What happens during a dagger storm…

Marshall Lee grabbed a pile of blankets out of his closet and floated upstairs. He threw them at the two bumps on his bed and snickered at the glares the two girls shot back. "Marshall! I was trying to sleep!" Cake yelled and then shrunk in size at the vampires hiss. Fionna rolled her eyes at the situation. "I swear this boy is going to-" Cake began "Hey if you wanna walk home in a dagger rainstorm, be my guest." He smirked as the cat girl rolled over on his bed and lay back down. "And may I remind you, that's my bed." He continued, smirk frozen on his face. Cake mumbled something and then began to snooze off. Marshall began to walk to the door when Fionna spoke up "Marsh, thanks for letting us wait the storm out here tonight." She sat up and saw him nod. She got up and followed him out the room, where Cake snored away.

"Oh and thanks for letting me borrow a night shirt." She grinned. He smiled softly and looked at the human girl, wearing his favorite red and black plaid shirt, her blond hair cascading down her back. "She looks adorable," He thought. "No! What is this? Fionna adorable? Fionna is my pal; I can't think she's cute." He began to walk to his living room and she followed. "Wanna watch a movie?" She asked and he only nodded slightly "Are you okay Marshall?" She continued looking through his movie collection. "Yeah, perfect. There is a girl in my favorite shirt and a cat in bed. Oh, and lets not forget I am sleeping on the couch tonight." Sarcasm heavy in his tone, he rolled his eyes and smirked. She frowned and put her hands on her waist. Some strands of her hair fell on her face and Marshall suppressed a laugh at the effort she was making to push them away, now he understood her need for the bunny hat. "I told you we could sleep on the couch, we just need a place to crash not your bed…, or you could just sleep with us." Marshall raised an eyebrow at the last part and floated towards the girl "What kind of gentleman would I be if I let a lady sleep on my couch." He teased and she rolled her eyes "You gentleman?" She smiled "You're right…Let's save that for gum wads." He grinned and mischief clouded his eyes "And about sleeping with you, do you really think Cake wants to sleep with the big bad vampire" He grinned and continued to float closer.

"Just sleep next to me." She feigned interest on one of his movie covers but was clearly blushing. "You would like that wouldn't you" He winked at the human and saw her face become pinker. He moved closer until his face was right in front of hers. "Wouldn't you Fi?" He continued to tease. She punched him on the shoulder and laughed nervously as he floated back to the couch. Finally, they decided on the movie and Fionna put it on. Fionna sat on his couch and Marshall lowered himself until his was sitting on it too. (After some coaxing he had replaced it, thank glob right!) She curled up on one of the corners of the couch and he sprawled on the other.

Although the movie was interesting, Marshall couldn't pay attention. His mind, like his eyes, kept straying to the blond figure on the other side of his couch.

"Why are you so lumping cute!" Marshall screamed in his mind. "Note to self, no more talking to LSP." He furrowed his eyebrows and turned to face the blond girl. It was way past two am now and she engrossed in the movie. He tried to pay attention to it but he just kept straying back to the human girl. She was still curled up, obviously cold. "I like her." He noted aloud finally confessed it.

"You're getting fat Fi." He teased. She jerked her head up and stuck out her tongue. She was used to Marshall's teasing. "You are so beautiful" he thought as she turned back to the TV and again cuddled against the couch arm. "Marshall, give me a blanket please."

"If your cold you'll just have to hack it cause ill be cold too if I gave you my blanket." Marshall teased in a singsong voice. "Marshall! You don't even get cold!" He rolled his eyes. "So?" She sighed and got up to get the blanket her self.

