Chapter 5: Thy Enemy is my Old Friend

Week: 1

Day: 5

Days Remaining: 2


Private Room



The sounds of sheets moving quietly echoing in the room could hardly be heard by anyone as someone tussles and turns about in the futon.

"Ugh…" I groan. What happened last night?

Shuffling, or fighting, with my sheets as I emerge from my futon sitting up straight, rubbing my templates, and surveying my surroundings as the digital sunlight shines on my eyes once more. It was morning again and you would think that an expatriate person like myself would be use to this by now, but that's not important right now as I can't recall ever going to bed last night. I try to recall the last string of events last night to determine how I ended up in this predicament. A took a deep breath and recount all of the events last night with my servant, Caster.




I remember now, but I wish I didn't! My entire face turned beet red again recalling that heavenly image last night in the bathroom! L-Last night, I saw… I saw… Caster nak-!

I shake my head to prevent myself from thinking about it any further so I don't receive any kind of tribulations in the near future, especially by other female competitors. And I don't want to think what Caster would do to me if she found out I was thinking about her in such… an inappropriate manner. Speaking of which, where is my flighty servant? Usually she's in my futon cuddling with me, and strangely it feels weird without her snuggling him.

Urm… best keep that to myself or my servant would explode in delight and molested me in ways I rather leave in the dark.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

I smell the sweet scent of breakfast in the air and turn my direction to see Caster over by the stove cooking breakfast for the both of us. Wow, she's really going all the way to prove to me she can be an excellent housewife. Noticing my presence, Caster turns her head towards me and smiles.

"Good morning, Goshujin-sama! Sorry I didn't wake you, but I wanted to get breakfast ready for you since I know how much you love to eat!" Caster smiles at me once more before turning back to her work, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm making a western-style this time around since you're from the West and probably would like something from your native country for breakfast!"

Not that I don't mind having no memories about my home country, if I was really from there, but I appreciate the thought Caster. I get out of the futon and notice something off… I'm wearing my black t-shirt I wear underneath and my black basketball shorts, but I don't recall changing into these clothes late night due to… wait a doggone minute here!

"Caster, I'm happy you're cooking me a western-style meal this morning, but I have a question for you," I asked nervously. I have a good feeling how I changed into my clothes last night.

"What is it Goshujin-sama?"

"Please elucidate me, how did I change into my clothes last night if I… fainted in the bathroom?"

"Simply, I changed you myself! I mean, do you prefer waking up in the nude… not that I wouldn't mind seeing that," Caster whispers the last part to herself with a slight blush on her face.

My eyes narrowed into disbelief, I so knew it! My face was turning red again thinking about Caster dressing me last night like a little kid… it wouldn't be such a problem if Caster didn't see me in my birthday suit! Well better than fall asleep on the cold ground, strip naked, in the bathroom to not catch a cold but it's still embarrassing.

"I see," I buried my head in my hands, "*Sniff* *Sniff* Why do I smell really nice too? I didn't use the bathtub to clean up!"

My eyes shot wide when I came to this realization. "Caster… you didn't also…?"

"Of course! It would be a waste to make a hot bath last night and not use, plus you didn't use it last night so I scrubbed you down myself to make sure you were all nice and clean!" Caster chirped happily as she places the food on the table, "And breakfast is done!"

My face twisted in horror upon hearing it, she… she washed me in my sleep!? I had no idea how to process or digest this information into my head without breaking down.

…I can't. This was too much!

"Goshujin-sama, your food will get cold if you don't eat it right away! I made it especially for you and I would make me very sad to not see my darling Goshujin-sama not enjoy my homemade cooking," Caster pouted.

"Alright, alright! I'll join you! Just give me a second to collect my thoughts," I said with a burning face right now. It's so hard to look Caster in the face with the thought of her 'cleaning' me last night without my consent. I'm curious if she acted like this in her real life, though it seems doubtful in the open.

As I sit down and looked down on my plate, all my thoughts on the matter cleared up. The western-style dish that Caster cooked for me consist of two fried eggs, several strips of bacon, some sausages, and a couple buttered toast and was arranged like a person's face. It was cute, but I gave Caster a raised eyebrow.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself," Caster rubs the back of her head in embarrassment. True, something like this is usual reserved for kids.

"No worries! It looks good and it's kinda cute! Time to dig in, Itadakimasu!" I said as I started to chow down on Caster's homemade breakfast. "Did I ever tell you how much I love your cooking, Caster?"

Man, it's just so good!

"Not really, but I wouldn't mind a little more praise! I'm just so happy you love my cooking, yay!" said Caster as she takes a piece of sausage to her mouth, but stop shorts as she sees him eyeing her. She gives a mischievous grin and eyes me with a playful stare.

"Uh Caster… what are you…?!"

Caster slowly takes in the sausage into her mouth, and my eyes shot up wide open. What in the world does she think she's doing?! Caster caresses the piece of food in her mouth gently and licks it, purring in the progress, while still keeping her playful eyes on me as she studies my expressions as it ranges from shock to discomfort. I can't look at this anymore, and thankfully Caster seems to take the hint and bites down the sausages and swallows. Eating all of it until it was gone… strangely the sight scared the hell out of me.

"Something wrong, Goshujin-sama? I just wanted to show you some of techniques I've learn by studying a book I found in the library the other day when you weren't looking," Caster purrs devilishly. What kind of book does the library have anyway regards to… to that!?

"Caster…"I look away, how does she end up making my fluster with embarrassment, "Why on earth would you do that in front of me?"

"Too show you how good I'll be as your wife, when you decide to finally take me as your woman. Even though I already am your woman, but I wouldn't mind reinforcing it," Caster licks her lips. Damn you Caster, stop making my face turn into a Christmas tree!

"What a minute…," I whispered in a low tone, suddenly something crossed my mind regarding that… scene earlier, "Caster when you said you cleaned me… did you mean you cleaned EVERY part of me?"

Caster looks a bit surprised by my question, but simply smiles. "Of course! I mean, you wanted to take a bath to clean yourself, right Goshujin-sama? I took the liberty of performing the task for you since you were unable to do so at the time."

"So… so, you even… saw…!?" I was afraid of answering that question.

Caster looked away with her hands on her face, blushing furiously. "Of course, and I have to say I'm so lucky that my master is so magnificent! No other girl would resist your charms if they saw how awesome you are nor will I give you up to others."

"You… you," I gritted my teeth as I covered myself, even though I was clothed, and just the thought of her doing that causing all of my thought to be thrown into a train wreck. My face was already at a dangerous color.

