Really Creepy Stalker

Percy's P.O.V

It was a boring day at camp half blood, today. It was a few days after the 'battle of the labyrinth' as people call it now, and we just got done rebuilding of cabins, and sadly reviving some campers, too. So, I went to my cabin in search for my watch disguised as a shield, that my half brother Tyson made for me. Yes, I said made. Tyson is a Cyclops. But, a friendly one. When I walked into my cabin I saw a note on my bed. I unfolded it and it said:

Please send to PercyJackson

Dear Mr. Percy Jackson,

I would like you to know that if you don't keep your guard up, bad things will occur. And I will cause it. But if this happens to you and you tell the gods I will evaporate you from all memory.

With all love possible,


Okay, that is creepy. I wander what she means. I thought to myself.

I found my shield. I was going to look for Annabeth. When I opened my cabin door she was right there. Her face was starting to turn red, and she was breathing heavily.

"You want to going to the training arena and practice?" I asked her after ten awkward seconds.

"That would be nice!" she replied.

The problem with being best friends with the smartest girl in camp, is you learn a lot. She started going off on about how she was going to design Olympus. And all the suddenly I ran into something.

"Percy, are you alright you look like you're off in space?" She asked me.


I started to look around the trees. The trees they are so pretty.

Woo,what are you thinking. Sense when did I think trees are pretty?I thought to myself.

Yesterday when you-

I was interrupted in my thoughts when Annabeth slapped me across the face.

"What the heck Annabeth! Do you have a reason for slapping me?"

"You where in a trance. I tried everything, to try to get you to snap out of it. So there for I had a reason to slap you."

I looked ahead. Oh, we where here. I saw Beckendorf looking at us weirdly as we walked in side.

"You know Annabeth-." Beckendorf started.

But before he could finish I gave him my deluxe keep your mouth shut unless you want to die glare.

"Um never mind!" Smart kid.

"What was he going to say?" Annabeth asked quickly.

Before Beckendorf answered I slammed the hilt of my sword in to hers. Annabeth went right along with it. We parried and blocked and stabbed. Until I was lying on the ground with Annabeth's tip of her dagger was going into my chest. When something in the universe grabbed me and pulled Annabeth and I in to someplace I don't know.