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A Life With A Royal Staff Outtake 1


I sighed as I parked outside the school. There they were, the horny housewives as my wife had taken to naming them. The women who liked to ignore the fact I was very happily married and still descended on me like dogs in heat whenever I turned up at school to collect my son. Usually, Bella and I did the school run together, but Thursday's and Friday's I was here alone while my wife worked.

After Anthony was born, Buckingham Palace released a brief statement confirming the birth of my son but pleaded with the press to respect my privacy. They didn't listen and naturally, they arrived in Forks once again, making life especially difficult for the first few months. They harassed the other residents in the town and tried to get as many people as they could to talk about my life, my wife, and my son.

This time no exclusive interview with Ben Cheney would satisfy the curiosity of the world. People wanted to see Anthony, and at first there was no way I was letting that happen. Charlie and the rest of Forks PD had arrested several photographers from our property and still they kept coming. So, I talked to my father and his public relations team; we agreed to release one picture of Anthony to the media in the hope it would ease the curiosity.

Initially, the press remained in Forks trying to snap a photo of my family. But, as it had done before, the attention eventually subsided and we were able to return to our normal way of life. Occasionally, a reporter or two would try and dig up new stories on me, but the close-knit community of Forks always had my back and the reporters usually left empty handed.

Finding time to work on new music was difficult, but thankfully Bella and I were able to stay home and enjoy We got to experience our son's first smile, his first word, and his first steps. Being a dad was so much more than I had ever hoped it would be. The little man utterly captivated the both of us and I had never felt as complete.

After Anthony turned two, however, Bella was offered a part time job at Forks High School teaching Literature and she jumped at the chance. I could write and play the piano whenever I liked, so for the two days Bella went to work, I stayed at home with Anthony. I loved having the one on one time with him—it was something I hadn't really experienced as a child with my parents. Time flew by, and all too soon we were taking him for his first day at school.

On his first day, he looked so excited. He had my untamable hair, but his mother's big brown eyes and such a cheeky face and personality that he could manipulate anyone he wanted. The teachers loved him, the boys all wanted to be his friend, and as much as Bella hated the idea, he already had girls following him around like the Pied Piper. What did worry me was how much he enjoyed the attention at just five years old.

When I was alone, I always arrived to collect Anthony from school with only seconds before the bell rang and a stampede of kids fled the building. I didn't particularly want my son seeing the other mothers flirting brazenly with me, and I also feared for my marriage if it continued. One thing that had never changed in all these years was my wife's temper. After Anthony had mentioned all of the ladies talking to me and looking at my ass outside class whenever Bella wasn't there, she had threatened to, and I quote, "Open a can of motherfucking whoop ass on all those motherfucking sluts who need to learn to keep their motherfucking eyes to themselves."

I loved my wife but I had no doubt she would end up in jail for assault.

Usually, Anthony was one of the first ones to come tearing outside, always giving me his cheeky lopsided, grin and launching into a detailed description of how his day had gone. But not today. Today he was nowhere to be seen.

When the last few kids had left the class, and I was starting to worry, I noticed a lady I hadn't seen before, emerge from the classroom and she beckoned me inside.

"This can't be good," I grumbled, and with a sigh I approached the classroom.

"Mr. Cullen? Anthony's father?" she asked. I saw her eyes give me a quick glance-over and she flashed a smile which, was a little too friendly, if you know what I mean.

"Yes," I told her. "Is there a problem, Mrs...?"

"Oh no, Mr. Cullen, I'm not married," she said seductively. "My name is Miss. Tanner; I'm covering for Mrs. White today, but please call me Bree, Mr. Cullen."

I saw Anthony sitting cross-legged on the carpet with a glum expression, one which brightened somewhat when he noticed me. "Hey buddy," I said and smiled. "What are you doing on the carpet?"

"I have to sit here and think about what I did. I acted impotently." He sighed in frustration and huffed, "What does that even mean, Dad?"

"Impotently?" I asked. "Miss. Tanner?"

She laughed and shook her head. "Inappropriately, Anthony."

"Still don't know what that means," he muttered and he folded his arms across his chest. "School sucks balls."

"Anthony," I hissed. "Sorry, he gets cranky at the end of the day. Please, tell me what he did that was inappropriate."

