She smiled, a blinding flash of brilliance which lit up the day and cast the Sun into shadow, Her eyes twinkled, a look of mischief, of indulgence, a look you easily drown in as the irises fell away and revealed a miriad of stars. The worlds contained in her eyes revolved, mostly oblivious to the presence of their creative deity. Their lives uncomplicated by the knowledge of their fragile existence. Sarah stood, transfixed by the vast pools, captivated by their majesty.

" I think that means yes, but do hurry. Friends is on in ten minutes and she would hate to miss it!"

Sarah turned to the sarcastic voice of the man, no, the angel she mentally corrected herself, who stood on the right hand of God. The Metatrone, God's official voice when dealing with humans, a Seraphim, one of the highest order of angels, sarcastic, moody, vain , deliciously dark and sexy, with a voice like liquid velvet…..her friend.

"Well, could I just whisper what I wanted?" Sarah asked nervously. Her joking request for a reward after saving God from a living death and preventing the end of existence, had been a spur of the moment decision, one she was beginning to regret. God simply smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

Sarah leaned forward, knowing what she was going to ask for, but nearly dying from the embarrassment she felt at having to ask. If he heard her, if her request was denied….she felt faint from the rush of blood from her brain to her flaming red cheeks.

"Well, come on….promise I won't eavesdrop" he huffed, moving further away and pointedly studying the intricate carving on one of the pillars that had been blasted to the ground in the recent conflict with evil. Lucifer was going to have one hell of a rebuilding bill on his hands tomorrow……he chuckled to himself.

Sarah leaned closer to God's ear, and cupping her hand she whispered.

"I want him, the Metatron, in perfect working order, whenever he gets some time off, and only if he wants to." she gabbled, blushing furiously to the the roots of her hair. She looked down at her toes, wishing she could change her mind, when she realised that the deity standing next to her was shaking with mirth and nodding excitedly.

"That sorted then? Good. Only nanoseconds to go before the next Friends episode. Must go. Take care." he said, bustling the still silently laughing deity into the church. Then a flash of blinding light they were gone, leaving Sarah alone, still scarlet and furiously embarrassed but delirously happy. Did that nod mean yes, I agree, or did it mean "Are you really sure about this, I can't wait to watch this could be better than Friends!" Sarah turned and walked back home, thanking God and hoping this weeks episode was not a repeat!