Hey everyone~! i am back :D and i decided to write a story about my new obsession "West Side Story" yeah i might rush my characters romance and A-Rab's because of every thing that is going on around them, but something interesting will tear them apart :) so anyways, please enjoy this story. and reviews and criticism is welcome, but dont be an ass ok? there is a difference between the two.

Please enjoy the story and disclaimer~! i do not own any of the West Side Story Characters or any of the songs I am going to be using in this story :)

i only own Isabellã and the doggy lol.

Thank you and enjoy the story :D

Uptown Girl

Prologue: What Kind Of Name Is That?

"Hmm, what do you think, Perro? Nice flower for brother's girlfriend~?" asked a young lady with a thick Puerto Rican accent.

A brown and white dog just sat there, wagging his tail. The young girl stared at her not so helpful companion, "You're no help perro." She stated, but couldn't resist his puppy eyes, "Oh fine…" she sighed defeat, and began to scratch his forehead. Suddenly, the dog started to growl, as he sensed there was a stranger nearby.

"Who's there~?" she called out.

There was rustling in the bushes and a young boy with blonde hair and some bruises and cuts all over his face stepped out from the shadows. Fearing for her life, the young Puerto Rican lady was frozen at the spot, while her canine friend barked and growled.

"Hey there fella." The young man spoke in a friendly manner. Perro ran up to him and sniffed his hand to determine if he was a threat to his "owner". After a couple of seconds, Perro deemed him worthy, well friendly enough to be near her.

"¡Perro aqui!" the young girl demanded quietly.

The dog obeyed and ran happily to her.

"I am sorry for that." She apologized quietly as she tried to hide her accent, but failed miserably

"She has to be one of them." The young male thought, "Let me see if she'll call for Bernado and the rest of those peons." He then walked up to here and introduced himself, "I'm Baby John…" as we held out his hand for her to shake.
She hesitated for a bit, as she tried to determine on whether to trust him or not. So she finally made the decision to trust him.

"What kind of name is that?" she asked, as she tried not to giggle at his name.

Baby John just stood there, still having his hand extended out to her.

"Umm, you're supposed to tell me your name." he pointed out as she began to let out tons of giggles.

"Oh! Excuse me, where are my manners? My name is Isabellã Carmen or Isã for short." Isabellã introduced herself in a polite, yet friendly manner and finally shook his hand.

"JETS!" Baby John heard in the distance.

"Shit!" he cursed under his breath. He then looked back to Isabellã and said, "I have to go. It was nice meeting you."

Isabellã smiled sweetly and said, "It was nice meeting you too. My brother was wrong. Not all white people are mean."

Baby John smiled at her then bid a fond farewell to her before running off back to his gang.

Once he left, Isabellã heard her big sister call for her.

"Well that was a fun meeting, don't you think?" Isabellã told her dog before walking home.