Hey everyone! Yes, another story. I just had this idea in my head for some time, and thought 'Hey, this might even be a nice story!'.

This is a story about Katara and her feelings for Aang. One day, Aang was murdered, yet his body as never found- and so wasn't his murderer. His friends have felt a great loss, and Katara was scarred for life. When she thought he'd never see him ever again, he appears. But, as something you wouldn't excpect as... As a ghost.

AU/Modern (our time right now). Total Kataang, slight Sukka and Maiko. Katara's POV (Point Of View) at most of the times.

I was inspired by a movie called 'Lovely Bones'. Yet this story has a bit of a turn to it.

Ages: Aang- 13, Katara- 14, Toph- 12, Sokka and Suki- 15, Zuko and Mai- 16. Don't prefer the ages? You can imagine them older, since it doesn't really matter. It's just that it's alot easier for me to write, if I know they're looks, personalities and stuff. And to know that they don't drive or are able to get married. Sorry, it's just me. ^^"

The theme is pretty much Drama, Hurt/Comfort and Romance. Viewer discression is advised.

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"Now, if you nuckleheads divide ten thousand and fifteen squared by eleven times by..." Mr. Zhao, my mathematics teacher, yelled across the class. He stamped his long and yellow stick across the chalk-board, commanding for our attention. But everyone knew it was useless, unless you were a fresh-fish in this class. So, everyone kept yawning, doodling or solving the questions by themselves. Yes, an ordinary Seventh Grade, I'd say.

It was as typical as ever. Day by day, week by week, the same routine; get in class, look at the clock, leave. All of our chatting, all of our pranks and joy has been pretty much shut down, besides a few occasions. It's just, that there was nothing to do anymore. Everything was blank and boring, quiet and dull, as if dead. The whole classroom shadowed the students' grey and tired faces, which were begging to get home. In other words, it was a rainy and foggy day for mentally and literally.

I doodled flowers, birds and other stuff in my math-textbook, which only had a few mathematical stuff in it. My pen crossed, shadowed and made new lines over the paper, creating figures and creatures. It was easy to tell, I was bored.

I've never been very good at Mathematics, yet I've never got below a D+, so I was still read as one of the nerdiest ones. It's just, when I'm listening in class, I remember the most, and when I don't, I read the book, which is what no-one else besides a few do. Same goes for every other subject.

I sighed deeply, biting on my nail and eying across the classroom; some boys were chuckling and snorting in the corner, probably over a lame joke. Some girls were whispering really fast on the other corner, probably gossiping over some teachers and students who've been acting strangely. Others were either writing stuff down or staring at the chalkboard.

I turned my head slightly, and saw my bigger brother,Sokka, sleeping, his face literally covered with his textbook. He's always like this, sleepy, lazy, hungry and ignorant. I laughed lightly, knowing that when Zhao yells at him, he'll just keep sleeping, until getting spanked with his stick in the head.

I turned myself a little bit, so I could see my other friends. The two girls, Suki and Yue, were solving some exercises together. The two were one of my best friends, ever since I was three. Most of the times Yue wouldn't get new things, or Suki couldn't get the calculations. So, they always helped eachother. I smiled at them.

Then, suddenly flew over my head- something fast and small, yet I felt the blow. It splotched on someone, "Yaouch!" the victim yelped. "Is there a problem, young man?" snapped at him. "N-No, sir." he said back. "Then why wouldn't you tell us the answer of this ecuation?" the teacher teased. "I-It's five over four squared, sir." he answered, a little nervously. I saw the frown on Mr. Zhao's face- priceless. "Correct, moving on..."

Oh, yes. That was Aang, a boy who always gets everyone to smile and laugh. He has this weird yet unique thing, that makes him goofy, yet adorable and smart at the same time. You're probably thinking, I'm crushing on him? And you'd be right. I've been crushing on him for years now, and I'm head over heels for him, seriously. I can't help but to hug him every now and then- which he enjoys,and to spend time with him in all. He's great to have around, and a great friend. But, I've always wanted more...

"Ha-ha-ha, gotcha, Twinkle-Toes!" a loud whisper came from across the room- Toph. She obviously threw the piece of...whatever it was... at Aang. She's always like this, a prankster, troubler and a total tomboy. Which makes her special, though. She's also a great friend of mine, but used to be a bully once.

"T-Toph! Don't even think that you're getting away with it!" Aang whispered back, I could see his face flushed with anger. His eyebrows were twitching, and I swear his ears got bigger. Bigger than usual, I meant. Toph on the other hand, giggled and snorted quietly. I couldn't help but to chuckle myself. They always had little fights like these, and it was a great way to waste time.

"Will you quit it, guys? I'm trying to listen over here!" a voice, Zuko's came from the back. He was whispering, aswell, trying not to get caught. "Surprise, surprise, you're actually learning, Zuzu!" Toph whispered back, waving her hands at him. "Stop calling me that!" He whispered back, making Toph and Aang giggle.

Zuko was always like this- angry and way too mature for his age. He was like a mean father, or an uncle at the two. And even though he's a good friend of mine, we (or anyone else) haven't really gotten along with him. Well, except for...

"Let it go, Zuko. She can see that you're easily distracted." a calmer voice next to him said. That was Mai, his girlfriend, and the only one who understood the hot-headed teen. "As a matter of fact, Princess Boredom, I can't even see that well!" Toph whispered back. Yes, she had pretty bad eyesight, without her glasses. And, she wasn't wearing any today, because she didn't care. Typical Toph, I call it.

All of us were a bunch of strange friends. A family, we'd say, or, The Gaang- since Aang was the first one to call us a 'gang' in the first place, we added another 'a', for him. Anyway, as I said, we've been good friends for our whole lives.

By the way, I'm Katara.

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