Recap: Clarice Black is actually Mina King who is actually Mina Clark. She is a government agent who faked her death and babysat Michael Myers. She wants to protect him at all costs. She is also the sister of Tabitha Clark who is now known as Tami. She begins her search for Michael.

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Part 3: Michael's Mina

Chapter 8: Hold You Close and Never Let Go

One Week Later

Tami may have been in love and cared about Michael, but she still had an apartment and a job that she needed to stay with. She also had to keep a secret from the world.

As she was walking home that night, she imagined running away with Michael. They could escape the world. Just go away to anywhere. Somewhere warm. By the beach. Somewhere it would never rain and life was perfect…

But she knew that was simply a dream. It was unreachable and insane. She was reaching for the moon and it was crazy.

A girl could dream…

Walking into her apartment at midnight, Tami searched the wall for the light switch. Before she found it, though, they came on. Standing a few feet away from her was a girl with dark hair. She was a little older than Tami, but there was something strangely familiar about her.

"Hello, Tabby," the girl said.

Tami backed up against the wall. "Who are you?"

"Oh, sorry, Tabs. Guess I thought you would just know. But I guess I haven't seen you in about twenty years."

"Do I know you?"


Tami looked at the girl like she was insane. And perhaps she was.

"My name is Mina Clark. Although this is sad, you will know me as Mina King."

"Mina's dead."

"No, I faked my death. Oh, and here's the funny thing. I'm also your sister."

"Oh. Oh, really? Is that so?" Tami took a breath, "I find this hard to believe, but I can't help but do so…"

"Tabby, I know this is a lot to take in at once, but I have something to show you," Mina dug into her pocket and pulled out a picture. Three children were in it. One looked very familiar to Tami and she quickly realized why: it was a picture of her. She was about two years old and was sitting on the lap of a girl who looked like she was eleven or twelve. A baby was being cradled in the oldest girl's arms. It was true, then. Mina was her sister. As a child, she was told about her older sister who had gone off to school in Ohio. She only met her once, but had the exact same picture when she was at home. Then Mina showed her a second picture. It was a very similar looking picture with the same girl wearing makeup and holding a baby, but where Tami had been was a much older girl. This was the Myers family.

"Oh…" Tami couldn't stop staring at the picture, but she was really staring past it.

"Tabby, listen to me. You're about to pass out," Mina took her arm and pulled her over to the couch. There, Tami passed out. "Well," Mina said putting her hand on her hips, "I guess that's that. Alexander-"

"Evander, ma'am," Evander corrected.

"Oh, shut up. I need you to watch her well I go run an errand, alright?" Mina asked, but she expected his protest. The kid was difficult like that.

To her surprise, though, he replied, "Alright."

Mina stared at him. "Why?"

"You…You asked me to, ma'am…?"

Mina stared at him and then at her sister. Tami didn't wear much makeup, but she really didn't need it. Mina's skin had been ruined over time because of all the makeup she had worn at a young age. She now had to wear it to look nice. Tami, in short, may have looked an awful lot like Mina at a younger age, but now it was clear that Tami was much more beautiful than Mina would ever had been. She knew that Evander had wanted to be put with Mina purely based on her looks. It was a known fact that he had a crush on her for years. But now Mina could see that Tami, who was a few years younger than Evan, was only an object of his affection. How sweet.

"Whatever. I'll be back in a few hours at most." And then she left.

It was a short drive to the Myers' house. Mina walked through the door which oddly had never been boarded up like most abandoned buildings. But she was quite glad that it wasn't.

Walking through the door, she remembered how she used to do so. Michael always came running to her. When he didn't, she would go upstairs to find him playing in his room where he would immediately smile and run to hug her.

She now carefully walked up the stairs and turned the corner to Michael's bedroom. Nothing had really seemed to change. She half expected to feel the tight grip of a little blonde-haired child around her. She turned around and walked across the hall to Judith's room. There, was pulled into a memory.

Mina walked into the house and was quickly greeted in the usual way: Michael hugged her and the Myers' told her to not let them stay up to late and that they'd be back at ten and then they left. Michael was soon watching TV with his head on Mina's lap and his feet stretched out on the couch. Mina realized that she hadn't seen Judith in the half hour she'd been there. She patted Michael's hair and whispered to him that she'd be back in a moment. Then she got up and visited Judith's room. This was when she found a cigarette in Judith's room and blew up on her trying to tell her that she shouldn't be on the drugs that were in it because they'd mess her up. Then they both got into a huge argument which resulted in Michael sobbing on the couch listening to them.

Mina shook her head and sighed. She closed the door and leaned against the wall.

