A/N: This is set before the party.

Be My Runaway Love:

Hanna's class had geography, and like always Hanna didn't pay attention. She was thinking about Clay, or mostly dreaming. Hanna started to write in her book:

Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

Hanna looked out the window, it wasn't much to see, only a parking lot. The sun shone and the sky was blue.

"Does anyone know some famous places in France," The teacher asked.

Some hands went up. 'Eiffel tower,' one said. 'The arch,' said another. Then the teacher started to speak about France. Hanna did pay a little attention this time. She imagined she and Clay in Paris riding some red bicycles along the canals; she really wished it could happen. She wrote:

Have you ever been to Paris in march
Done the Eiffel tower and the arch?
These days you can get there by train
Come on let's runaway
We can hire some red bicycles
Ride the path along the canals
Take a trip on a boat down the seine
With champagne and I'll let you pay

Hanna really wanted to get away from this town, all the lying people and bad places.

Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

The teacher moved on to Germany, she told them about her visit to Berlin, she said the streets were lined with cafes. Hanna could almost imagine it. She saw herself and Clay in Berlin and write it down:

Have you ever been to Berlin in June
They say noone gets up til noon
And the streets are lined with cafes
Come on let's runaway

She couldn't help for giggling of the thought of herself and Clay in a fancy restaurant, the teacher and the other pupils gave her a glare. Hanna blushed and looked down. She started to write so she didn't need to look at them.

Take me to a restaurant to dine
I will wear a dress so divine
You'll find you can't tear your eyes away
Later on you can tear it off anyway
Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

The class was over and the other pupils have already started to talk about her. In the hallway Hanna bumped into Clay, all her books fell on the floor. Clay, as the gentlemen he was, picked them up. He wore a T-shirt it stood ' N.Y.C' on and blue jeans. "See you around," he said and smiled nervous, then he were gone.

Don't keep me waiting
For promises coming
The oil on the painting drying
Tears on my face will roll in the rain
And my heart will be aching again

Then it was math. In math class she tried to finish the poem she had started on, but her inspiration were gone. She used the rest of the math class to find inspiration; she looked around, but nothing seemed to fit the poem. Hanna started to think back at her short meeting with Clay in the hallway. Then it hit her:

But have you ever been to new York in may
The loveliest month so they say
Up town and central park
Until it gets too dark
And then we can head to a show
There's a little hidden bar there I know
The band are playing tango till two
It takes two and I want to tango with you

School was over for now. When she got home, she started to write the poem over to her notebook with all her poems in. She wanted to send it to him, but what would happen if he thought it was weird? Then he would turn away too.

Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love

No, it was safest to keep it to herself. Maybe he didn't even feel the same way.

Wanna runawaylove with you

I want to run run run away….

A/N: Ehhh, isn't very proud of this one, but I were inspired.