"A Time for Everything"

Summary: Two tragic deaths, two grief-stricken kids, and two hearts longing to be one…can one event push the course of Fate to where it needs to be?

Author's Note(s): (1) Takes place in season six.

(2) Mac hasn't moved the ring yet.

(3) For the purpose of this story, Sergei is just sixteen.

(4) In this AU,Chloe's grandparents aren't living.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I just wrote this story for fun.

Chapter 11: A Time to Wed

0700 Zulu

Sarah Rabb's House

Beallsville, Pennsylvania

The day of the wedding dawned bright and clear—there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Harm woke up early, since he'd slept on the couch the night before—having given up his room to Mac and Chloe so that his mother and stepfather would have a place to sleep.

Pulling on a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, he went into the kitchen to see that someone had already started a pot of coffee.

Pouring himself a mug of it, he went to sit on the front porch and enjoy the quiet of the morning.

He found his stepfather, Frank, sitting on the porch swing. "Morning," he greeted him, smiling.

Frank looked up at him. "Morning, Harm," he told him, smiling. "So, ready to give up the good life?"

"If by that you mean bachelorhood," Harm said, sitting down beside him, "then yeah I am."

"It's not going to be easy, you know," Frank told him, taking a sip of his own coffee. "You're basically getting a ready-made family today."

Harm nodded. "I know," told him, smiling, "but you managed it okay. I think if I follow your example, I'll do all right."

"If you say so," Frank told him, chuckling. "I seem to remember an eight year old little boy who hated my guts for a long, long time—went out of his way to make me miserable or pissed off."

Harm winced. "Uh, yeah, sorry about that," he said, shaking his head. "Looking back, I was a real brat. What kept you from whooping my ass?"

"Oh, believe me," Frank told him, "I was more than tempted to, believe me, but those first few years I didn't feel it was my place to do it."

"Didn't stop you when I was sixteen," Harm reminded him, smirking.

After he'd gotten home from running away to Vietnam that summer, he'd been greeted with a relieved mother and a very angry Frank.

Frank told him to get up to his room, get cleaned up, and he'd be up to talk to him in a little bit.

That 'talk' consisted of his stepfather wearing out his backside with a paddle and grounding him for three months.

Frank had always left disciplining him up to his mother up to that point, but apparently he'd crossed a line that time.

"You can't say you didn't deserve it," Frank reminded him, gently.

"True," Harm said, "and you managed to surprise the hell out of me. I think that's when my feelings about you changed."

Frank shrugged. "You'd scared me and your mother half to death," he said. "You mom was just thankful you were home, safe and sound, but I knew we couldn't just pretend it didn't happen. I did what I felt your own father would have done."

"You did what any father would have done," Harm told him. "We told you about the little stunt the kids pulled last week, right?"

Frank nodded. "Yep," he said, smirking. "Payback is a bitch, ain't it?"

Harm smiled at that. "You said it," he told him, shaking his head. "But now I know how you felt. Did I ever say I was sorry—for everything?"

"Not in words, but definitely in actions," Frank told him. "I just want you to know, Harm, that if you're wishing your father was here today instead of me—I understand."

"Hey now," Harm told him, clasping him on the shoulder. "My father is here today—both of them."

Frank smiled. "Thank you, son," he told him, pulling him into an embrace. "I'm so proud of you. You're going to do just fine."

Harm hugged the man tighter. "That mean everything," he told him, quietly.

The two let go of each other, sat back on the swing, and each took a sip of their coffee.

"Looks like company's coming," Frank said, nodding to where three vehicles were headed down the drive way.

Harm nodded. "That'll be the Roberts, Turners, and the Admiral," he said, smiling.

It looked like his and Mac's wedding day had officially begun.


1200 Zulu

Beallsville Church

Beallsville, Pennsylvania

By noon, everyone was ready and at the church.

Harm stood up beside the Father Turner, waiting.

The pastor had been very kind to step down once the naval clergyman had asked if he could perform the service.

His mom and Frank sat on the front pew with little AJ in between them.

The Admiral, Turner, and Clayton Webb

Gran sat at the piano, waiting for the signal to begin playing the wedding march.

The pastor, who was standing at the entrance, gave a nod and Gran started to play.

The doors opened and the kids entered, walking side by side.

