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~" 0 ~"

The next morning, eyes red and puffy, drunkenly sipping her coffee Juliet recounted her night. A fitful sleep... nothing different there. Intermittent periods of crying…normal considering the circumstances, painfully timed flashbacks, self destructive musings...


But, last night was different. Thinking about it made her stomach flip and eyes burn, reactions she wasn't quite sure why she was experiencing. This time she had seen him. Not just the replays of his death…not the look on his face when his heart stopped, but him. Shawn. Sitting next to her with a sad sort of smile. The kind that she'd never seen on his face before.

Dead or not, Juliet didn't deserve a beyond the grave visit, much less any form of facial expression.

Not that she believed in that kind of stuff anyway.

~" 0 ~"

So I let one slip from my fingers. One soul - out of hundreds mind you- one soul that simply decided to drop right on down to earth.

Normally I would have been considerably more alarmed, swooped right back down there and gone on my merry way. But seriously people, if you've ever encountered this particular being, you'd have let him fall too.

I can take the squirming, buzzing, pulsing, twitching- heck I don't blame the poor blokes for being a tad squeamish first time dying. But really, when you come across a spirit who decides it's funny to enact any combination thereof….that's where I draw the figurative line.

What can I say? It was a long day. It was a long drop. Combine the two and you have the lost soul of a dead man chatting it up with his living compatriots.

Hey, worse things have happened.