"Well," she said, and gestured to the carpet. I followed her closer to Anthony. "One of the subjects we are covering on the curriculum is origins. In class today we were discussing where we all come from, because obviously, we try to educate the children about the diversity of our backgrounds. Anthony was extremely enthusiastic and eager to answer the question, which I was pleased to see, so I asked him to tell me about his family."

"Okay," I said.

"He explained that half of his family was from the United States, and the other half were British." She looked at me and smiled again. "It was very interesting, so I asked him where his British family lived-"

"I told her that one of my grandpa's lived in Buckingham Palace, Dad," Anthony interrupted. "But she didn't believe me." He sighed and Miss. Tanner held her finger to her lips.

"Now, Anthony, this is a conversation I need to have with your daddy. No interrupting please," she told him and turned back to me, stepping closer. "Unfortunately, no one at the school had explained beforehand that Anthony Cullen was your son and I will admit I thought he was telling lies."

"That is understandable, but if you know he was telling the truth why have you kept him behind?" I quizzed.

"Mr. Cullen, my teaching assistant set me straight almost immediately after I questioned Anthony. It was purely his reaction afterward that made me keep him behind. I feel it has to be addressed with a parent."

Oh dear.

"What was his reaction?" I asked reluctantly, and rubbed the back of my neck, bracing myself for her answer.

" isn't something we hear regularly from children of this age," she began. "Anthony said..."

"I said, 'Haha, take that. I told you I was telling the truth, Cocksucker,'" he said proudly.

"Anthony," I sighed. "I'm terribly sorry, Miss. Tanner. I assure you, his mother and I will speak to him about it."

I squatted down in front of him and ruffled his hair. "You know that's a bad word, kiddo. We've talked about this."

"Sorry, Dad," Anthony said, his big eyes looking remorseful all of a sudden. "Please don't be mad."

"What are we going to do with you?" I asked. "What on earth will Mom say?"

"When I called Uncle Emmett a shithead, she said she'd sew my mouth shut if I said a bad word again." he told me in a serious voice, and I cringed. "Will she do that?"

"Of course not." I shook my head and looked up at Miss. Tanner. "She was only joking." I stood and pulled Anthony to his feet. "Come on, little fella, let's get you home."

"I won't mention this to the principal on this occasion." Miss. Tanner placed her hand on my arm and said, "I also do private tutoring. If you ever need any extra help with Anthony's behaviour, I'd love to be of assistance."

"That won't be necessary," I said curtly and shook my arm free.

"My mom is a teacher," Anthony said deliberately. "She's awesome and helps me all the time, doesn't she Dad?"

"She does," I said.

"Yeah, she's better than you," he added quietly and I shushed him quickly. "What, Dad? Mom is loads better. I hope Mrs. White is back tomorrow."

"Okay, well if you ever reconsider, here's my card." She held out a card in my direction but I didn't take it. "It's important that behaviour issues are addressed early in a child's development."

"Goodbye, Miss. Tanner," I said. As soon as we were in the car, I groaned, "Cocksucker? Anthony, really? You had to say that?"

"Sorry, Dad," he mumbled. "I hate it when people don't believe me and I really didn't like her."

"We've talked about this, haven't we?" I asked him and he nodded. "There'll always be people who don't believe you, and people who you don't like, but you can't go around calling them cocksuckers."

"Mom does it," he argued. "And Nana Esme says it all the time."

"Well, I'll speak to your Mom and Nana about that. You're lucky Miss. Tanner didn't go straight to the principal. You could have been in a lot of trouble, Anthony," I said, trying my hardest to be stern.

"I know. I promise I won't do it again." He sighed and looked out of the window.

"Somehow, I doubt that," I muttered. "You are far too much like your mother."


Bella arrived home about an hour after us. Anthony ran straight up to her for a cuddle.

"Hey, Mom," he said happily. "We're going to have dinner at Nana Esme's later right?"

"Yeah, of course sweetie," she told him and let him pull her across the kitchen to me. "Hey, baby," she whispered.

"Aw, are you two gonna kiss again?" Anthony grumbled and I laughed. "It's gross you know. Can I go and watch TV?"

"Sure, Buddy," I said and as soon as he left the room, I wrapped my arms around Bella and kissed her. Keeping her close to me I said, "I was pulled to one side by Anthony's substitute teacher this afternoon."

"Oh fuck," she moaned and put her hands over her face. "What did he do?"

"Called his teacher a cocksucker because she didn't believe his grandpa lived in Buckingham Palace." I couldn't help but smile and Bella giggled.