"And being able to clean such a thing is…"




After my little morning 'chat' about decency and privacy, I headed over to my classroom to clear my mind. As I trolled into the classroom, one of my classmates– or should I say fellow Masters, approaches me with a smile.

"Phew, I finally got my Triggers! How about you, Chris?"

I sighed and shrugged with an 'I'm fine' gesture. "Yeah, I manage to get them both… no thanks to Shinji speeding up the process."

"Oh, that's right! You and Shinji are pitted against each other. That's kinda rough, dude."

"Tell me about it, I don't feel comfortable about fighting a friend, a fellow human being no matter how rotten a jerk he is," I complained. True, no matter what kind of person Shinji is or how rotten he can be at times… killing him is just extreme. I still can't wrap my head around it, killing Shinji, and the idiot still thinks this is a game to boot!

My fellow Master notices my disdain expression and claps on my shoulder to calm me. "No worries, man! When the time comes you know you'll handle it right… just keep strong alright! No matter what plays out, have no regrets. Even if we become enemies one day I won't mind if I die by your hands."

"Is that you're attempt to cheer me up? Thanks…" I give him a half-reassuring smile and perk up. He's right, there's no time for self-pity and self-doubt, I have to stay focus on the task at hand.

"No matter dude! By the way, did you see Shinji earlier?"

I cocked my head to one side in confusion. "No, why?"

"Nothing, just it seems like he was up to something… he was skulking around his desk earlier."

"Yeah…" the female Master next to us, who overheard our conversation, joined in, "A little while ago I heard Shinji cackling to himself, saying something like 'I've got it…' to that extent."

I turned to Shinji's desk in the room, and it seems normal as usual. "Really? I'm not sure why, but that's good to know. If he tries anything I'll put a stop to it, thanks!"

I wave and left the classroom, with my fellow Masters returning the favor with a wave, and I was heading out of the classroom and almost ran into someone. A little girl in a frilly dress that doesn't match the atmosphere or the school's surrounding. Looking up to me, with those pink-ish red eyes, she smiles like a children finding their favorite toy that was hidden away.

"Onii-chan, are you a Master too?!" she giggled with delight. Something about this girl was… off, but strangely I felt like I found someone just like me in this mad house and I nodded in return as the little girl laughed happily in response. "Yay! Alice is so very happy! Onii-chan, Alice is Alice, and I can't wait to invite you for a tea party! OK, bye-bye onii-chan!"

And with that the little girl skipped away. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that.

"Hmph… I don't like her, especially the way she was 'ogling' you Goshujin-sama," Caster growls under her breath, her presence still unseen by the naked eye to express her discomfort with the little girl in the blue and white dress.

"You don't like any girl looking at me funny," I countered back with my own witty remark.

"Of course! I'm your wife, Goshujin-sama, and I don't like it when other girls make a pass to you," she pouted I could tell even if she wasn't visible at this moment.

However… is that little girl also a Master in this Holy Grail War? My face whitens when I think about it, whoever the person is has to kill that little girl to survive or that little girl will have to kill someone else to survive. An adult killing a child or a child killing an adult… how can such a war allow that? I feel like throwing up. I think I need to talk to someone to get a better idea of the war and such… maybe…?

I headed up to the rooftop to have a talk with someone, hopefully she's there.


The clear blue sky, with not a cloud in sight, greeted me as I open the door to the rooftop. Though those streams of 1's and 0's in the sky is going to take some getting used to, but it serves to show that this isn't the real world but an imaginary world conjured up by the Moon Cell for the Holy Grail War to take place inside the SERAPH. As I scan the area, I spot a familiar color or red in the distance.

"Hey Rin!" I approached the red magus as she turns around with an unreadable expression.

"Oho, if it isn't our resident lost little Master. Is there something else you want of me?" she asked with little concern. Scratch that, no concern at all in her voice. How is she popular again?

"Did you really need to be like that? I just wanted ask some questions regarding the war," I spoke up, with a hint of defiance in my voice, and staring her down. No need to be so snippy first thing in the morning or afternoon!

She sighs. "Though I thought you understood the other day, given your perceptive nature. I said it already, but we're at war and you're my enemy. I have no desire to be your friend…"

I glared at her. "I'm not looking to ask you to be my friend, lucky for me, but you could show some common courtesy at least. Respect thy enemy and such, you know?"

"You have quite the mouth on you, don't you?" she looks at me a bit surprised by my attitude.

"Sorry about that, but treat others the way you would be treated. This isn't exactly like other wars, not that it can be helped," I apologized… sort of.

Rin rubs her forehead. "*Sigh* Seeing as you can't remember anything, I guess any info would be useful to you."

"Can't say I'm too happy about the arrange myself, not really my fault for the memory loss and the NPCs are a little hard to get some straight answers from."

"*Sigh* Since no one else is stupid enough to help, I guess I will. If it's only about the basics, I'll tell you what I can. That should be enough, right?" Rin replies with an annoyed expression on her face.

"No one is calling you stupid, and I appreciate the offer. Thanks," I smiled back which causes Rin to look away, with red cheeks. What?

"T-Thanks… anyway beyond the basics, you're on your own. Poke around the SERAPH if you need more specific info," Rin said as she regain her usual attitude.

"Thanks, please tell me what you can! So anyway, what is the SERAPH anyway really?" I ask, though I've been told about it a few times I like to know more about it.

"…That's right; you have no clue about anything. Let me start from scratch, then so listen up!" Rin grabs my attitude with a commanding voice. "SERAPH refers to the artificial world where we are now. Think of it as a kind of virtual reality."

That part I'm aware of.

"With that being said, it works on a level far removed from super computers and networked clusters. The creation of a single Legendary Soul is far beyond the capacity of most of the world's computers. But in this place, there are more than a hundred currently in existence. Imagine the power needed to just run the preliminaries, with all of the necessary NPCs, etceteras. Things here are so anomalous that is require god-like hacking skills just to gain access. And to be able to digitize yourself and exist here requires that you be a magus-level hacker. So, are you okay with what I've told you up until now?

I nodded. So since I'm here I'm a magus-level hacker? Strange I can't recall being a hacker let alone a magus, shouldn't my body be more aware of magic flowing through me? Though there is this strangle sense of tingling-ness throughout my body sometimes.

"Ooookay, then… So, what do you want to know about first?"

"Hmm… how about the Holy Grail? I don't really know a lot about it."

Rin gives me a hard look and answers my question. "As the whole point of this place is to win the Holy Grail, it's probably a good place to start. Since I've never actually seen it in person, I can't fill you in on all the detail. However, I can safely say that it does exist and its power to grant wishes is beyond doubt."