Oh, Michael, where are you? She thought. She trudged towards the guest room that was also a study and a playroom for Michael. It was also a room she stayed in sometimes.

There was once a day when she was 15 that Michael's parents had to be out of town overnight. Mina had to sleep over at the house and watch the children. It was at night when she was in bed that a tiny hand was shaking her awake.

Opening her eyes, she saw little Michael with tears on his cheeks.

"Mikey? What's wrong?" Mina asked sitting up. The boy was already kneeling on the side of her bed.

"I had a nightmare," the child whined.

"I told you, Michael, I won't let anyone hurt you. Do you want me to check for monsters?"

"No. It wasn't a monster this time! I had a dream that you died!" he sobbed, "I don't want you to die, Mina! I don't want you to die!"

"Oh, Michael," she said and embraced him, "I'll fix it. I'll make it alright."

"How?" he asked.

"I'll hold you close and never let go," she said and hugged him tighter.

"How will that help?"

"As long as I can hold you, you'll know that you're safe. As long as you can hold me, you'll know that I'm safe. Alright?"

He nodded. "I love you, Mina."

"I love you too, sweetie."

Blinking her eyes, Mina snapped out of the memory. A tear now fell from her eye. "I'm sorry, Michael," she breathed.

It was about this time that Michael, away in the barn, woke up. Whether it was some telepathic connection or just a matter of the cold, he abruptly awoke. He rapidly scanned his surroundings but soon assured himself that he was alone. He stood up and decided that, for whatever reason, he'd put his mask on. Why not take a little trip home. Tami said not to do that. No, no. She said that would be very bad of him.

But would she really know? If he went quickly, would she ever know? Nothing would happen to him. No one would dare hurt him. And she would never know. Never ever.

For this reason, he found his way to an underground tunnel that, for whatever reason, led to three different places: the barn, a spot in the woods, and his house.

It was simple for him to sneak into his house. He clutched a large knife as he ascended the stairs of the cellar to the hallway by the main stairs. As he emerged from the basement, he heard footsteps. His hand snapped up as he secretly watched a girl come down the stairs. She looked familiar, but it was hard to tell at night in the shadows.

He caught a glimpse of the girl's profile and quickly recognized Tami's silhouette. He lowered the knife. Never hurt Tami. Tami was delicate. Never hurt Tami.

But would Tami be mad at Michael? Would she be mad that Michael was here and not there? There at the barn? Maybe. Mustn't upset Tami, either. As she came closer, the only thing to do was slip into the shadows and debate it some more. That is exactly what he did. He disappeared into the darkness in the kitchen as Tami walked in. He observed her. She seemed…different. Strange and unusual.

When she sat down with her back to him at the table, she was positioned in the moonlight. Now he could see her quite clearly. And she was certainly not Tami. His instinct told him to kill her. How dare she trespass? How dare she be in his house?

But he couldn't move. Something told him to not to slit her tender throat and spill her scarlet blood. Something told him that this was someone he loved.


Did he love someone? Someone besides Tami? Did he really even love Tami? He often wondered if it was Tami or her likeness to Mina—


Now he understood. He was hallucinating again. He was seeing Mina. An older Mina. Mina as a woman. This vision was strange, though. He often saw Mina, but always as a girl; as a young lady. Now he was seeing her as she would look today. In her early thirties. She still looked young, though. She had always looked young. What did he do now though?

"Hello, Michael Myers," the vision murmured.

He tilted his head. Mina's voice. It was perfect. He had forgotten what it sounded like. And his visions of her usually never spoke. This was an odd vision. A very odd one.

"What, no hug this time?" she asked as she stood up.

Why? He hugged her and held her before, but it didn't help. He must have not hugged and held her close enough. She still died. He must have let go.

She now turned to him with a small smile on her face. She walked towards him. She was so short. But he was so tall now, too. And she seemed delicate, but still brave and strong. Exactly as he remembered.

"I'm sorry Michael. I didn't mean to hurt you. But I came back," she said.

Why was she apologizing? He didn't like it. It wasn't her fault. Why was she saying this?

"Mikey, it's really me." She touched his chest with her small hand.

Michael leaped back. She was Mina! Real Mina! Why? How?...What? Confusion swept over him. Mina was…Alive?

She pulled the mask off of him so that she could see his face. It was a look of terror and confusion. His mouth was slightly ajar and his soft eyes were wide open. Mina smiled lightly to try to make him comfortable. Then she wrapped her arms around his head and cradled it close to her body.

"It's alright. It's alright. It's going to be okay. I'll make it okay," she mused in his ear, "I'll hold you close and never let go," she hooked her little finger around his, "I promise."