.We finally meet. (Before beginning, I would like to say, this story is COMPLETELY separated from my previous Adventure time fics...)

It was a regular day, sunny and bright. Fionna and Cake had recently destroyed the Ice queen's tiara, so they knew she wasn't going to be stealing Princes for a while. It was boring and nothing was going on.

"Hey Cake want to go visit Marshall?" Fionna's voice was monotone and the expression on her face did not betray her emotions, she was bored. Cake had the same expression on her face, recently she had ended her relationship with Lord Monochromicorn and although both are still good friends, they respected the rule of space. "Sure." Cake's voice also hinted to her boredom. After taking their time to reach the vampire's cave-house, they knocked. The Vampire boy, who seemed to be bored as well, answered them instantly. "Hey, Marshall what's up dude? Cake and I are kinda bored. You wanna do something?" Marshall nodded "Sure. Let me grab my umbrella."

They exited Marshall's home and began to walk nowhere. The two teens and the cat wondered restlessly what to do. "Wanna go see what Gummy boy is up to?" Marshall offered. "Well it's not like were doing anything anyway…" Cake muttered, and they set of to the Candy Kingdome.

It was raining outside and Finn and Jake were bored out of their minds. Jake had broken up with Lady Rainicorn and the two were still close friends but decided to give each other some space, which meant that Jake had more time to spend with Finn. "The Ice King never goes out in the rain. He stays home and plays with Gunter… I am so bored dude. I actually wish he'd kidnap a princess" Finn slumped lower on the couch. "Its cool man, we can find something to do. Let's go to Marceline's. The rain clouds are blocking the sun, she can come out." Finn nodded and got up before Jake regretted going to Marceline's since Jake is usually afraid of her. The two adventurers walked in the rain. When they reached the Vampire Queen's house, they saw she was very much bored as well. "Urrgh… There is nothing to do in Ooo today!" Finn exclaimed. Marceline laughed at the outburst. "Let's go to Bonnibel's maybe she is doing something fun." Marceline offered. Finn realized his friends must be really bored if they are offering each other's company. Marceline grabbed her yellow umbrella. "Marce it raining, the sun isn't out." Finn heard her chuckle "It's raining Finn. The sun may not be out but I still don't wanna get wet" She smirked as they made their way to Bubblegum's castle.

"Hello Peppermint Maid. Where's Gumball?" Cake asked the stripped candy maid that had taken care of Gumball most of his life. "Hello young Fionna and Cake. Welcome as well Vampire King Marshall Lee. He is in his lab. I'll let Prince Gumball know of your arrival." The maid hurried her self in the direction of Gumball's lab. After a few minutes they heard fast paced foots steps around the corner. "Hello" Gumball exclaimed extremely happy to see his friends. "A little hyper aren't we Bubba?" Marshall smirked. "Quite." Gumball retorted surprising Marshall. "I have just made an extreme discovery and you will never believe it," He continued. "Follow me." Gumball began walking in the direction of his lab and the rest of the group followed a bit bewildered at their pink friend. They entered a yellow and white (with pink) room filled with test tubes and other sciences stuff. He pointed to where a large mirror-like frame about as tall as Marshall Lee was by the wall. The frame looked like a door to an even pinker part of a lab. "So you had an extra room built. What's so exiting about that?" Marshall scratched the back of his head. Gumball shook his head. "Peppermint Maid had forgotten Fionna broke the Ice Queen's tiara here the other day, so she did not clean up the shards. When I was experimenting on the liquid for my teleporter, I tripped over one and the liquid fell all over the floor. The shards and the hot liquid mixed, and it formed a mirror like plate. I was amazed at the combination and wanted to study it so I put it on the frame it now rests in." He saw his friends looked quite bored. "Does this story have an end?" Marshall grunted. "OH, yes and a very interesting one" Gumball grinned and continued "The plate was showing this ripple in it. It was like a scratch. After countless hours of experimenting and tinkering, I found a way to make the scratch bigger. And now look at it." He said with a grin. "So?" Marshall rolled his eyes. Gumball laughed, "Touch it." Gumball dared. "What?" Marshall seemed confused. "Touch it" Gumball dared. Marshall sighed and decided to humor the prince. He lightly touched the surface to see it jiggle. "What the?" Marshall, Cake, and Fionna asked at the same time. "And that's only the beginning." Gumball said with a wicked grin.

