Or a Redhead

"Bob." Harry scowled at the fair-haired man standing before him. "What did I tell you about being discreet around here? You scared that poor lady half to death!"

"I did, didn't I?" Bob replied calmly.

Harry glowered at him.

"She was quite dramatic about the whole situation, don't you think?"

While Harry had to agree that the woman's reaction was over the top, he didn't have to agree aloud and let Bob in on that bit of information. It would only encourage him and that was the last thing either of them needed.

Bob simply stood there and watched him, knowing Harry well enough that he simply had to wait for the wizard's annoyance to build up and burble over. It didn't take much to push Harry over the edge lately. Death had a way of toying with people's emotions, and Harry was a person.

Tilting his head to the side a little bit, Bob waited for the imminent childish act to begin and be over with.

"You!" Harry said, banging his fist down on the bench. "You have got to start listening to me, Bob. I'm doing this for both of us. Or are you forgetting that without me you're just a skull?"

"I apologise for my manner," Bob said simply. "That woman was perfectly in her right mind and her screams were not at all shrill and piercing."

Harry rolled his eyes and his ego began to deflate; his morals didn't seem nearly as important as they had when he started this argument. And Bob did have a point. Why he must fight against it with so much passion, he did not understand.

"I mean it, Harry. She wasn't even slightly theatrical with her earlier performance. It was rather bland after that man who claimed he was abducted by aliens. Poor sod."

Maybe, Harry thought, it would be okay to let Bob have a win just this once. "Fine," he said, reluctantly. "You're right. She was… unbearable. But," he continued, "This is my workplace. And she might've been the only customer we get this week. You can't just go around scaring people away, Bob."

"Perhaps you should invest in some form of entertainment then," Bob said. "Something to keep me occupied. A leggy blonde would be nice."

"Are you saying you chased her away because you're bored? Really, Bob?" Harry shook his head.

"A brunette would be fine too. Or a redhead. I'm not picky."