"Really? I'm still can't believe it exist though," I folded my arms and furrow my brow.

"Can't blame you for thinking that, not everyone believes it exist in this war. Some western plutocrats have tried to seal it away. Others are here to obtain it for themselves. Even dismissing rumor, the power inherent in the Holy Grail is enough to change reality. And only the last Master standing will enter the center of the SERAPH and claim the Holy Grail."

I cringe every time I hear last Master… last Master, the only one allow to leave here alive.

"That is why all Masters are enemies. Of course, this includes you and me."

"Understandable, given the nature of this war it can't be help… but I can't help think that there should be another way," I lamented.

Rin looks at me oddly. "Strange, you're a Magi aren't you? Usually a Magi has no palms about killing someone to get what they want, but you're definitely strange. You're not like other magus."

"About those Magi, care to tell me more about them?"

Rin sighs once more. "I'm amazed you've lived this long without any memories or previous battle experience at all."

"Can you care to be less sass? The faster you finish explaining, the faster I leave you alone," I frowned at her.

"Care for me to stop explaining?" Rin smirked.

"Don't mind me, please continue."

"As the SERAPH is a virtual world, I'm sure you're aware that none of us have any substance."

"Well yes in a sense, but you still need to eat and sleep to regain our strength, no?"

"Yes, t-though I wasn't referencing to everything though the Moon Cell has its surprises such as having us sleep and eat to restore our strength will we normally do in the real world. Normal hackers enter systems using a program, but methods used by a magus are far more advanced. A magus will digitize their soul and then insert themselves into virtual worlds such as this one. That lets them process data instantaneously, which would be impossible for normal hackers. Of course you can't learn to become a magus. You have to be born with the required abilities."

"Born into it…?"

"Born into it… –Yes, that sounds right. Magi are ones who are born with the necessary 'circuits'. There is also what's called Third Magic, which allows weaker magic to digitize their souls."

Third Magic? I'm not sure what that means, but I'll leave that for another time… though, born as a magi. Does that mean I'm from a magus family?

"One last question," I looked Rin square on in the eyes.

"Shoot," she replied back nonchalantly.

"Can you tell me about yourself?"

Rin furrow her brow and glared at me. "Why in hell are you asking about me? I have no desire to even pretend to be your friend."

"Chill, chill! I was just curious why you're in this Holy Grail War is all."

Rin studied me for a bit, then gave me this cocky smile like she figured out a dirty secret of mine… which I don't have thank you very much. "Ah. You think I'll say something that'll give you an edge. Maybe you're not completely stupid."

"In other ways, you thought I was stupid before, right?" I glared back at her. I do not like her at all.

"Yup," she smiled.

THE BLOODY NERVE OF THIS GIRL! I gave her the most hate-fill and vicious glare I could muster and threw it right back at her. She seems to be enjoying her reaction to her comment.

"Now, now, you'll face will be stuck like that if you keep on looking at me like that," she said so playfully. I understand how Shinji would be infuriated with this girl so easily. "However, it's a moot point as you won't get out of the first round. Though I did said before you'll come out on top, but as you are no you're way too soft and gentle, and not to mention weak. If you want to win you next to train and not waste time with me unless you have nothing better to do?"

I gave her another glare; she knows how to unnerve some people! We'll see… I will pass the first round!

"Although I'm no better, seeing how much time I've wasted trying to help you. How depressing…"

My face slowly twists into bewilderment. "Huh? What are you talking about… helping people isn't a weakness. Though it's not like I've force you to talk, anyway…"

Rin looks at me puzzling with her hand on her chin. "Oh my… are you what they call… a male tsundere?"

"I am NOT a tsundere! And nor do I want to hear that from you!"

"I-I suppose you're right," Rin gives out another sigh, she sure sighs a lot, "I still owe you for molesting you. I'll help you with the basics, but that's it."

"…And no more mention about the 'incident' up here. What happens up here, stays up here," my face turns red remembering Rin's 'checkup' on me. "I think that's enough for today, thanks for the help."

"Is that all?" Rin flicks her hair, "…If you say so, I have no problems stopping now. Well, that's everything, then. Don't bother me with anymore of your stupid, pointless questions."

"Heh," I chuckled and whisper to myself, "Who's the tsundere, now?"

"Remember that you and I are enemies. Even a temporary alliance between us would end badly. Instead of hanging out here, you should be using the time left to you more responsibly," Rin scolds me for no reason and turns away to end our discussion. What a nice girl, she'll definitely make any man happy to have her as a wife… except me. I'm glad to have Caster as my wife at least she's easier to talk to and is generally friendlier, speaking of which…

"How dare she… my Goshujin-sama was acting courtesy, generous, and thoughtful enough to ask for your help and you brush it aside. No matter what god you pray to, it won't save you from my wrath. Soooo, enjoy what little time you have time you little tramp!" Caster venomously says behind Rin's back as Rin can't see or hear, and her anger is solidify even more with that sweet, innocent smile plaster on her face to mask her rage.

"Don't mind her Caster, let's go to the Commissary to stock up for our next arena training," I whisper to my servant to relax her a bit."

"Very fine, if it is what my Lord wishes I will follow," Caster didn't take her eyes off of Rin and made the gesture of pointing out that she has her eyes on Rin with her two fingers and even mouthing 'I'll be watching you' as she does it.

I facepalm. Oh brother, Caster, you are simply too much.

As I head back into the school, I turned around towards and called out to her. "Oh, Rin! One last thing."

Rin eyes me suspiciously. "What? Another question you forgot to ask?"

I smiled back at her. "No, just wanted to say… must be a nice view from down there with male students looking up, right?"

Rin's face blushed with embarrassment as she covers herself and throws me a glare, however I was long gone laughing all the way downstairs and as I was making my getaway I heard the laughter of Rin's Servant. Apparently he enjoyed my little joke about Rin's skirt.

"T-The… The nerve of that guy! Especially after my generous and good-will nature to offer to help a poor fool like him with the details of the war he needed to know!" Rin gritted her teeth irritatedly.

"You have to admit Master! He's quite the funny guy! I wouldn't mind sharing a drink with him, like I've always say 'friends today, enemies tomorrow'!" Rin's Servant chuckled with a good hearty laugh.

"Goshujin-sama… that was a little mean to Rin, especially after the help she gave you, but she had it coming! Please tell me you have more insults for her!" Caster chirped.

I shrugged. "That was a one-time deal to get back for her mocking attitude towards me, but I doubt it will be the last. Though I do plan on apologizing for that indecent joke later… much later."


