Galahad crept softly upon the campsite. His blue eyes notice a cart without a horse or mule. A lone women sleeping in the woods at night. His mouth curved into a frown.

Who would send a woman off into the woods without an escort? Someone should have been with her!

His insides tingled when he spotted unruly curls. Pushing the curls away, he noticed dried tears on her face. His head flung around when he heard a bear or wolf howling deep in the forest. Dropping next to his new friend, Galahad sat with his sword drawn.

"I'm going to have to muck the stables. Listen to grandfather's lecture, and deal with Tristan and Isolde. I can't leave you out here. It's hard being ten."

Arthur watched the full moon over Camelot's countryside. He shivered when animals communicated by howling. His jaw wavered.

"It had to be done."

A/N: Not touching any of my other stories… don't know what I will write. Don't expect a lot of residences of Camelot to be in this story until very late in the story. This is truly about Gwen. Remember after a caterpillar leaves their Chrysalis, they are transformed into a new being. If you want Arthur and Gwen, Gwen begging forgiveness… nope!