S1 Drabble. Inspired by a vacation road-trip, written some time ago.

Car Games

Dean sees the sign first: E-Z Sleep Motel. Sideways glances meet for the briefest of seconds.

"Oh, don't even. There's no way."

Dean smirks, doesn't say anything.

They soon rumble past the Ellettsville exit. One sign matters: Pizza Hut. Another lightning-fast glance at Sam, who clears his throat noisily. "Zee."


"What? I'm on 'zee!'"

"You're such a friggin' liar."

"There're two zee's on the sign. You can have on and we'll call it a tie."

Dean Winchester doesn't lose. "Doesn't count. I stopped looking half an hour ago."

"Who's the friggin' liar now?"

They don't speak for fourteen exits.