Growing up Samurai 1

Author Note: This is a bit important…I HAVE BECOME PART MEMILY! ARRRRRRGGG! My Jemily friends, PLEASE I BEG don't kill me! It's just adorable, and that movie…ah….don't kill me! I am still a hardcore Jemily, and am keeping the spirit alive, don't get me wrong. I just will write Memily every once and a now! This is a fan request from yougotrejected, and enjoy!

The little device crashed to the floor. Emily looked at the broken plastic, then at the mirror. Her face was pale except for a firey redness in her cheeks, and her eyes were teary and showed a tortured girl inside. She crumpled to the floor and started to sob uncontrolably.

"Emily?" his voice came at the door.

"You did this," she wept, and he knew what she meant, "the team...the life is over.."

"But baby," he came in, shutting the door and kneeling to her, "isn't this what you wanted?"

"Not now!" she sobbed, "it's only because he or she will be in such danger!"

"It'll be over soon," he promised, "he or she will be fine because the war's going to end ASAP and then we can get a head start on our lives."

"Thanks," she sniffed, her hand moving to her stomach, "I love him or her already."

Two months later….

"Hey, Emily, I don't want to sound rude or anything, but…your gaining some weight," Mia looked at her friend's rounding stomach, raising an eyebrow. Emily was usually fit as a fiddle and skinny as a stick.

"I've noticed," the blonde looked down at it and bit her lower lip, trying to come up with a lie, "I need to work out more.!"

She rushed out of the big wooden gates of the Shiba House, feeling nausea come over her. Bending over in the forest, she got sick and coughed hard. When it was over, she felt even worse than before. Falling back, she ran her hand over her sweat-sheeted pale face. She hated lying to them all and was scared to death to tell them for many reasons.

Kevin would jump her on how that was against the Samurai and how that put all of them at risk. Mia would be happy for her but probably try to prevent it. Antonio would go all crazy about how his baby sister figure was too young, and Wesley would kill her.

Jayden wasn't the problem.

He was still gone from Deker, dead as a doornail. (D.:, might I add). A Red Ranger was needed to take his place to harness the sealing symbol. So far, the only Ranger strong enough to handle that was Kevin. The Blue Ranger postion was left in the air then, so Mia took on both. It was hard on the two, but they were handling it for the time being.

Maybe, though, if this child was strong, it could help out. Sure, it'd be with whatever next generaton of Samurai. But he or she could possibly become Red Ranger. Or Pink or Blue, something of the sort. She was confident in her child already, and it was still early in this pregnancy.

That had to be a good sign.

"You okay, Emy?"Mike came at her through the mist. She looked up at him with watering eyes and threw her arms around him.

"I'm scared to tell them, but I'll have to sometime.." she bit her lower lip and trembled in his grasp.

"Who cares what they think?" he kissed her face and under her eyes, "this is our battle and its personal what we want with our lives. Just remember that. And if they kick us out…well, they all go down."

"But…I care about them," her stomach was once more churning.

"And if they really care about us they'll get over it,"

She sniffed and nodded slowly, "I guess you're right. I love you so much, Mike, it hurts."

"That just may be the baby," he joked, picking her up, "you are getting heavy."

"Karma?" she suggested with a giggle.

"Funny," he started carrying her back, "now, let's go see what they think of the name Mike Jr."