As I return to the school's commissary again, I spotted both Kohaku and Hisui working behind the counter again today. Then again they're NPCs and can't go anywhere, and as I approach Kohaku waves at me and smiles.

"Welcome back, our favorite couple in the war! I thought you've forgotten about us, and that would've made me very sad!" Kohaku greeted me and Caster in her usually Kohaku-mannerism ending with her hands on her hips and a pout.

"Hehehe… Of course we're your favorite couple! There is no one better and greater than our love for each other and, really, we're absolutely adorable together!" Caster gloated with a giggle.

I rolled my eyes, "Kinda hard or impossible to forget someone as impressionable as you, Kohaku."

Kohaku claps her together and hums. "That makes me so happy to hear! So did you come here to buy anything or here to get some dating advice? As a maiden I know all about the trade, and I'm willingly to help woo your Servant even more!"

I simply scrunched my face as she said that, as Caster blushes muttering under her breath wondering how 'naughty' I be if I wooed her any further, and facepalm. I shake off her 'offer' and turned to Hisui.

"If it's OK with you, I would like to talk to Hisui. I like to buy some items for my venture into the Arena, and I rather not put myself in a corner because I forgot to buy the necessary prerequisites to aid me in my time of need," I ask politely.

"Understood," Hisui slightly nodded to me and show all the available consumable in stock. Does this girl ever express any emotions at all?

"Pssh! Caster, over here!" Kohaku calls out to Caster and she huddles over to her.

"What's up Kohaku-chan?" Caster tiled her head in playful curiosity.

"How's things going with your Master? Come on, tell me all the juicy details!" Kohaku giggled.

Caster blushes and hides behinds her hands. "Oh my, asking me such things! I couldn't possibly tell you! It's so embarrassing!"

"Really?" Kohaku smiles mischievously, the kind of smile the devil makes.

Caster sighs and turns toward her master, and pouts. A shade of discouragement in her eyes as she looks to the floor. "Well to be honest… he doesn't really pay attention to me that much. I mean, he does say sweet things to me from time to time and that makes me happy, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. There are so many beautiful girls in this school, and not to mention they have their eyes on him too, and I'm simply a fox-eared girl. There's no way he'll go for someone like me who's not even human, but I don't want to give up! I really like my Goshujin-sama and I truly believe his my special someone, my true love, that I've been searching for my entire existence but I don't know how to grab his attention solely on me and make him my husband!"

Kohaku widens her eyes upon hearing Caster's realization of her situation with her master and ponders what can be done. "Hmm…"

"Oh, I know!" Kohaku ducks under the counter and searches through several boxes as Caster watches, while her master and Hisui go through the different items they need and decide how to spend the money wisely, and after several seconds Kohaku pops back up and hands Caster a magazine.

"Erh? What's this?" Caster looks at the magazine and flips through it.

"It's a special magazine targeted to girls who want to get their man and ways of earning their hearts and pleasing them! I had this thing in handy just in case a Master or two in this war took an interest in me, but I clearly see you need this more than me! Take a look at it, and study your 'darling's' behavior and favorite hobbies, and plan accordingly to make him fall in love with you and express his love for you like couples on honeymoons do," Kohakue whisper into Caster's fox ear as Caster scans through the magazine.

Caster beings to fantasizes the many attempts she plans to do and seeing her Goshujin-sama loving every bit of it and taking her to the bedroom and doing... Caster's eyes shine with determine and her face glowing red managing the naughty things she plans to do with her Goshujin-sama as drool comes down from the corner of her mouth.

"*Pant* This… *Pant* This will help big time! *Pant* I can't wait to try these tactics on my Goshujin-sama!" Caster chuckles darkly to herself and she can't stop thinking about her Goshujin-sama's love for her and spending all night all with her. Caster launches herself at Kohaku and shakes her hand rapidly, "Thank you Kohaku-chan~! I will definitely use this, and if it works… I'll let you join in on the fun! But it's a one-time thing! I usually never dare let any woman close to my Goshujin-sama, but you are now a dear friend of mine and I will allow it!"

Kohaku's face gains pink hues on her face as she eyes Chris from the corner of her eyes and giggles to herself, while covering her face with her sleeve. "I wouldn't mind… he's definitely prince charming material and accept your generous offer! I might want to add, I wouldn't mind planning how to make the night even special for us if you caught my drift."

Both girls giggles to themselves upon Kohaku's suggestion.

"Caster, I'm done! Let's go!" I called out to her as I approached her and Kohaku who both jumped upon hearing my voice. Really now, just what are these two up to now?

"Ah! Yes, coming Goshujin-sama!" Caster hurries to my side, smiling cheek to cheek like something very good happen.

This is getting a little suspicious and studied Caster with a distrusting gaze. "What are you and Kohaku just talking about earlier?"

"Nothing! Nothing! Sheesh Goshujin-sama, can't I have a little girl talk from time to time! Having secrets is what makes girls more attractive to guys, you know," Caster quickly response and she starts pushing back upstairs.

"Whoa…! Caster, shimmer down now! I can walk, I say… I can walk you know!" I struggled as Caster doesn't ease up. However Caster looks back at Kohaku as she waves at her.

"Good luck Caster! I want to hear the results of your hard work!" Kohaku says to herself.

"Sister, what are you talking about?" Hisui asks while staring hard at Kohaku.

"Nothing! Nothing at all! Come on, time to clean up stock!"

First Floor

"Sheesh Caster, there wasn't any need to shove me out of the store like that! I'm beginning to forebode an ominous ploy by you and Kohaku, you're not hiding anything are you Caster?" I complained when Caster panicked and rushes us out of the commissary. I swear she's up to something, and I hope it isn't anything… indecent.

"Wha-!? How could you suspect your cute little Servant like that Goshujin-sama? I wouldn't dare harm you in anyway possibly, our enemies yes, but you no, however I wouldn't mind displaying my affection for you ever more so!" Caster quickly dismissed with a quick flick of her hands. It would be rather inopportune if my Goshujin-sama found out and stop my future plans in action, and that would be really, really cumbersome at best! Gotta play it cool and smooth, so I can win the heart of my beloved future husband!

As I was chatting with my Servant about her recent behavior, we headed to the Arena to get another day of training done to get prepared for the upcoming Elimination Battle at the end of this week with Shinji. My mind drifts back onto that matter… in order to survive I must kill Shinji to live.

How is that right?

How is that fair?

How is that normal?

