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Summary: The day of St. Vanlentine in Hogwarts.

A/N:I tried to write story in English, which is not my language and I just read in English yet. Be gentle, please. But I want any help – I know my English is not very good.

Finally came the day which all young couples waiting for – the day of St. Valentine. Girls spend twice more time in bathrooms than any other morning, but they all come to breakfast sooner than ever. Great Hall was never as crowded as it is today. The whole Hogwarts living expectations...

Ron with nervous smile turned to Hermione and when she finally looked on him with non enthusiasm, he pushed before her face bouquet of red roses. He was rewarded with the sight of her glowing, surprised eyes and smacking kiss on the lips. With a smile he hugged Hermione and looked behind her back and discreetly winked.

Harry would rather not got out of bed this morning. He forgot and it was unforgivable, especially since he was dating with someone who really couldn't forgive. But he was lucky guy. Again Harry Potter escaped from mortal danger, sinister than return of Lord Voldemort. When he met face to face with his loved one that day, he noticed distant and inaccessible face, but passed it. With a smile, he waved with the greatest Puget of most beautiful, most vibrant and glorious roses and before he could say anything, he felt skinny arms wrapped around his neck and he enjoyed one of the most passionate kisses and the most lovely moments with cold Draco Malfoy.

Even Madame Pince looked much more nicer than ever. And everyone, in particular two unnamed members of the Gryffindor dormitory, was sure that the reason for her almost-smile is nothing more than a bouquet of roses standing on her desk in the Library.

The happiest people at Hogwarts, however, were not gifted girls or boys rescued, but Fred and George Weasley, who in the hand clutching bags stuffed full of magic money. Their only problem was that professor Sprout did not identify who had broken into the cellar at night and stole all of her carefully manicured roses.