"I know I shouldn't laugh...but I swear that kid kills me," she said. "Did you talk to him about it?"

I nodded and we went to sit with Anthony. "I was just telling Mom about what you said in class today."

"Aw, Dad. Why did you have to tell her?" he grumbled. "Miss. Tanner was acting like a ho', Mom," he added and I almost choked.

"Anthony, Jesus, enough with words like that," I told him, utterly exasperated and then saw Bella was fuming.

"How did she act?" she asked, and Anthony smiled smugly that the attention was no longer focused on his bad behaviour.

"She kept touching him and laughing at stuff that wasn't funny," he said. "And she tried to give him her telephone number."

"What?" Bella glared at me and I laughed.

"She offered a card—which I didn't take—for private tutoring if we ever need it," I said. "Are you going all jealous on me, Love?"

"Absofuckinglutely," she growled. "I don't think you should go to school any more. Those damned women are far too frisky. I mean don't they know what a motherfucking wedding band is, for Christ's sake?"


Once a week we always went to Esme and Carlisle's for dinner. We had done it for years and I expected it was a tradition that would remain for years to come. Although, Esme had needed to replace the dining table with a larger one as our families began to grow.

Anthony had been the first grandchild in the family, but Alice and Jasper's daughter, Mary, was born less than a year later. Both sets of grandparents doted on our kids and offered to take care of them as often as they could. Renee and Charlie looked after Mary as often as they did Anthony. It didn't matter that they weren't related officially, Mary still called then Nana Renee and Grandpa Charlie.

Anthony and Mary were inseparable. And by inseparable I mean, my son was usually leading his poor little cousin astray. Mary was a tom-boy through and through. She hated dolls and wanted to play soldiers. The pair of them would cover their faces in mud and leaves for camouflage and hunt bad guys in the garden. We all agreed Mary could kick a ball better than her father and she had an obsession with climbing trees. Despite the fact she was always scraping her hands and knees playing rough and tumble with Anthony, the only time she ever cried was if Alice tried to put her in pretty dresses.

Now Anthony was about halfway into his first full year I thought it would be the perfect time for another addition to our family, but Bella, for the moment wasn't convinced. Changing her mind had become one of my priorities. I'd hoped the fact another little baby was due to be born in a matter of weeks might have made her more willing, but so far no luck.

"That's it. I am going to see my OB/GYN first thing in the morning and I am telling that son of a bitch to get this goddamn baby out of me before it grows any more. Did you watch the part where the fucking head came out? Did you see what it did to her vagina? Did you? And YOU, Emmett, you had better book in for a vasectomy because I swear to God I am never going through this again." A very angry and very pregnant Rose burst through the front door, stormed into the kitchen and marched straight over to the refrigerator. "If you don't get it done I'll do it, Emmett. I'll do it with a motherfucking axe when you're asleep."

Emmett followed her sheepishly. "Come on, Rosie. Don't be like that. It's a magical thing, remember?"

"Magical?" she shrieked. "Let's shove a football up your ass and have you try and push it out shall we? You'll be singing a different fucking tune then, boy."

The rest of us were sitting at the table, quietly watching the scene unfold in amusement. Pregnancy had definitely made Rose even more aggressive and terrifying than usual. Poor Emmett didn't stand a chance.

"Um, Rose," Bella said cautiously. "My son got into trouble at school today for cussing. Maybe you could tone it down a little?"

"Sorry, Bella." She stuffed some cheese into her mouth and sat beside my wife at the table. "It was the last of our parenting classes this evening. They showed us a birthing the fuck did you do it?"

"Rose, language, please." Bella sighed, and then said, "It hurt like hell, Rose, but I didn't have time for drugs remember. Alice had the epidural and she was fine."

"Yeah, but I remember how big Anthony's head was, Bella. Mary was a tiny little thing compared to Anthony and the thought of that coming out of my vagina is terrifying. I bet sex is never the same again."

"It isn't?" Emmett asked quickly, and I snickered.

"Mom, what's a vagina?" Anthony asked innocently.

The table fell silent and Bella glared at Rose. "It's just part of a girl's body, sweetie."

He thought about her answer for a minute and then the questions continued, "Do I have a vagina?"

I heard some people, Emmett and Jasper probably, try to disguise their laughter with coughs and I groaned.

