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It didn't matter how much he threw himself back into his work. It didn't change the fact that whenever he closed his eyes he could see her face. He could hear her words, her voice calling to him, could feel how much she loved him. He wasn't quite sure how long he had been brooding about her, about the situation. He knew he should have forgiven her immediately. Michael had owned up as soon as Gabriel had hauled him before an enraged God. Her wrath was mighty, and Heaven had quaked in expectation. The punishment had been severe, but as he had confessed to impersonating Gabriel simply to understand what love was, he had been forgiven. God in her wisdom and benevolence had been merciful. Gabriel was not feeling quite so magnanimous!

He knew he would have to go and see her, but he still felt wronged, betrayed. He knew it was stupid, she had done nothing wrong. She was the victim in this case, but he couldn't look at her without seeing Michael all over her. He was a coward, and he knew it. Head in hands he sat, his heart breaking, while his deity looked on unable to help him.

The melody was haunting, an Irish folk song with painful lyrics which told of a lost love. The whisper of flutes played a sweet melody, and the audience such as it was stilled for a moment, their attention captured by the sweet voice of the brown haired girl. Her anguish and pain broke over her, and the tears shining in her eyes spilled over tracing twin tracks down her pale cheeks.

As the last chorus came to an end she saw him, standing at the back of the crowd, his head down, hands in his pockets. He looked up, and for an instant their eyes locked, and a silent conversation of pain was relayed, one to the other. The crowd shifted and she lost sight of him. Her turn finished, she put down the microphone and headed back to her table.

"Sarah, did it have to be such a sad song?" Callie asked, " You need to get over his guy honey. It's been two years now, and you need to move on."

"I know, " Sarah said, wiping her eyes on her sleeve, managing to smear mascara half way over her cheeks. " I know Callie,. I think I'm over him, and then it just all comes back. What happened about that blind date you were going to set me up with?"

"Oh, you really up for it then?" Callie enquired, looking at her friend nervously. "I mean, he's really nice, and I think that you will get on really well. Please try Sar, I want my best friend to be happy." she smiled, the look of concern never leaving her eyes.

Sarah hugged her and said "Yes, I'll give him a go. But he had better be better than the last guy you set me up with!"

Callie looked confused,

"Oh God, the Mitchell twins! Honey, how many times do I have to say I'm sorry about that one, " she giggled, "I was only twelve. You can't have taste in men at twelve!" she laughed, putting her arm around Sarah's shoulders and pulling her towards the exit of the Karioke bar and back home.

He watched her, her voice echoing around his mind, the pain in her eyes had changed her, and he had had to look twice to make sure it was really her. He hadn't realised how long he had been away. Time was different for him, a heartbeat could last an eternity, and a millennium could be over in a second.

He watched her leave, her friend comforting her, and he knew he had to act. He loved her, he knew that with an absolute certainty, and he didn't want to be without her.

"Sarah?" he whispered, fading slowly into view. She sat on the edge of the bed, where she had remained unmoving for the last ten minutes since she had gotten home. She looked up at him, not startled, but as if she had expected this visit, and dreaded it.

"Sarah.." he repeated, but unsure of his next words he faltered. He took a step towards her, and sank into a boneless heap at her feet, burying his head in her hands.

"Oh my love, please forgive me. I didn't realise how much time had gone by., I swear. I love you, I love you Sarah." his voice broke, the whisper stirring the air as he raised his tear stained face to look at her.

She cupped his face with her hand, and for a moment looked disconcertingly like his Deity.

"I love you too" she whispered, so softly he thought he may have imagined it. But she bent her head, bringing her lips down to meet his in a kiss, a searing kiss which healed all the pain and hurt.

He rose up, taking her with him, crushing her against his body, kissing her senseless. He felt her sag against him, and knew her legs had given up on her. He broke his kiss long enough to look her in the eye, smiling, caressing her, holding her in his arms. Sarah felt her knees turn to jelly, and she held onto him, grateful for his strength. His gaze seemed to see through to her soul, and she knew that this time they were not going to be interrupted by anything….God willing.