Arriving at Bubblegum's castle, the two teens and the dog were greeted by a grinning Bubblegum. "Thank Glob you're here. I was going to send for you. You'll never guess what happened!" She exclaimed her eyes shinning and her grin still there. She led the group to her lab. Upon entering her lab, she pointed excitedly to a door-like frame that showed a yellow with white and pink room. "So you had an extra room built. What's so exiting about that?" Marceline asked confused. Bubblegum shook her head and laughed, "Well, a couple of nights ago I was working in my lab when that door just magically appeared." She saw the puzzled look the group was giving her. "My curiosity got the best of me and I tapped it. It jiggled like jelly. I put a finger through and it went right through! I don't know what came over me but I wrote a letter. It said 'Is anybody there?' and I waited. I was about to give up getting a reply when a note came through. It said 'Are you in there?' I squealed for joy and the person and I have been communicating. We have compared scientific notes and notes comparing our worlds. His is similar to ours!" The group look at Bubblegum as if she was crazy. "Did you go through?" Marceline asked quite serious. "Well, no. We don't know how it might affect anything and we don't know how long it will stay open. We assumed he formed it with shards of magical ice and teleporter fluid. It opened a portal between his dimension and ours. It could be completely unstable." Marceline shrugged "Then I guess we investigate while we can" Bubblegum's grin dropped "You want to go in?" Marceline nodded. Bubblegum though for a second and grabbed a piece of paper and pen. She wrote, "Bubba, My friend Marceline is going to attempt to cross. Are your preparations ready?" She folded the note neatly and tossed it into the mirror-like door.

Gumball explained about the girl he corresponded with, and how their worlds seemed similar, when a note came through the mirror-like door. "Bonnibel" He grinned and picked up the note. The grin faded and he took a pen. He wrote on the back of the note. "Yes. Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake are here" He put the note back into the mirror-like door. He looked up to see the bewilderment in his friends faces and he just grinned.

She saw the note fall back to the ground and Marceline's mouth just hung open as she read the note and held it up for Finn and Jake to see. "Marceline, whenever you're ready." She sighed with a weak smile. Before Marceline could take a step Finn asked Bubblegum "Who's Marshall Lee and Fionna? Who's Cake?" Bubblegum looked up at Finn and Jake. She then turned to face Marceline "You'll see." Then she nodded for Marceline to continue. Without fear, the vampire queen walked up to the mirror-like door and stuck out a hand. She entered slowly until she was gone. Finn gasped and looked at Jake who did the same. They looked at Bubblegum's weak worried smile and feared for Marceline.

The group gawked as they saw a gray-ish pale arm come through the mirror-like door and then a body. Out came a girl, with long black hair, it was so long she could step on it! She was floating like Marshall. She was wearing a gray tank top, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots. She was holding a red Axe-bass that looked just like Marshall's. When she saw them, her eyes went wide. "Whoa!" Was all she could say. "Marceline?" She heard the pink boy ask. "That's my name. Marceline the Vampire Queen and don't wear it out." She smiled her confidence returning. As soon as she said 'Vampire Queen', everyone looked at Marshall. "Vampire Queen?" He asked as he floated up to her, his Axe-bass in hand, and stared. She stared back. "Marceline, this is Marshall Lee, the Vampire King." She heard the pink boy refer to her again. "Vampire King?" She repeated in form of a question and he nodded. She looked down to see the boy's bass. "You have an exact copy of my bass." She mumbled and he raised it up. They looked into each other's eyes. Marceline stuck out her hand and Marshall took it, they jumped as both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through them. She then looked past his shoulder to Fionna and Cake. "Whoa" She said again. "You guys look just like Finn and Jake" She grinned. "Finn?" Fionna asked "Jake?" Cake turned to Marceline equally confused. She turned to Gumball "You must be Bubba… You look like Bonnibel." He grinned. She turned back to Marshall Lee. "This is weird." He mumbled. "Tell me about it" Marceline mumbled back with a grin. Before anyone knew what was going on the heard someone fall to the ground next to the mirror-like door. "Owwh, Jake I told you one at a time." Finn complained. "Uhhh, bro." He looked up to see what Jake was looking at. He quickly stood and looked directly at the human girl and the cat next to her. "Is she a human?" Finn pointed directly at Fionna. The way Finn exclaimed it, it sounded more as a statement than a question. Fionna nodded. Finn and Jake's eyes went wide as they registered everything and just as they were going to ask questions, Princess Bubblegum walked in through the mirror-like door, with all poise of a princess. "Hello Bubba" She smiled and looked at her new friend, who grinned back.

And suddenly just like that, they weren't bored anymore. :D

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