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Danny: Are you okay?

Me: No! MWHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! And when did you get here?

Danny: Since I felt like it. Enjoy the story!

"Hi Danny! Do you want to come over and watch a movie?"

"Sure Sam," I replied with a grin. Going over to Sam's is the best. Well, anywhere with Sam is the best.

"Going ghost! I transformed headed outside. It was a light sprinkle (Me: Mmmmm…. sprinkles.) and I zoomed into Sam's window.

"Hi Sam!"

"Danny? DANNY, what are you doing here? Danny?"

My eyes burst open. I was in Sam's room? Where's my nice warm toasty bed? How did I get here? And Sa- My mouth dropped open.

"Danny, what happened? And why did you fly in this weather? It's a thunderstorm! You could've been injured!" Sam said with concern.

Since when did Sam get so- beautiful? Wait- I was out in a thunderstorm? I looked outside. Yeesh! I looked down, and my stretchy spandex was soaking wet. That's going to take forever to dry. I_ wait… did I sleep fly here?

"Sam.. Is it possible to sleep fly somewhere?"

"Of course Dann- oh. That's how you got here." She smiled. "I guess you have to call your parents and tell them you're spending the night."

"I am?"

"You're seriously can't fly in this weather, and your suit is sopping wet. Transform back and I'll get you some hot cocoa." I started to transform back, but then stopped. My face turned bright red.

"Well," said Sam. "Aren't you going to change back?"

"Uh- Sam… I'm kinda only wearing my boxers." I mumbled, and my face turned even redder. Sam's face soon matched mine.

"Oh. Well- uh- I'll just get the hot cocoa and you can wear my cousins PJs he left here last time." I shot her a grateful look. "I'm gone, I'm gone!"

All right.. I'm alone. I could transform without Sam seeing my.. you know. I detransformed and scrambled to find her cousins PJs. Where could they possibly be? I mean- How hard-

"Danny? I got the hot cocoa! Can I come in?"

"I can't find his stupid PJs!" I grunted.

"Oh… um… well this is awkward. I could try to find them, but then I would have to come in. Is that okay?" My mind screamed NO!

"Sure." The door opened and Sam came in, finding me hidden underneath her blankets. She snorted.

"Really Danny? They were right here on the chair. Wait- crud."


"It was my younger cousin, not my older one. Are you brave enough to go with your boxers for one night?"

"Do you randomly have a bathrobe I could use?" I asked sheepishly.

"Self conscious much? Yes, Danny, I have an extremely large bathrobe that's purple. Would that work?"


"Alright then, one purple bathrobe coming up!"

Danny: Why did you have to embarrass me like that? *mumbles *

Me: Cuz your cute when you're embarrassed! And Sam thinks that too…

Danny: Really? Um… I mean… really.

Me: You like her…

Danny: DO NOT!

Me: Anawho… first chappie finished! I will try to get another chapter up by tomorrow… Depends how fast I type! Adio-


Me: You're in denial. Adios! Till tomorrow, this is Oak Leaf Ninja signing off.