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Derek and Stiles get in the car then Derek starts it and pulls away from John's house, "Where do you want to go? Mine or yours?"

Stiles looks over at him the conversation they are going to have while he is excited to learn more about Derek has him nervous at the same time, "Yours." He says then smiles at Derek.

Derek nods and starts driving to his house, "What kind of questions do you have?"

"The normal ones I guess. If there are normal questions." He chuckles then continues, "How you become a wolf, what it's like, the moon, packs. General stuff." Stiles starts fiddling with the hem of his shirt as the car continues driving.

Derek nods, "I can answer those easily, and I'll tell you a lot of things tonight. Hopefully you'll still want me afterward." Derek hadn't meant to say the last bit only think it but it's out there now. He can smell the nerves on Stiles and he wonders how he ever got so lucky to find his mate.

Stiles looks over at Derek, "What could be more shocking than you being a werewolf? You got a cousin who is a vampire?"

Derek snorts then starts laughing, "No Stiles, Vampires aren't even real. Just things about me and our possible future."

"Derek I don't plan on leaving you so you can stop with the vague talk." Stiles was worried now, 'what could Derek possibly say that would make me want to leave after hearing he's a wolf. That's kind of going to be hard to top.' He just wants to get this over with so he can curl up in Derek's arms and go to sleep. He feels oddly drained and it's only six pm.

Derek doesn't look at Stiles again the whole drive, they don't speak either, and Derek doesn't really know what to say he doesn't want to spit it all here in the car so he just doesn't speak. Stiles doesn't speak either which to Derek seems wrong, Stiles is always talking or moving. But he is quiet and still except for his hands they are messing with the hem of his shirt. Derek has decided he never wants Stiles to be quiet again, he misses the constant chatter.

Derek pulls the car into his drive way then turns off the engine. He gets out and opens the door for Stiles, "Thank you." Stiles says as he steps out and takes Derek's hand in his. Derek nods his head, he walks with Stiles to the front door, and he unlocks the door then pushes it open and lets Stiles enter first.

Stiles walks inside the house then into the living room, Derek follows behind him after shutting the door, "Do you want something to drink?"

"Water please." Stiles sits on the couch then moves around so he is curled into the corner of the couch. Derek nods then walks off into the kitchen, he grabs two glasses from the cupboard then fills them with water. He walk back into the living room and sets the cups on the table, he then sits beside Stiles.

"What would you like to know first?"

Stiles looks as if he's thinking, "How did you become a wolf?"

"I was born a wolf." Derek says easily while watching Stiles

"So is your whole family one?" Stiles asks because being born a wolf mean his parents are wolves.

"Not all of them, my dad was human till he asked mom for the bite. Some of them were born human and others married into the family and stayed human. But most of us are wolves yeah." Derek explains

Stiles sits up and leans his back against the arm of the couch, "So your mom is the Alpha of your family?"

Derek smiles slightly, "She's the Alpha of our pack yeah. Not of the whole family."

"Oh okay. So do you have to lock yourselves up on full moons? Or can you control it and go to Wal-Mart?"

This makes Derek laugh, he smiles at Stiles when he answers, "I can control it, others can too, it takes practice and control is something you learn. So the young ones we have to lock them up."

Stiles grins at Derek when he laughs, "What does it feel like? The moon."

"Like an invisible tug, pulling at the wolf inside me." Derek had never been asked that before he wonders about it till Stiles speaks again.

"So it feels like you want to let go but you know you cant. Do you kill Bambi?" Stiles asks his eyes wide with wonder

Derek swallows because Stiles' eyes are wide with innocent wonder, "No I don't kill Bambi, I prefer Bambi's dad. But we don't always hunt and kill sometimes we just hunt and tackle the animal then let it go."

Stiles smiles he didn't like the thought of hurting poor innocent animals. "So what is the shocking news that has you worried?"

Derek picks up his glass of water stalling for something to say as he takes a drink, he decides to go with less surprising information, "We'll get to that." Derek turns away and sets his cup down on the table. "I want to cover some other details first. I can run faster and longer than anyone. I can smell things, people's emotions and their scents when they touch something or walk into a room."

"Wait! You can smell emotions?" Stiles interrupts surprised, "Is that why you got hard from sniffing my neck?!"

Derek's cheeks heat with a blush as he nods his head, "Yeah that's why, you have no idea how good you smell. I can smell some emotions not all."

"Woah that is crazy so you would know if I was happy or sad that kind of thing."

"Yeah among others, like hurt and aroused and confused." Derek adds

"Okay, go on." Stiles waves his hand in a 'continue' motion as he picks up his cup with the other hand.

Derek chuckles, "I can hear better than humans, I can hear from a long distance and I-"

"How far away can you hear?" Stiles interrupts him

"I've never measured but pretty far, if the noise is loud then farther." Stiles nods his head so Derek continues, "I heard you talking to your dad that day you called him freaking out."

Stiles frowns, "Oh I guess you would have, so for private conversations I'll have to go far away."

Derek nods, "Yeah sorry. I have fangs you have seen them, I have claws and I generally look different when I shift."

"Wow I want to see you shift sometime." Stiles says excitedly

Derek chuckles, "Alright." Derek looks down trying to think of how to tell Stiles the big news. He reaches over for his cup and takes a drink, Stiles watches him and he can tell Derek is nervous.

"Is this the part where you tell me the big news? It'll be okay Derek." He says reassuringly.

Derek sighs then sets his cup down, "If we had sex there is a possibility that you could get pregnant."

Stiles' eyes widen comically and his mouth gapes open, "Pregnant?! But I'm a guy how could I carry a baby?!" Stiles' voice is high and squeaky

Derek reaches over and puts his hand on Stiles' leg, "I don't know Stiles, my dad said it was a possibility because you are my mate. Mate means soul mate."

Stiles swallows and look around then he grabs his glass and chugs the water so he can think, "So I'm your soul mate and if we have sex I could somehow get pregnant with our baby, is that what you are saying right now?"

Derek nods nervously, "Yeah that about sums it up. Dad said something about it only happening on the full moon though. So we could just avoid sex on the full moon, but I hope one day you'll want more kids."

Stiles sets the empty glass down then rubs his hands over his face before remembering Derek was worried he'd leave when he heard this, he looks up at Derek somewhat calmer now, "I'm not leaving Derek, I'm staying with you. We can talk about babies later."

Derek smiles brightly and leans forward pressing his lips to Stiles', Stiles smiles and wraps his arms around Derek's neck and kiss him softly. Derek smiles when Stiles pulls back, "I have a werewolf soul mate that wants to put babies in me. I bet they never saw that coming when they voted me most likely to succeed."

Derek chuckles and pulls back, "Yeah I bet they didn't."