As we make it down the hallway I overheard two Masters chatting it up with each other, the couple I've spotted early in this week discuss about the girlfriend getting all her clues about her opponent thanks to her boyfriend will the boyfriend forgot to find out his opponent due to helping his girlfriend luckily his Servant picked up the lack as got it for him. I can't help but think what would happen if these two had to fight each other? Especially with the rules of his war? I clenched my fists.

"I can't accept this…," I muttered under my mouth.

The girl looks over to me and smiles, causing me to look at her curiously.

"I know you're jealous, the way you're mulling it over with that expression on your face. Who knows, someday you'll find someone as wonderful as my darling!" She exclaims.

I chuckled awkwardly, "W-Well not really… I have my Servant helping me and I did get some help from someone earlier."

"Oh, I see! Good for you then!" She clapped her hands together and smiled before turning her attention to her boyfriend, who simply sighed from her hyperactive behavior.

"Hmph… she doesn't understand that he darling is nowhere near amazing as my Goshujin-sama!" Caster growled. Settled down Caster, let's not make a scene!

"Oh! Goshujin-sama we're here!" Caster calls at to me as I stood in front of the doors to the Arena.

"Oh right, thanks Caster," I said as I reach out for it.

The moment I tried to enter the Arena, it felt like I ran into a wall and I was flung backwards right onto my butt. It seems someone put up a barrier, a pink-ish square barrier like a wall blocking my entrance, and I have a feeling who did this as I growled irritatedly.

"Hold up there, Master! Someone put up a barrier here! Oops… sorry, I guess I was a little too late on the warning," Caster chuckles with a sweatdrop above her head as I give her the look as I get back up, "I can only think of one person degenerate enough to do something so cheap…"

"We're thinking of the same person indeed Caster, and if I know he so well he should be…"

"Hey there! Looks like you're been hitting the Arena pretty hard. Toughen up yet?" a certain someone calls out to me from behind me.

"… Coming up right behind me as we speak," my eyebrows twitched as I look at my old friend walking up to me with that plaster smile on his face.

Shinji chuckles upon seeing my irritated expression, "I was bored, so I decided to set up a few little surprises here and there. My bad."

Like hell you're sorry about it! This is the same as you unplugging my controller in that fighting game a while back… in those fake memories in this world as far as I recall.

"I'm actually doing bottom feeding Masters like Chris a favor. The Arena is a dangerous place. But if you must enter the Arena, you'll need to track down the two magic sigils I set. However, once you make it into the Arena, I'll crush you like a cockroach. Show up if you dare."

"Are you really that scared of me that you have to hack the doors shut Shinji? Where's that bloated confidence you always had along with that inflated ego as yours?" I gloated as I nonchalantly shrugged off his attempt to come out victorious from his latest scheme without a care about the world look in my face to set Shinji off. He really needs a good smack in the head and have proper discipline and respect for everyone.

Shinji gritted his teeth in angry and then calmed himself down, "Why you… hmm just petty taunts from a loser. Whatever, see you later! Oh, and where are the magic sigils, you ask? Find them yourself, loser!"

Shinji turns around and walks away, laughing as usually. He is really testing my patience, I was tolerant before with him and trying to help him become a better person but I've reached my limit… if he keeps this up I'm so going to…!

"Argh! What a pain in the… tail!" Caster yells as she reappears by my side with a death glare in her eyes, "Goshujin-sama, I'm going to put a death curse on that annoying insect! I'll apologize for killing someone outside of the Arena later!"

"Caster… I might hate Shinji for some of the stuff he does and his attitude needs some readjustments, I think that's going a little too far for punishment… which is a tad excessive in my opinion," I winched at her she has in mind. My Servant can be scary at times.

Caster calms down a bit and looks at me, "Once we find those sigils, the barrier should disappear. I guess he's just stalling for time. We need to find the two locations he said he set the sigils! It shouldn't be too hard… I hope."

She disappears once more to hide herself as I start searching for those sigils. Really Shinji, if you didn't tell me there was sigils that blocked entry to the Arena and I had to remove them to open the doors I wouldn't have figured out what to do in this situation. Thanks for the heads up Shinji!

As I was making my way back down the hallway, another female Master signals to me.

"You must really scare Matou. Hacking the Arena is a good way to incite the wrath of SERAPH. If SERAPH finds out what he did, the penalty he'd receive would be… severe," she said.

I understand, but I disagree as I doubt the SERAPH has anything more severe than what Caster has in planned for him.

"Shinji? I saw him loitering around the nurse's office earlier. I wonder what he was up to," another female Master walks up to us in our conversation.

"Nurse's Office?" I muttered and tilted my head. I have a pretty good feeling where those two sigils are located now… Shinji was around the Nurse's Office AND his desk from what the other Masters as said. Time to go find them.

In Front of the Nurse's Office

"You're kidding me?" I asked looking at the pink talisman-like seal on the Nurse's Office door, that was so painful obvious to the naked eyes so this has to be some kind of bad joke.

"Wow, Goshujin-sama, we found one already. Ahahaha… you would think the little dirtbag would pick a better way to hide these sigils except in plain sight! And this magic sigil so weak it's an insult to me, I can easily erase this with a simply flick my tail and it would be gone! Watch," Caster pouted as she did just that and one of the sigils used to make the barrier has been deleted.

As Caster did that, a strange swell of energy bursted throughout my veins like an explosion, except without feeling any pain as I looked at my hands and scanned the rest of my body to see if I was alright.

Caster eyes me happily and jumps for joy, "Oh, Goshujin-sama–! It looks like you've gain the ability to teleport now!"

"I-I can teleport now?!" I asked in bewilderment… how did I?

"It seems like after I removed that talisman, the energy released after erasing it, must of gotten soaked up inside of you an awaked a new ability inside you! However I can tell it seems to be limited to just teleporting to certain spots in the Moon Cell, so you can't teleport into other Master's private room even though that would be convenient, and only spots you've been too so you can make between the floors in this school without any effort at all. Sadly it seems like you can't use this ability in the Arena, and you can't seem to go to the rooftops and library… how unfortunately. Oh well, walking is good for you and I wouldn't mind my Goshujin-sama staying in tip top shape!" Caster glowed with excitement as she explains this newfound power to me.

"Huh, really? I'm just full of surprises or this is simply a blessing in disguise from Shinji's trick, either way it seems like I can't even teleport into the classrooms as well. Come on Caster, time to find the last sigil," I said, but before we could go anywhere else Sakura came hurriedly out of the Nurse's Office and crashes into me.


"Ow! S-Sakura?! Where's the fire?" I asked as I looked at my purple-haired friend and the school's nurse, even though she's an NPC created by the Moon Cell, who was positioned in a conspicuous manner on top of me with her chest rubbing against mine. What the hell…!? What is it and girl's chest always rubbing against me in some way!