When she came back, she wrapped in a red blanket. "What's with you and taking my favorite stuff?" He raised an eyebrow and she just stuck her tongue. They turned back to the movie, very disorientated. "You know this reminds me of when me and Cake whe-"

"You can tell me how your day was but I don't really care." He interrupted with a snicker. "You're being a little ruder than usual Marshall." She noted her voice monotone. He rolled his eyes, but inside he scolded him self "Nice guys finish last. That's why ill treat you like you like trash, it's not what I want to do, but...," he thought. He sighed, "She means the world to me. I want to tell her that she's beautiful, and tell how much I care… Fionna… I am just …not good for you…" She looked at the blond girl and sighed loudly catching her attention. "I am sorry" he commented and looked shocked tremendously. "Excuse me? Did you just say what I thought you said?" She stared at him, those wonderful blue eyes; he loved, wide in awe and bewilderment.

He blushed at her stare and looked away. "Marshall are you sick?" She scooted closer to him. She slowly brought her hand to his forehead. Her hand slid down to cup his cheek, and looked into his electric black eyes. He jerked away from her touch. "Marshall?" she whispered slowly. He stood and walked away. "Go to bed Fionna." He commented sternly as he walked into his kitchen. She sighed and walked up the stairs to his room, confused and angry. "Way to play it cool, vampire king," He thought aloud, sarcasm heavy. Marshall sat on his chair and bit into an apple, sucking the color away. He ran a hand through his hair before floating back to the couch. Before he could turn the TV off Fionna stomped her way downstairs. "Okay, I can't take it anymore! What the glob Marshall Lee? Why are you being a jerk?" Marshall smirked at the raged human girl and raised an eyebrow "Have I upset my little Fi?" If it was even possible, her face turned redder "I am not yours." Her tone was ice cold and it cut at Marshall "Why are you being a butt?" She continued. Marshall became invisible. "ANSWER ME!" She yelled. Suddenly he appeared behind her, one hand covering her mouth the other on her waist. "Shh… you'll wake up Cake." His breath was on her neck and it caused goose bumps on her skin. She blushed lightly and nodded as he floated over to face her. "Why did you push me away? Was it something I did?" Marshall looked at her, just looked at her. He walked towards her and their eyes met. In his eyes, there was a strange look, a look she'd seen before but never acknowledged, caused her to walk backwards. The look was almost one you'd give a person you love, she knew because that same look Cake gave lord M. Fionna found herself pressed on the cave wall, trapped by the arms of the vampire boy, on each of her sides. His deep electric black eyes staring into her blue ones.

Suddenly cold lips where crushing against her neck, surprising her. He grabbed her shoulders with both hands and pulled her close. His mouth moving up and down her neck making her feels shocks run through her body. He worked his way back up to her ear and nibbled a bit. He heard a whimper escape Fionna's lips. Suddenly he pulled back. "Fi… I…" Fionna's face was flushed in the mix of pleasure, confusion, and excitement. Some strands of hair on her face. Fionna closed the space between them and kissed him. They caught up in the moment and shared the tender kiss. When Marshall pulled away Fionna's eyes were still closed. A light blush spreading a cross her face. When her blue eyes opened, she saw the same small blush on his face. "You are so beautiful." He thought aloud, causing Fionna's blush to deepen. "Even if I'm fat?" She whispered, "When I see your face I wonder if I'm really dead, because I shouldn't be able to feel for you what I do. There's not a thing that I would change about you, because you're amazing, just the way you are and when you smile, man that smile..." He trailed off and their lips met again. Her hand slipped into Marshall's and she dragged him to the couch.

When Cake woke up, she heard the TV on. The storm had passed and she could finally leave to her own house, without being sliced to death by daggers. She slowly rose and walked down the stairs, thinking of tuna. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Marshall laying on the couch with Fionna resting on his chest. A red blanket spread over her and the TV on. Fionna was smiling and her hands where around Marshall Lee, while one of his hands was on her back and the other around her neck meeting the other, his fangs barely noticeable in his smile. He looks protecting. Without realizing it, Cake smiled softly. "They actually look cute," She thought to herself as she walked back upstairs. "Maybe Marshall isn't so bad" Cake smiled as she stretched back into the bed for a quick catnap "Not that I'll let him know that" She purred falling asleep once more.

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