WOW: Storm. Dean's being a great big brave hero recovering after surgery; until he faces a foe beyond any he has ever faced before ...

Some chocolate ice-cream for Amber and Viv ;)

Disclaimer: I don't own them; I do however own some chocolate ice-cream.


Blinking hazily through receding storm-clouds of anaesthetic, unfocussed eyes drifted vacantly between the small bowl in his hand and the familiar figure sitting beside his hospital bed.

"C'mon dude," Sam coaxed kindly; "the doc says if you can eat this ice-cream, you can come out."

He watched as Dean shakily kneaded his throat, his nauseously grey face crumpling into a grimace of agony.

"It's chocolate, your favourite," Sam continued hopefully.

Dean scowled in sulky frustration; the soft brown scoop in the bowl may as well have been a pile of razor-blades.

Stupid freakin' doctor, what the hell would he know about tonsillectomies?