I took a quick glance at Caster who was glaring at me and Sakura, though mostly at me for apparently enjoying the position I'm in right now with Sakura, as I gulped in terror. Please don't kill me Caster.

"CHRIS-KUN!" Sakura cried causing me to look her way and I blinked when I saw her all teary-eyed and such. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for unsealing the door in the Nurse's Office! I couldn't get out no matter what!"

"Y-You were stuck?!" I blurted, I didn't know that. I just thought Shinji just placed the sigil to be 'hidden' and nothing more… I didn't know it sealed Sakura inside her office like that and I doubt Shinji intended it to be like that or he didn't want anyone to see his virtual fake sister.

"Yes! And I was worried that the Moon Cell would be angry at me for not being able to do my job and delete me from the SERAPH! I'm so glad you saved me, Chris-kun," Sakura exclaimed and she embraces me in a huge hug, crying her heart out, as she breasts suffocates me with her pressing them against my face and I can feel Caster's deadly gaze become daggers at Sakura now.

"Why that little… I want to embrace my Goshujin-sama like that too, with him enjoying the softness of my chest as well," Caster growled dangerously to herself.

"S-Sakura… can't… breathe…"

"Oh! OH! I'm sorry!" Sakura says and pushes me away while panicking and her face turning red, realizing now what she was doing to me moments ago.

I panted, trying to get my bearing back after feeling my friend's lovely warm embracement, and looked back to her with a smile to assure her, "N-No problem, but next time around the waist or stomach at least."

"R-right," Sakura murmured, looking slightly depressed, and then her head perked up, "Oh! With the office re-open again I have to make sure all my supplies are in order and the rest of the Masters that haven't gotten their supplies yet will be ready for them! Thank you again Chris-kun! Take care!"

With that note she hurries back to her, but not without giving me a quick peck on the cheek leaving me stun and daze by her certain blunt and somehow oblivious gratitude that was completely out of her character. Never knew she had it in her, but my thoughts came to a halt when I heard someone cough right now to me and I look to me servant with a nervous glance.

"It seems you were enjoying that a little too much, Goshujin-sama," Caster looked away from me with an irritated look.

"Not really, it was unexpected and unintentionally. Don't worry it probably won't happen again," I tried to reassure my foxy servant using my hands to gesture to her to relax and calm down.


"Well I did say probably."

"What was that?"

"Nothing! Nothing! So are we ready to find the next sigil? The fastest we get rid of them and the faster we clear our training in the Arena the more time I'll spend with you in our Private Room," I smiled at Caster and she perked up instantly when I told her I would spend more time with her. Honestly this is the only way to make her happy that I know of, or more to the point one that doesn't embarrass me, though I feel a little guilty using her feelings like that to my advantage but I'll make it up to her with a hug and I do love seeing her smile like that.

"You will Goshujin-sama!? Then let's get going, we're show that Shinji who is he messing with… and I hope you give me a reward for a job well-done Goshujin-sama!" Caster purred and jumped into the air.

"Alright, let's calmed down Caster. I have a good feeling where to go to next, and it's a good test drive for my new teleporting ability," I motion the thought and with a single thought, we teleported to the second floor with just a thought, "Wow! Impressive!"

"Cool, huh, Goshujin-sama?"

And the last of the sigils used to make the barrier has been deleted.

"You would think someone of Shinji's intelligence would have given it more thought to hide these in better spots, and not in such easy childish places you find immediately," I shake my head in disapproval.

"All right, we finally got rid of these pesky sigils! Goshujin-sama, you really are the greatest!" Caster jumped for joy and hugged me from behind, and I felt her chest rubbing against my back causing my face to turn red.

"N-Not really, I simply connect the dots between Shinji's behavior from the Masters and the barrier he created. Nothing special, just a simply deduction work," I scratch my nose in embarrassment from Caster's praise.

Caster simply smiles until a thought occurs to her, "Wait a sec. That little punk's human, but he still pulled off that trap in the SERAPH? How…?"

"They say he's a genius hacker… so I guess its second nature to him. No use complaining about it, we need to make up for lost time, by going to the Arena," I ended the conversation and headed back downstairs.

"You know you could've teleported Goshujin-sama," Caster stick out her tongue.

"I know, but I like walking better," I smiled back.

First Floor

"What the hell happened!? How come the barrier was shut down so fast! There's no way!" Shinji panicked as he typed in his virtual display computer in the air until I walked up behind him. He closed the computer and turned to greet me with another fake smile. Hmm… should I punch him squarely in the mouth?

"Hmph. You got here faster than I expected," Shinji said coolly to try and stay calm in the situation, "But all that means is they didn't collect much treasure."

Treasure? What is he talking about? Did he close the Arena not only to stop others from going in, but to do some special training or something to power up his servant even more? OK, that does it!

"Haha! What's with that stupid look on your face?" Shinji blurted out loud with a cheesy laugh.

"OK Shinji… I've been a patience person and a good friend to you, but now the gloves are coming off!" I exploded as I pulled Shinji in a headlock and started nooging him in the head hard with my knuckles digging right on top of his head.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! What the hell do you think you're doing! Y-You can't treat me like this! Oooww! Cheater, you damn cheater stop that! Only Servants fight each other, not Masters!" Shinji bellowed as I continue to noogie me even harder.

"OK! I just had it with you Shinji! You need to be taught a damn lesson right now and you are going to listen to me! Do you understand me, young man!?" I yelled as I kept my grip on Shinji strong as struggles to get out of my headlock.

"Wow! Is that Shinji Matou and Chris Corona? Are they going at it again!?"

"Isn't that the infamous discipline scene that happens from time to time between them?"

"Yup! Even if they were fake memories, Chris and Shinji would go at it like this and fight with each other! Oddly enough, they still remind friends despite the fighting."

"I've heard, Chris only gets like this after Shinji annoys Chris or does something bad and Chris' angry just accumulates until he explodes like now. Never thought I get to see the legendary fight."

I hear the voices of the other Masters as they look at the scene between Shinji and me, but I didn't care. Shinji really needs a beatdown right now!

"Hahahaha! This is too much, Caster your Master is really something else, isn't he? I hadn't laugh so hard this much in ages, even when I celebrated with my fellow crew with a bucket of rum!" Rider gives out a hearty laugh as she and my Servant appear beside us.

"Of course, my Goshujin-sama is the best! Though I've never seen him like this," Caster praises me, but then looks nervously at me since this is the first time she's seen me truly angry.

