These riddles (the others are on my profile (duh)) are meant to be read all bundled up on a page by friends at school, where there are no hints provided by a category in which they belong. On fanfiction, were everything must be categorised, there is not much fun in guessing and cracking your brains for them. These are just for fun.

Disclaimer: I do not own Paris, France, The awesome stairs in that awesome scene, Amélie, Amélie Poulain, a heart condition (luckily), the blind man, the old man, the other old and fragile man, the old and cranky man, the young and slightly weird man, the vegetables, a bike –oh wait, I do, a painting, another painting, nor another painting or another painting, nor copies of that painting, nor anything else related.

I had a heart condition, a suïcidal fish

I gave a man his childhood

I made a blind man see

My love loves me as well