"Oh god," Bella muttered, taking a deep breath. "No, only girls do. You'll learn all about it when you're older, Anthony. I promise."

"That's not fair," he grumbled. "I want a vagina. Why can't I have a vagina, Dad?"

The snickers around the table grew louder, but no one offered to help out with the answer. I looked at Bella who just shook her head.

"Look, Anthony. Girls boys don't have, and boys have parts that girls don't." I hoped my vague answer would be enough, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Anthony cocked his head and asked, "You mean like I have a peepee? I get a peepee and girls get vaginas?"

"Yep, that's it buddy," I said and he nodded.

"Why do I have a peepee and girls get vaginas then, Dad?"

"I'm a girl. Does that mean I have a vagina, Uncle Edward?" Mary asked and Jasper's face turned pale immediately. "Daddy, can't I have a peepee?"

"You're so fucking dead," Jasper hissed at Rose.

"I could ask Santa for one?" she offered hopefully and Alice whimpered.

"Yeah, Dad, should we ask Santa?" Anthony nodded.

"You're too young right now to understand, Anthony. But, when you're older your mom can explain it all to you. I promise." I ignored the death-glare I felt coming from Bella.

"But I wanna know now, Dad," he whined, and I tugged at my hair in frustration.

"Anthony stop being a brat-" I began.

"Hey, kid, shall we go and turn on the lights on the cruiser?" Charlie piped up and Anthony nodded vigorously. "Do you want to come, Mary?"

"Ooh, yes please," she squeaked. "Can I hold your badge, Grandpa?"

"Sure," he agreed.

I sighed in relief as Anthony bounced from the table and squealed with excitement. "Thanks, Charlie."

"For the love of God, please let the talk of vaginas and peepees be finished when I bring them back inside." He followed the kids outside and the rest of our family burst out laughing.

"Rose, I swear to God, I am getting you back for this conversation," Bella growled. "I will show your kid and all its friends those photos of you dressed as a giant condom in London. If my son ever says the word vagina again before he's twelve I will hold you responsible."

"It's not my fault, it's these fucking hormones," Rose argued. "I just want this kid out of me."

"Oh, it won't be long, dear," Esme said sympathetically. "A few more weeks and you'll get your body back."

"Unless you breastfeed like I did, and then you have a person attached to your chest all day, every day." Alice sighed.

"Alice, I'm married to your brother. You do realise I have a grown man attached to my chest all day every day anyway," Rose said. "Emmett is obsessed with my damned tits."

"Too right," he said proudly. "They're even bigger now than they were before. It's cool as fuck."

"I don't think Dad is going to like this subject any better than vaginas and peepees," Bella said. "It's bad enough my son called his teacher a cocksucker today. I really don't want him telling anybody we talk about grown men and a pregnant woman's tits. They'll send child services around to check up on us."

"He did what?" Renee asked. "Why?"

"Long story," I muttered. "But I really don't want it to happen again, so can we please watch our language around him?"

"Hey, Alice, when Mary starts school next year, look out for a stand-in teacher called Miss. Tanner. She's a dirty little slut who tries it on with married men," Bella said. "I swear to God, if I ever see her at school I'm going to kick her ass to fucking China."

"Bella, I meant you too," I said. "You have to stop with the swearing, Anyway, you know there is no reason at all for you to be jealous of the teacher, baby,"

"But she has to defend her territory," Renee told me. "Remember how you acted when Paul Lahote came sniffing around, Edward?"

"He's always sniffing around," I grumbled. "That guy can't resist pissing me off as far as Bella's concerned."

"I haven't seen him in months," Bella scoffed.

"Yeah not since you ripped the shit out of him for squeezing your ass," Rose laughed. "That was fucking awesome."

"Hold on, since he did what?" I looked at Bella and she blushed. "Why am I only hearing about this now, Bella?"

"Thanks, Rose." She sighed and reached out to take my hand. "Don't get your panties in a twist, Edward. It was the night out we had in Port Angeles before Rose got pregnant. We bumped into him in a bar and he'd had too much to drink. He tried squeezing my ass, and I threatened to tell Dad he'd been sexually harassing me. If he sees me coming now he turns and goes in the other direction." Bella giggled. "Don't be jealous. I didn't want you reacting like this, so I didn't tell you. It's not a big deal."

"Why the hell was he trying to squeeze your ass in the first place? The motherfucker knows you're married to me-"

"Um, Edward," Bella tried to say but I cut her off.

"No, Bella. Don't defend him. He's a jumped up little fucking prick who needs reminding of basic principles. Ex-girlfriend or not, you're married now—to me and he needs to keep his motherfucking hands to himself. If he ever tries that shit with you again, you tell me, and I'm going to tell Charlie that Officer Lahote was happy to take his daughter's virginity in the back seat of his Cruiser and let him kick his goddamn, motherfucking arse into the next life. Motherfucking arsehole—who the hell does he think he is touching my wife?" I took a breath and relaxed into my chair. "That feels better."

I expected someone to remark on my tirade. But surprisingly everyone was quiet. Bella was blushing a deep shade of red, and Emmett was shaking his head at me.

"What?" I asked, and Jasper inclined his head to the door behind me.

I looked slowly over my shoulder and saw Anthony and Mary standing on either side of Charlie—their mouths hanging open in shock. Their grandfather was turning more and more purple with every passing second and I swear I saw his hand twitch to where he usually had his gun holstered.

Charlie didn't say anything. He just walked calmly over to the table and sat down. Everyone watched nervously as he took a drink on his beer.

"Are you okay, honey?" Renee asked cautiously.

"Mm hm," he replied.

"Sorry, Dad. It was a long time-" Bella said but he held his hand up to stop her talking.

"Esme, any chance we can eat now?" he asked. "I haven't had a thing to eat all day."

"Of course, I'll serve it right away." Esme said quickly, and hurried to bring the food out.

I leaned close to my wife and whispered, "Thanks for the heads up, love."

"I tried to stop you," Bella hissed. "But you ignored me. Thirteen years I kept that from him and you had to spill your guts in front of everybody just because my ex touched my ass."

"You're exactly the same with the women at school," I told her. "I am sorry though." I pressed my lips to her cheek and felt her smile. "I can't seem to control my inner-caveman as far as you're concerned."

"I happen to like it when you get all jealous and cavemanish." She giggled. "I'm sure I'll reap the rewards in bed later."

"You bet you will, love."

Charlie continued to remain strangely quiet for the rest of dinner. He did join in the conversation when prompted, but otherwise he sat with a strange look on his face. I felt bad, it was my rant, after all, that had sent him quiet and weird.

"Charlie, I'm sorry for what you heard," I said. "I was just extremely angry with Paul. He seems to have issues with boundaries as far as Bella is concerned."

"What did he do, Daddy?" Anthony asked. "Do I need to kick his ass for being bad to Mom?"

"The only one kicking Lahote's ass around here will be yours truly," Charlie said. "And believe me, when I'm done with the man he won't be sitting down for the rest of his life."

"Dad," Bella groaned. "Let's just forget about it, huh?"

The look on Charlie's face told me he absolutely wouldn't forget about it, and I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't utterly delighted with that fact.

After dinner was finished, Anthony took Mary to watch a DVD while we cleared up the table. They were still watching it when it was time to leave.

"Can't I watch the end, Dad?" Anthony asked and I shook my head.

"Not tonight," I said.

"Unless you want to sleep here, Anthony?" Esme offered and his face lit up.

"Can I? Dad, please can I?"

"If you want to, sure," I told him. "But you have to be really good."

"He's always good." Carlisle smiled. "What about you, Mary, do you want to sleep over?"

"Yes please," she answered.

"That's settled then," Carlisle said happily. "A night in with my two favourite grandchildren."

"We're your only ones, silly," Anthony giggled. "Until the one in Aunt Rose's tummy comes out."

"You kids go and enjoy a night to yourselves. It's not too late to go out for a drink or catch a movie in Port Angeles," Esme told us.

After saying goodnight to Anthony and Mary, Jasper and Alice followed us outside.

"That's a great idea." Alice trilled. "Shall we go and see a movie or have a drink?"

"Not a fucking chance of either happening. I'm getting my husband straight home to bed so I can enjoy his inner caveman all night—alone." Bella smirked.

"Yeah, sorry guys, but I'm in complete agreement with my wife," I said and all but towed her to the car. "Maybe next time."

I loved my son, loved him to death and wouldn't change him for the world, but this time alone with Bella was something I admit I missed. The short drive home seemed to take forever and I was bursting out of my jeans in anticipation. The effect she had on me hadn't tapered off over the past few years, and I hoped that would always be the case.

