Diana smirked to herself as she looked at the grandfather clock. It slid open, revealing the path to the batcave as it usually does when manipulated correctly. She saw him sitting in his usual chair staring attentively into the computer screen as she floated down the stairway. He was slouching back with his right elbow on the armrest while his right hand was scratching his beard. It had been three days since he last shaved. Three days since he last left the cave.

Diana hummed as she sat on his lap while gently taking his cowl off. "I go and visit the league for three days only to come back to see that you haven't even moved out of this chair." Bruce took a breath as he finally broke his stare at the screen to look into her beautiful pearl eyes. He sat up, allowing Diana to curl up comfortably in his lap. "Would you like to know how my day went?"

Bruce continued to slowly type on the keyboard while holding Diana. "You woke up in your quarters, had breakfast with Shayera and Donna, visited with the rest of the founding members like you usually do, had lunch with Zatanna, talked about me… obviously… then went shopping with the girls before coming here."

"Still checking up on me I see…" Diana laughed while playing with her wedding ring.

Bruce smirked. "As often as you check up on me Princess."

"You know… you're not the only person Zee and I talk about anymore." Diana tilted her head as she smiled while touching his stubby beard. "You need to shave… Guess where we're going tonight."

"The Gotham city orphanage fund raiser that you and Zatanna forced both Colby and I to agree to a week ago." Bruce said as he continued to focus on his work. He felt Diana's soft fingers gently massaging the back of his neck as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I have to find him Princess… it's been four months since we last saw him. I know he's still alive somewhere or I would have found his body by now."

"I know Bruce… I know..." Diana watched Bruce look over to the Robin suit in the display case. "You'll find him. I know you will." She cupped his cheek with her hand and turned his face to look at her. "Everything will work out. After everything that has happened to us, and with everything we've had to overcome, I believe it now more than ever." Diana smiled warmly as she traced his jaw line with her fingers. Bruce stared into her bright pearly blue eyes before nodding. Something about Diana's little speeches about her faith or love for him always seemed to reenergize him. Bruce started to reach for the computer when Diana quickly shifted to block him off. "YOU are going Bruce..."

Bruce watched Diana grab his hand and interlock his fingers with hers. "But…"

"Gotham is completely covered." Diana quickly cut Bruce off as she used her free hand to pull him closer to her. "Barbra and Dick are back from their honeymoon. Dick is patrolling with Tim and Cassandra Barb is back in the clock tower overseeing them and the Birds." Diana grinned as she rested her forehead on his and stared into his eyes. "You're mine tonight, and I won't be denied."

"Oh really?" Bruce flashed a mischievous smirk.

Knowing exactly what he was thinking, Diana shook her head as she playfully poked him in the chest with her finger. "YOU… you're going to be on your best behavior tonight." Bruce raised his eyebrow innocently as he held the hand that she used to poke him with. Diana rolled her eyes before glaring back at him. "Understood?"

"Yes Princess…" Bruce kissed her before making their way back up to the mansion.

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