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Uptown Girl

Chapter 13: And Then I Kissed Him

Isabella stared at his loved filled eyes and said, "Sí, pero no puedo permitir que me duele otra vez."(1)

A-Rab let out a chuckle, "Izzy, from our months of dating I kinda noticed that you switch to Spanish when ya don't wanna hurt someone's feelings." He pointed out.

Isabella's face immediately heated up from the embarrassment, "I do?" she questioned.

"Yeah, because you did that when Baby John wore that ugly ass shirt that one time. Remember?"

Isabella began to drift off to that memory. . .

"Hey Isa, what do you think of this shirt?" Baby John asked.

Isabella stared, with this disgusted expression, at his shirt.

"Oh! Um… que es la camiseta más fea nunca. Que debería haber elegido algo que podría hacer que sus ojos pop!"(2) Isabella quickly spoke.

A-Rab stared at his woman, feeling confused.

Baby John looked to his buddy to see if he knew what she said, but A-Rab shrugged his shoulders signifying that he absolutely had no clue.

"Uh Izzy," A-Rab started, "Do ya mind translating?" he asked.

Isabella quickly shook her head, "Nuh-uh! Besides I do not want Baby John to know that I really do not like his shirt and that it is not very pretty." She accidentally confessed. Once she realized what she had said, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

"Oops…" she thought.

A-Rab began to laugh and then placed an arm around her waist.

"Now was that so hard to tell him the truth?" He asked.

"Well, I did not want to hurt his feelings." She replied, looking at Baby John with apologetic eyes.

Baby John shrugged her comment off, "Hey it's cool. Besides my friends say meaner things. So I'm used to it."

"Oh. Well if you are sure that my comment did not hurt your feelings." She said.

Baby John chuckled at her persistence, "Yeah! I'm sure that you didn't hurt my feelings," he then turned to A-Rab, "Geez, how do ya deal with her when she's like this?" he asked him.

"Oh I just ignore her." He joked, but it earned him a smack on the stomach.

Isabella got out of his grasp and turned her back to him. A-Rab swiftly turned her around and planted the most passionate kiss on her.

"Ew! Get a room ya two!" Baby John shouted, as he quickly left.

The two love birds broke apart when they noticed that their friend left.

"That was a very nice kiss, mi amor." (3) Isabella confessed, as the two pressed their foreheads together.

"Well I'm glad that you loved it." A-Rab responded.

Isabella smiled at memory, but quickly remembered the pain he caused.

"Yes I remember, but that was in the past." She sadly told him, as she went to pick up her bouquet.

"And so was me lying to you." He added.

"That it is, but you hurt me deeply. I am sorry, but I am not ready to forgive you quite yet." She told him, before walking away.

A-Rab watched her retreating body but before walking away himself, he shouted, "Izzy! Even if you are not ready to forgive me yet, I'll make you mine again! And I'll make that happen before school starts up again!"

Isabella stopped in her tracks; she then turned around to see A-Rab running off.

"Oh wow…" she gasped, before walking again.

[Two Months Later]

"Come on Isa, A-Rab is seriously depressing all of us out. Can you take him back?" Baby John asked.

"Don't push it John. I mean I just now forgiven you." Isabella replied with a stern expression.

"Yeah but!" He tried to argue.

"No buts. Please stop pushing me to take him back. I am still not ready." She lied.

Baby John nodded his head even though he knew she was lying, "Ok I'll stop pushing ya, but if ya don't see him walking around the neighborhood anymore it's because the Jets killed him for being too damn depressed." He joked.

Isabella stared at him with an expression that basically said, "That is not funny!"

Baby John held up his hands, "Sorry." He quickly apologized.

Isabella smiled softly, "It is ok." She told him.

"Hey Baby John didn't ya hear the whistle?" they heard his voice.

Isabella instantly froze in her place.

"Oh… Hey Izzy." A-Rab awkwardly greeted.

"Hello A-Rab." She sweetly greeted back with a soft blush on her face.

Baby John observed the two, "Well I shall leave you two love birds alone."

The two quickly turned away from each other and both replied,

"Oh we are not love birds."

"Oh um we are not dating."

Baby John shook his head in disappointment, "I'm leaving." He announced, before he walked away from the trio's secret spot.

"So…um… how have you been?" A-Rab awkwardly asked.

"I have been good and you?" Isabella asked him with a soft yet sweet smile.

"Good… I met someone new. So you don't have to worry about me bugging you." A-Rab suddenly announced.

Isabella felt her heart breaking again, "W-what?" she questioned.

"I met someone—" but A-Rab was suddenly interrupted by a pair of soft lips on his.

Isabella slowly pulled away, "I do not want you to belong to anyone else." She confessed.

A-Rab stayed quiet and searched her eyes and see that she is telling the truth and she meant that kiss. He then pulled her into his arms and placed a kiss on her head.

"Good because I don't wanna belong to anyone but you." He confessed.

Isabella smiled grew bigger and she let out a small laugh before kissing him again.

"Let's hope there won't be any more problems for us…" A-Rab wishfully thought.

To Be Continued~!

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1: I cannot allow myself to be hurt again.

2: That is the most ugly shirt ever. You should have chosen something that could make your eyes pop!

3: my love