The second I cut the engine, I was out of the car and to her door in a flash. I kissed her immediately and backed her towards the house without stopping. I fumbled with the key in the lock and cursed when I dropped it.

"Damn it," I growled and reluctantly pulled away from Bella to pick it up from the ground.

When I finally got the door open, Bella placed her hands on my chest and shoved me roughly towards the kitchen table, yanking my shirt over my head at the same time.

"I thought we were releasing my inner-caveman, love," I chuckled as she turned her attention to the belt on my jeans. "It seems we have a role reversal going on here."

"You're mine," she whispered simply. "And those sluts at school need to keep their paws off you."

"Always you, Bella. You should know that," I told her. Putting my hands on her face, I tilted her head upwards and kissed her. I spun us around and she jumped up to sit on the table. "Take this off," I ordered and she held up her arms so I could pull her shirt up.

Her pants and my jeans were gone in quick succession, and Bella's legs wrapped tightly around my waist. "Now, Edward, please."

I nodded and positioned myself so I could move inside in one swift motion. Bella moaned loudly and for one split second I almost reminded her to be quiet. But not tonight. Tonight there was no Anthony pretending to be asleep in the next room. There was no one to hear us, and tonight I had every intention of making her scream.

"Harder, Edward, harder," she panted, her voice sounding as desperate as I was. I obliged and moved forward hard and fast. "Oh fuck, yes, just like that..."

I pulled her to the very edge of the table and continued to pound into her. The more she began to scream, the harder it was to keep from coming and I so wasn't ready for this to be over.

"Jesus, Bella," I moaned. "Shit, that feels good."

"So close, baby." She dug her nails into my shoulders. "Don't stop."

"I can't...I need you to...Bella," I couldn't speak and I released my hold on her with one hand.

Trying my utmost to keep going, I rubbed on her clit and felt her squirm beneath me. "Fuck, Edward."

I felt her orgasm before I heard her. She tightened around my dick and the sensation was too much for me. I came hard, with a loud groan, my knees were shaking like crazy and I had to use the table to keep me on my feet.

"You okay, baby? You're trembling," Bella murmured and I nodded.

"I just need a minute, that was incredible. Wow."

She ran her hands languidly up and down my back, sending shivers down my spine. Her legs still had me in their grasp and neither of us made any attempt to move.

"What time is it?" she whispered and I craned my neck to look at the clock on the oven.

"Almost ten," I told her. "Why? I hope you didn't time me." I frowned at her and she laughed.

"Don't be silly. We've probably got another twelve hours before we go and get Anthony. I was just thinking where else we could do that." She grinned.

"How about every room in the house?" I offered.

"Sounds like a plan," she said. "Let's start with the shower?"

"Definitely a good place to start," I said, pressing my mouth to hers. "I love you."

"Love you too. We have an entire night of no interruptions and with no need to be quiet."

And right on cue, the phone began to ring. "You had to go and jinx it, Bella." I said.

"Let the machine get it." She kissed me again, and I did exactly as she asked.

I listened as the recording kicked in, and smiled as the sound of Anthony's voice echoed in the kitchen.

"Hello, this is Anthony M. Cullen and me, my mom and my dad can't answer your call because we're not here. Leave a message and I'll call you back...well my mom or dad will call 'cause I'm only four. Over and out."

The beep sounded and then I knew our night was officially over.

"Hey guys, it's Em. Um...sorry to call so late, but Rose's water just broke and she's going fucking nuts. We're on our way to the hospital, please, please, please come—she's scaring the shit out of me." My cousin did indeed sound terrified. "Seriously, man, she's looking at me like a psychopath. I fear for my life right now."

The call ended and I looked at Bella. "What do you think? Save my cousin or stay here and ignore the message."

"Call him back and tell him we'll be right there...after we take a shower." She let me pull her to her feet. "I'm happy to be there for my friend when she needs me, but she can wait just a little longer."

"Get your ass upstairs while I call him back."

She giggled and scurried upstairs. I called Emmett and told him we'd be there as quickly as we could. I could hear Rose shouting and cursing in the background and figured the longer we took the more likely it was she'd have drugs in her system by the time we got there.

"Edward, where the fuck are you?" Bella yelled. "Get up here right now."

As it turned out, it took us a lot longer to get to the hospital and although we apologised to Rose, I wasn't sorry in the slightest.

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