will laying on the ground with blood trickling from his nose and a gash above his left eye.

He looked around and saw nothing so he went to see if he had a pulse. He bent down only to pause when he heard an almost inaudible sound that came from behind him. His whole body tensed waiting for the right moment to strike. He heard the quiet sound again.

He sprung up sticking his elbow out so it caught his assailant in the chest making him take two steps back to catch his balance. The man came at Mark ready to strike. Mark ducked causing the punch it to miss. He came up with a right hook catching the man square in the jaw.

Another man crept up behind Mark and put his arm around his neck allowing the other man to land a hit on his ribs.

"So much for an easy day" Mark mumbles under his breath before kicking the man in front of him and elbowing the man that was holding him from behind. He grabbed the man's hand and did a quick twist causing the man the flip over and land on his back.

Alicia would be proud he thought as he let go of the man's hand. After all she had been the one who trained him and he was currently the only soldier ever to beat Alicia in a fight.

Mark missed the 3rd man sneaking up behind him. He noticed too late. He felt the cold steel connecting with the back on his head he fell onto his knees one of the men kicked him in the ribs with his boot making Mark fall to the ground. Mark tried to get back up to fight back but his arms and legs would not respond. Fighting to stay conscious he felt his hands being tied together and a bag pulled over his head.

The last thing he heard was "She'll be happy" before drifting off into unconsciousness.

"Hey Ethan you okay?" he man asked as he helped him off the ground.

"Never been better." He said with a smile only to into a grimaceas he stood up.

"That one got some spirit she'll have fun with him." He said pointing to Mark

"Hurry she wanted them an hour ago!" The 3 men grabbed the two men and drug them off into the woods.

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