"Haha, you know sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have him as my Master. What do you say, Caster? Want to trade Masters for a day?" Rider offers Caster a trade as she nudges her in the side to comply.

Caster tilts her head and smiles. "Nope~! Gomen nasai, but I'm not letting go of my Goshujin-sama not matter what! I'm staying with him for eternal."

Rider frowns, "*Blech* Eternity? Where's the fun in that if things last forever, I wouldn't mind seeing your Master going through their episodes from time to time. He surprises me every time for a landlubber, and I can see him as a potential first mate and we can go back to have fun time to time and enjoy the fun as long as it last until it's gone and then start building up from that again. Shinji is interesting and all, and provides me with what I want, but there something your Master has that's just something special and I want it. I'll even kidnap him."

"Oh, ho, ho, there's no way I'm letting an old hag steal my Goshujin-sama!" Caster mockingly smiles at her rival.

"Heh, I might be older than him but ain't that old! And aren't you older than him too? Seems to me he likes older women," Rider wraps her arm around Caster, "Though unfortunately it doesn't seem we can get along as long as you continue on with that eternity crap. Otherwise I think we can have some real fun together!"

"I honored by the offer, but I simply cannot. It's who I am."

Rider shrugs and walks way, "Oh well. Hey, Shinji, you done playing with your friend, yet? Not, that I'm not enjoying myself, from the budding friendship between fellow men, but isn't it time to go?"

I let Shinji go after I lectured him while holding him in a headlock and growling at him.

"Just to make sure you get the message!" I pulled Shinji towards me and smashed my head against his, not caring for the dizzy feeling from the sudden headbutt I gave Shinji. My angry is subduing, but I hope he doesn't do it again.

"Goddammit! Fine, but damn you're crazy Chris! Why the hell did you do that!?" Shinji barks at me with a death glare as he rubs his forehead, and I shot one right back at him.

Caster steps between us and smiles at Shinji. I don't like the feeling I'm getting from Caster.

"Well I'm glad you've been taking care of my Goshujin-sama before I met him, but please remember if you EVER harm or insult my Goshujin-sama in any way please note I will use my new secret castration technique I've been perfecting recently. I'm especially good at 'drilling' my technique with my knuckles quite thoroughly, too."

Both me and Shinji jumped back and winced. When the hell did she had time to do that?

"Let's go, Goshujin-sama. We wasted enough time here," Caster calls me to me as I followed, and I could hear Rider laughing at her expressions stating how it's a shame she and Caster can't really get along together.

"Right! But were you just joking about the whole, castration, thing right?" I sweated.

"No, not really! I developed that technique just in case my Goshujin-sama even thought of cheating on me," Caster sang.

Que.. what?!


"Sheesh! What the hell is his problem! Always talking down to me, like that!" Shinji gritted his teeth.

"I don't know, it seem like you really enjoyed it. You always talk about Chris, how he should be impressed with your talents. A desperate cry for attention from someone you actually idolize as an older brother figure to you," Rider nonchalantly states.

"Wha-!? Who gives you the right to state such utter false accusation like that?! He just annoys me, that's all! I don't care what he really thinks about me, especially since he can't acknowledge that my skills are unrivaled!" Shinji denies. "Besides you come from a high-class life like myself, right?"

"A life of royalty isn't really my thing, I might have been a ruler at one time, but thanks to a friend of mine I finally got to live out my dream of freedom and adventure, as well to take the world by storm. Tis the way of a villain, hehe!" Rider gloated.

"Tsh, I told you I'm not villain! Besides getting whatever you want anything, who would give up something like that?!"

"I never said that capt'n, but I like to get things with my own two hands… and then waste them all away in one go and start all over again! However it is a lonely venture to have no comrades and the like to aid you, growing up alone isn't the way, right Shinji? Especially without support from your family?"

"D-Don't patronize me!" Shinji clenched his fist, "I grew up by myself and look how I turned out! Besides no matter what I do, it was never enough for my folks so who gives a damn what other people think when you know you're the best yourself! When Chris first approached me I thought he was really impressed and was the first one to acknowledge, but in the end he's the same as the rest!"

"I don't particular think so," Rider teased, "You seem to value what he says and you seem to get the gist of it, but Shinji remember this is a war and you better shape up or else you'll lose your one and only friend forever. I prefer the little batter between the fights, that' the kind of friendship I like to see… nothing of that always being friendly everyday crap, so dull if you ask me. Did you think I'll come to your aid when trouble arises between friends, no I think not~!"

"What the hell are you talking about!? Just listen to me and we'll win this thing! It's just a tournament with the name 'war' in it, just a fear factor thing," Shinji scoffs off at Rider.

Rider walks up to Shinji and flicks Shinji's forehead, while smiling.

"What the hell Rider! What was that for!"

"Just felt like it, and I didn't want to feel left out of the fun," Rider said as she pets Shinji's head.

"Would you stop that you crazy woman! And that's the smell…?! Grr… would you stop stopping alcohol! You know I hate the smell of it!" Shinji says as he tries to brush off Rider.

"Hey, hey, Shinji I thought you like having your big sister play with you!"

"Quit it!"


Private Room

"You can't fool me with cheap tricks!" Caster complains about Shinji's earlier attempt to stop us from going into the Arena, "…However he won't be the only Master to set up obstacles like that outside the Arena. But, as long as you're with me, Goshujin-sama, I'll knock down all the obstacles in your way!"

"I see, thanks Caster," I replied back. Hmm, she's right though who is it to say that not of the other Masters will play fair. This is a war and as they say all things fair in love and war and I have to trend carefully from now on.

"Ah, the prep period ends tomorrow. If you don't have your cipher keys, remember to get them tomorrow… is what I would normally say if you didn't already have both the cipher keys already! I'm so amazed at how much of a hard worker you are Goshujin-sama! It makes me fall in love with you even more!" Caster purrs.

"Hahaha… A thanks?"

"Oh! Goshujin-sama, did you know? You've had ten perfect matches!" Caster exclaimed.

"Perfect matches?" I replied back with a tad of uncertainy in my voice. What did she mean by that?

"The field of play for any strategy-based game requires a pramatic order of actions," Caster explains while waving her finger at me, "The core idea of both Go and mahjong is that one sees the whole of the world from a unique perpective."

Go and mahjong? Those Asian-based board games? They're kinda like Europeron chess and checkers, right?

"Trying to anticipate your opponent's move is akin to meditation and the fusing the spiritual and the physical."

"Well, I'm not sure or not but I believe I'm good at meditation since I believe I've done martial arts in real life... and I'm pretty good and readying my opponent's next moves, more or less."