Chloe looked pretty her dress and Josh practically glowed with pride in his dress whites (even if they weren't the real deal).

Harm felt a sense of fatherly pride well up in his chest. After today, they really would be his kids.

Bud and Harriet entered next, arm in arm. Both were smiling from ear to ear. They thought this day would never come.

Finally, Mac entered—on the arm of her uncle, Matt.

He had been her wedding present from the Admiral and Webb.

They'd gotten him a one day 'get outta jail' pass from Leavenworth just so he could walk his niece down the aisle today.

Harm felt his breath catch. He'd never seen Mac looking more beautiful.

Gran had done a bang up job on altering her wedding dress to fit the beautiful marine.

It hugged her body in just the right places.

Mac had opted to wear her hair down, pulled back on one side by a comb with an ivory flower carved on top of it—a wedding present from Harm's mother.

Together, she and Colonel Matt walked slowly down the aisle. Her eyes stayed upon Harm the whole time.

He looked magnificent in his dress whites, as he always had, but something about the way he looked in them today was special.

They reached the front of the church and Chaplin Turner asked in a strong, clear voice, "Who gives the woman to be married?"

"I do," Matt proclaimed, proudly. He gave his niece a kiss on the cheek. "Be happy, Sarah."

"I will, Uncle Matt," she promised him, glancing at that. "My Flyboy will see to that."

"He'd better," Matt said, reaching out to take Harm's hand. "I knew I always liked you, Rabb."

Harm smiled. "Thank you, Sir," he told him, shaking his hand. "That means a lot."

Matt nodded, and then went to sit by Webb—who was technically his 'parole officer' at the moment.

Harm took Mac's hand and they both turned to Chaplin Turner.

"Marriage is a sacred institution," the navy clergyman began, "it should not be entered into lightly or irrevocably—but, I think, that is not the case here today."

This got a laugh from everyone. Today had been a long time coming…

"Do you, Lt. Commander Harmon Rabb Jr.," the Chaplin said, beginning the vows, "take this woman, Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie, to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, cherish her, and forsake all other and cleave only unto her for so long as you both shall live?"

Harm looked into Mac's warm brown eyes. "I do," he said, loudly and proudly.

"Do you, Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie," the Chaplin glanced at Mac, "take this man, Lt. Commander Harmon Rabb Jr., to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, cherish him, and forsake all others and cleave only unto him for so long as you both shall live?"

Mac stared in Harm's bright blue eyes. "I do," she said, her voice catching slightly.

Chaplin Turner glanced at Bud. "May I have the rings, please?" he asked, holding out his Bible.

Bud nodded, glancing at Josh. Josh held up the satin pillow that held the rings and Bud took them and placed them on the open Bible.

"Harmon," Chaplin Turner said. "Take this ring and place it on Sarah's left hand. Then, repeat after me."

Harm took the ring he and Mac had picked out a few days ago and slipped onto her left ring finger—right in front of his mother's engagement ring.

"With this ring," he repeated the Chaplin, "I thee wed."

"Sarah, place this ring upon Harmon's left hand," the Chaplin told Mac, "and repeat after me, please?"

Mac took the slightly larger band and slipped it onto Harm's left hand.

"With this ring," she said, as a couple of tears slipped down her face, "I thee wed."

Harm reached up and brushed the tears away with his thumbs. "I love you," he whispered to her.

"I love you, too," she whispered back.

They both turned to look at the Chaplin. "Now that Harmon and Sarah have spoken their vows and exchanged these tokens of their fidelity to one another before God and these witnesses, it is with great pleasure with the power invested in my by the United States Navy and by the Lord Almighty himself that I can now pronounce them husband and wife. Harm, you may now kiss your bride."

"Yes, sir," Harm said, never so happy to follow an order in his life.

Pulling his wife—his wife!—to him, he planted the most passionate kiss on her he could.

Mac, never one to let the Marines be upstaged by the Navy, returned the kiss with just as much gusto.

Those assembled let out a loud cheers and applause!

Harm and Mac pulled apart, but continued to stare into each other's eyes, even as they found themselves surrounded by all those cared about and loved.

They were finally married—finally husband and wife.

Now they could begin their life as a family—as a whole family...

The End.

Author's End Note: I've been working on this story a long time, but I finally finished it. I hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks.