Chapter 7

Alfred sat in Matthew's living room on his couch. He was sipping a Sprite as the pair plagued each other with questions.

"So why did you come here," Matthew asked. "I mean America's a long way from here?"

"Dude that's my country you really think I didn't know that," Alfred laughed. "And I came here to see you of course, like I promised in my letter, I'd come when I turned sixteen and could drive and well here I am."

"Yes," Matthew smiled. "How could I forget?"

"Ok my turn," Alfred put down his Sprite. "How come you stopped writing to me?"

"It was stupid for me to stop doing so," Matthew replied. "That lying prick Francis said I didn't need you anymore, but I know what his real angle was…so it doesn't matter now does it?"

"I suppose not," Alfred replied. "So are you scared he's going to find you?"

"Well," Matthew replied. "The bastard who actually did the deed of killing our parents found me, but I put him in his place real fast, and no I'm not scared of Francis finding me, I'm eighteen now and well I'm not scared of him at all!"

"Bold words Mattie." Alfred smirked.

"So Alfred my turn," Matthew asked. "Who are you living with now; I mean what's his or her name?"

"His name's Arthur Kirkland," Alfred smiled. "He's really nice, his country is England."

"Oh that guy," Matthew laughed. "He's got a stick so far up his ass it goes halfway to the moon!"

"Ha," Alfred burst out laughing. "I guess you're right he kind of does, I won't tell him you said that…maybe!"

"So Mattie," Alfred got all serious. "There is something I've been meaning to ask you…"

"Yes Alfred?" Matthew asked curiously.

"Why did they go after mom and dad," Alfred started to choke up a little. "Why did they have to die?"

"I don't know," Matthew patted his brother's back. "But all I do know is that if mom and dad were alive today Alfred, they'd be so proud of both of us and they'd tell us how much they loved us."

"You really think so?" Alfred asked.

"I know so," Matthew assured him. "Now anyways, where were we, oh yeah Alfred how'd you like to go somewhere special?"

"Of course," Alfred smiled. "But where are we going?"

"You'll see," Matthew winked and started to walk out the door as Alfred followed carefully behind.

Hetalia – Hetalia – Hetalia – Hetalia – Hetalia

Matthew and Alfred pulled into a rock filled driveway with nothing in front of them, but a few pieces of scorched wood. There were two pieces of stone sticking up from the ground in front of the broken monument.

"Where are we?" Alfred asked.

"Get out of the car," Matthew smiled. "And come with me and I'll show you."

Alfred and Matthew walked over to the stone pieces sticking up from the ground and stared at them. They were tombstones with Alfred and Matthew's parent's names on them. Alfred looked as if he was about to cry.

"This was where they died," Matthew stated. "I bring them flowers each day; I was already here today though, this was the place we started that faithful night we escaped Francis and Gilbert."

"I see…" Alfred was starting to cry.

Matthew could sense Alfred's sadness and reached out and squeezed his brother's hand tight. Alfred traced the letters of his parent's names in the head the tombstone with his fingers.

"Hey mom, hey dad," Alfred sniffed. "I miss you two too much for words, I hope heaven's nice, I will always love you both, dad I'm taking care of your jacket, mom I'm taking care of my brother for you, I love you both and always will…rest in peace forever, one day we will meet."

Matthew was now crying too, Alfred squeezed his hand just as tight and the pair of brother's looked at one another quietly before walking off towards Matthew's car.

Alfred looked back one last time.

"Love you always," he whispered. "Don't worry I'll take care of Mattie for you."

With that Alfred and Matthew got into Matthew's car and started to pull away.

"I feel like someone just punched me in the throat," Alfred stated. "It hurts to know this is where they died."

"I know," Matthew smiled. "But I figured you'd like to know, and don't worry Alfred they'd be proud of us for even coming in the first place."

Alfred smiled and looked back one last time again to watch the charred remains of his childhood home disappear into the lonely distance.

Well this stories finished I quite rather like the way it turned out! :D