"Indeed Goshujin-sama, however in order to know yourself, you must first know others–," Caster stops midway and laughs it off, "Hahahaha, I'm just messing with you. Like I really believe in any of that mystical nonsense."

I raise my eyebrow into disbelief. "And here I thought you were being serious for once! And aren't you like the personification of mystical nonsense?!"

Caster purrs with delight. "Well I am a mystical being, but it's not the same as mystical awareness or anything silly as that! The bottom line is that I think you're beyond awesome for having so many perfect fights!"

"So basically, perfectly counter all enemy attacks without messing up once, am I right?" I sighed with resignation. I just can't win against her.

"Yup! So, keep up your streak of perfection! I, for one, think it's amazing that you avoid taking any damage!" Caster beams at me.

My faces heats up. "W-Well I just don't want you to get hurt that's all."

Caster squealed. "Gasp! My Goshujin-sama is worried about me! Oh happy day! Goshujin-sama what else are you concern about me?!"

"We're done talking about this," I ended the conversation on a sour note. "Let's get ready for sleep, I'll go in first and brush my teeth. I'll be out quick, alright Caster?"

"Hai!" Caster smiles as I go in to brush my teeth, as Caster quickly pulls out a magazine from out of nowhere when the coast is clear and starts reading it.

As I enter into the Wash room to clean up, and I can't help but pondering how many days are left in the first week. In two days Shinji and I will be force to fight each other to the death with our Servants and only one of us will come back alive. I just… Shinji irritates me to no end sometimes, but I can't really bring myself to kill him, but on the other hand not only do I lose my life but Caster will die along with me as well and I can't forgive myself if I let her die like that. Caster might be bubbly, flighty, flirty, and over-the-top at times but she means will and she's been nothing but loyal to me and I admire her for that. Shinji is an old friend of mine, even if he is the enemy, but I truly care about Caster very much and she's a very close friend of mine now even if I don't know everything about her and I don't want everything to happen to her.

I sigh, there wasn't anything I can do at the moment nor do I have the power to change it.

I stepped out of the Wash room after brushing me teeth. "OK Caster, you're turn."

Caster hides something behind her back and smiled innocently. OK that's just suspicious, I twitched my eyebrow up.

"Alright, I'll be ready in a moment! No peeking Goshujin-sama!" Caster quickly dashes into the Wash room at blinding speed.

"Since when did I become a pervert?" I growled at Caster and give her a half-casted look of annoyance as she zips into the room.

After several minutes, Caster emerges from the Wash room. "Alright, I'm ready Goshujin-sama!"

"OK, let's go to… bed…?" My eyes wandered onto Caster as she steps out and I do a double take. This time, instead of her usual clothing choice of her black and blue kimono, she simply wore a long white t-shirt that barely covers half of her thighs and smiles at me.

"Something wrong, Goshujin-sama?" Caster smiles back at me.

"Ah Caster… why are you dressed like that?" I asked, not that I didn't find this kinda hot to look at. She didn't have her blue ribbons on this time as always when she goes to sleep.

"Something wrong with it Goshujin-sama? I just wanted to slip into something simple," Caster whispers into my ears as she walks up to me. Damn, that was very seductive of you Caster and completely an unfair strategy to use on your Master! I'm not a pervert, I'm not a pervert, but dear god she's so damn sexy and beautiful and I'm lucky to have her to myself! Curse you Caster, I've grown use to her antics now and I'm slowly warming up to you too!

"N-N-Nothing wrong… l-looks good on you," I tried to get out but it almost came out as unintelligent gibberish as I muttered to her.

Caster winks at me as she plops down on the futon and poses in a very sexy seductive manner, where she shows off most of her legs and almost the bottom part of her butt facing me as the upper torso just faces straight to the air and she smiles at her with a fox-like grin.

"Care to join me Goshujin-sama?" she said so, oh so, very playfully. "By the way Goshujin-sama… I'm not wearing anything underneath, except for my panties."

I simply nodded, I feel like I'm being possessed or something, but then I shake my head and winced. "OK, OK, I'm getting in, but Caster please stop teasing me like that! It's not funny! And for the love of all thing's good and holy, why are you doing this!?"

I growled as I slipped into my side of the futon and face away from my Servant, but not because I didn't like it or anything but I didn't want to show her my flustering face and possibly the burning look of desire to coddle her at this moment.

"H-Hai… Gomen nasai, Goshujin-sama. I'll try to not bother you tonight this time," Caster mutters as her fox ears plop down in disappointment and looks the other way and falls asleep.

T-That's… that's just so unfair Caster… You've pulled my heartstring with the way you said it and the tone of sadness in your voice as I sit upright and look at her. I guess that came off saying I didn't like it and disapprove of her methods.

"Caster? Are you awake?" I called out to her, but no answer.

I leaned forward and took a look at her beautiful sleeping face with the virtual moonlight shining on her. Damn she looks so beautiful, however the sad frown on her face didn't suit her and I felt anguish over the fact that I made her unhappy.

I took in a deep breath and leaned in and kiss Caster on the cheek, and I noticed her face glow with a pink hue on her face. "Goodnight Caster. And sorry."

I face the other way and tried to go to sleep.

Caster's eyes opened and looked in the direction where her master is sleeping without moving her head and smiles a victorious smile. *Squeal* He kissed me, he kissed me, he kissed me! Even if Goshujin-sama simply kissed me on the cheek, I'm super-duper happy! He loves me! He cares about me! The plan was a success from the magazine Kohaku gave me! I'm so ecstatic right now I could explode!

I twitched my eyebrows and had a wryly expression right now.

She was awake, wasn't she?

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Also another reason why it took so long to write this chapter was because I wanted to draw a picture of what my Protagonist, Chris Corona, looks like in this fanfic to get a better idea. However I was taking too long so next time I'll draw him and post the link to the picture in the next chapter. I really need to get off my lazy butt and start doing my drawings again.

Well I'll try to get the chapter done as quickly as I can, though I like to take some breaks in between to rest my mind and be fully ready to write the next chapter.

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Also sorry to all those Hisui fans out there with having little screen time with Hisui in this chapter. I'm not truly sure I can capture her character just yet, but I will try to expand upon her and have more screen time talk with her and my Protagonist.

Just two more chapters left until the Shinji Arc of my fanfic is over, along with a special sometime in-between the Shinji Arc and the next story part the Dan Arc! We're getting closer to the end and the Elimination Battle is fast approach and I hope you'll enjoy the end of this story arc including the final thoughts of the characters!

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