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I walked home in the rain as fast as I could. My feet hit the wet ground, absorbing the water. With an inner sigh, I cursed myself for having worn converse that day. I mean, what was I thinking? I knew it would rain. Yet I had automatically put them on.

As the rain poured down harder, I broke into a run, pulling my hood further down over my head. In a rather predictable twist, I slipped on the wet ground and went sprawling in a puddle that was conveniently located right in front of me. A single thought crossed my mind.

My life sucks.

My cats had just died. Both of them. Don't ask. School was hell, and yes I am in high school. My parents had ditched me to go off on some vacation, leaving me alone for the next three months. And now I was outside, caught in the rain, with increasingly wet feet, completely soaked. Damn it. The only redeeming thing in my life right now was the fact that my friend was moving in.

I picked myself up and walked home, not running. It took me longer, but at least I didn't trip again.

I unlocked the door and stepped into the dark house. Outside, thunder growled and lightning flashed. I silently prayed to whatever god there was for the power to stay on.

I switched on the lights and unloaded my school books from my bags, making sure they weren't wet. Once I was sure they were all right, I took a hot shower, spending more time that I usually did. Thank god it was finally vacation. It was only a week and a half long, but still, that was a week and a half I didn't have to spend hanging around other people in school.

I suppose it's time for me to introduce myself. My name is Angelique, Angel to the few people I can stand to listen to for more than two seconds, and Tenshi to the only friend I've got. I'm about 5 feet 4 inches, very curvy, ash blond hair streaked with red hanging to my shoulders, gray eyes, French-American, bilingual. I wear black, exclusively, my grades are average, and I have no social life. That's by choice, you know. People just plain irritate me, so I spend all my time alone, nose in a book. I am very pessimistic, withdrawn, rather nasty to those I don't like (cougheverybodycough), and I have a wide steak of misanthropy in my character. The only person I consider a friend is Dawn, the one who will be moving in with me soon. We're complete opposites, her and I. She's very optimistic, a people person, popular, pretty, a little hyperactive (it gets worse if she is given sugar). Her hair is dark brown, reaching to her waist, her eyes are bright green, and she's rather short and thin, making her look twelve instead of sixteen, an age which she is more than happy to act. We've known each other since we were little, which is why we can stand each other. That and the one thing we have in common: anime.

We are both anime geeks. We can spend hours watching it together, losing complete track of time and space. Our favorite would have to be Naruto. Her favorite characters were the Akatsuki, while I liked Gaara, which sparked more than one argument between us, for example when I said Deidara deserved losing both his arms for what he did to Gaara. She replied by calling Gaara a murderous, emo creep.

It went downhill from there.

If it wasn't for her, my head would have exploded long ago. I seriously cannot stand dealing with most people. Good thing that after I had sent out 'leave me alone, leave me alone' vibes at the beginning of the year, people had ceased trying to talk to me, and I could carry on, tuning out to the best of my abilities, the background noise that naturally pervaded any high school.

About her moving in with me, our parents decided that it would be a little dangerous for me to live on my own for that long, so they though it would be a good idea for her to come and keep me company, especially since Dawn's parents also decided to leave on an extended vacation. She had offered to have me over at her mansion (her family is filthy rich, did I mention?), but I didn't want to have to live in that place, it was way too big for my tastes. My house was much smaller, but it was nice and cozy, with a large garden and a fireplace. So, they decided to take this opportunity to do renovations at her house.

Anyhow, that's all you need to know about me, for now at least. Dawn would be arriving tomorrow, so I guess things could be worse. And vacation was here. Huzzah.

It was still raining hard outside. I changed into a dry pair of jeans and my Linkin Park shirt, lounged in my favorite chair and switched on my laptop. It was a blue Dell Inspiron, and the most precious thing I owned. This was my gateway to the anime-rich realm that is the Internet. It kept me from having to buy all the manga and DVDs, because let's face it, as a fifteen year old girl I had nowhere enough money to buy them all. I once calculated how much it would all cost and nearly had a heart attack. So, I decided that I would buy them once I grew up and got a job. In the meantime, Dawn bought every piece of Naruto merchandise she could get her hands on, the bitch.

I plugged in my headphones and was about to zone out of reality when lighting flashed, startling me. The storm must be overhead, I thought with a mental shrug, returning my attention to my computer. I heard a loud meow. Figuring the neighbors had left their cat outside again, I ignored it. It got louder. I turned the sound up. It still found its way to my ears.

I huffed angrily. There was no way I would be able to get some quality anime-time with that damn cat whining in my ear. I swear that thing had gotten louder since the last time it was stuck outside. I got up and opened the french doors that led to the garden, intent on chasing the animal off. I paused when I realized the noise was coming from a very wet cardboard box.

"Let us the fuck out of here!" Hidan whined angrily, scratching at the cardboard.

"Would you shut up!" growled Kakuzu.

"You shut up! We're fucking cats!"

"You are getting on my nerves!"

"Fuck off!"

"Hidan! Kakuzu! Stop this fighting. We have more pressing matters to attend to!" snapped Pein.

He sat next to Konan in one corner of the box. This couldn't be happening to them. The last thing he remembered was a smoke bomb in their hideout, and bam, they were stuck in this box, in the form of felines. Kittens to be more exact.

"What the hell are we supposed to do, hm?" said Deidara.

"I'm thinking." snapped Pein.

Then a little light flooded the box, and a face appeared. It was a teenage girl, with ash blond hair, gray eyes, and a sour twist on her face