Slowly he pushed her back onto the bed, cupping his hands round her face, and devouring her mouth. Exploring the taste of her, revelling in her sweetness, their tongues continued to dance. Slowly he brought his kisses further down her jaw line, his hands wandering to cover her, to touch her. He was totally inexperienced when it came to this, but Sarah guided him. Letting him know what she liked, what she needed. She pulled at his jacket, removing it and tossing it on to the floor, quickly followed by the rest of his clothes. He took his time removing her clothes, lingering in the sensuality which the fabric aroused. He kissed every place he managed to reveal, until she was left in her underwear, and a sensual smile.

He looked down at her, drinking in her beauty, marvelling that she wanted him.

"No," she said" No self doubts, my love. I love you, I love you, I love you" she murmured as he groaned in pleasure and lowered his mouth onto a lace covered nipple. Sucking at it through the material, nipping with his teeth. He moved his hands round her back and tried to remove her bra, growling in frustration as the garment refused to fall open at his touch. Sarah giggled, and opened the front clasp, smiling at his embarrassed grin. He looked so boyish, so beautiful, that she gasped in wonder at him, and pulled his head down to kiss him passionately.

His hands, now free to caress her skin, moved to her breasts, and she arched into him as his thumbs began to stoke her nipples bringing them into hard peeks and eliciting a soft moan from her.

Pulling them into his mouth he sucked hard, nipping gently as Sarah moaned her delight.

He began kissing along her side, dragging his tongue across her fevered skin, kissing her belly button as he moved down towards her spread legs, pulling at her panties.

"No", she yelped, tensing completely and pulling herself up the bed away from him. "Gabriel?" she whispered to his confusion.

"It is me Sarah," he spoke, his voice like liquid velvet, "it really is me." and he pulled her into his arms, holding her shaking body as he rocked her gently. He had not thought too hard about her feelings with regard to Michael, but her realised that he needed to wipe that memory from her. He needed to give her a better memory. As her tension left her he laid her back onto the bed, smiling gently he cupped her face.

"Do you trust me my love?" he asked, to be aswered by Sarah's affirmative nod.

"I love you my heart." he whispered, kissing her tummy and resuming his downwards journey as he stripped her panties off and tossed them with her other clothes.

He buried his face in the mound of damp curls he found, breathing in her scent, as he softly blew on her arousal. Sarah gasped, arching her back and lifting her hips up to give him better access.

Gently at first, he traced his tongue along her folds, finding her nub. Licking and suckling at it he heard her breath, harsh and uneven explode from her lungs as her body became rigid. She clasped his head between her hands, and moaned in ecstasy as her orgasm washed over and through her. He rose up, kissing her hungrily. She could taste herself on his lips, and she felt more aroused than she had ever thought possible. She could feel his hardness, it nudged against her thigh, and so with a twist of her hips she felt his velvety tip at her entrance.

He gazed at her, an expression of rapture on his face as he slowly thrust into her, his wings suddenly expanding and covering their bodies. His thrusts became more urgent, her hands fluttered along his back, touching his wings, his muscles, coming to rest on his backside. She pulled him in deeper, both of them moaning in delight as the build up of sweet tension finally exploded within them. Sarah's climax causing ripples of pleasure to run through her, and after another thrust Gabriel followed, crying out her name as his body tensed and he emptied his seed inside of her.

Spent and exhausted, but deliriously happy, he rolled onto his side, wrapping his arms and his wings around her. Burying his nose in the silk of her hair, he breathed her, loving her with all his soul. Suddenly aware that her hair was becoming damp, he raised his head to look at her.

"I hurt you," he stated gently, wiping away the tears which threatened to fall.

"No," she whispered, " No, you saved me."

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