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Riddle me this, puzzle me that.

It was a 'normal', typical Wednesday afternoon. Amy and Rory were sitting down on the Tardis stairs, still exhausted from the adventure earlier in the morning. Being chased by Sontaran's isn't necessarily classed as 'fun'. However, Rory and Amy still continue to love the adventures none the less. The Doctor -who had decided to take of the tweed jacket- was also sitting down. They were tired and still out of breath, but that doesn't stop them from more adventures does it? Deciding that he had enough rest, the Doctor stood up, with the support of the railings, and wondered round the Tardis.

"Where to next then?" He questioned himself while typing in co-ordinates. It doesn't matter where they land; it's still going to be an adventure. The once they simply went out to get an ice cream, and came back with bullets being fired at them and The Doctor accidently proposing to Marilyn Monroe. Amy smiled to herself, remembering the Doctor's face turn red after the realisation of proposing to Marilyn.

"Any suggestions?" The Doctor asked the couple on the stairs. Rory was quite contempt to stay exactly where he was. Amy, on the other hand, loved adventures with the Doctor, and would carry on travelling with him for all eternity if she could.

"Well where do you suppose we go?" Amy asked with a huge smile on her face. Really, it made no sense what so ever to ask them where they wanted to go. It's not asif they know all the planets name's and stuff. Well only the Moon, Mars, Jupiter ect. But those planets were classed as 'boringers' compared to other planets they explored with the Doctor.

"Well…" He mumbled to himself. "There is this planet that I want to see, haven't had the time really," he finished off, dancing around the Tardis console once more.

"Haven't had the time," Rory quoted sarcastically. "We're in a time machine!" He informed him, quite confused.

Knock, knock the door knocked.

"Doctor did your door just knock? Wow I didn't think I'd be saying that again," Amy acknowledged smiling to herself again. Rory shook his head.

"Doctor?" He asked, he sounded quite frightened yet suspicious at the same time.

The Doctor hopped down the stairs and skipped to the door, swinging the door open before him.

"Mail? Again?" The Doctor sounded disappointed. "Let's see then," he mumbled. He hopped back up the stairs and made his way to his tweed jacket, searching for his sonic in his inside pocket.

He retrieved the sonic and aimed it at the white box in his hands. Last time this happened, the Doctor received voice calls asking for 'help' from timelords. This time however a light shone from the top of the box,

"Oh, a written message," he announced cheerily. He shone the light at the wall, he read aloud,

"Please whoever is reading this? HELP! We are surrounded. Need help immediately."

"Hm… So much for the extraordinary planet I had planned…" The Doctor whispered, trying to break the horrible silence.

"How do you know where to go?" Rory asked, still reading the letter carefully.

"Oh, that's easy. I'll just trace the email from where it was sent," he rambled while clicking buttons and pulling levers. The Tardis came to a stop.

"So…Where are we?" Amy questioned. She was standing next to Rory, arms around her chest. The Doctor tapped the scanner.

"Hm. No idea. Scanner's not working," he admitted, now messing with the nozzles on the scanner.

"Doctor, there are people that need help, and your just standing there. Fixing a scanner?" Rory speculated, frowning at him.

"But it's broken?" He replied innocently. He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh, "no. You're right Rory. C'mon then, let's see what's in store for us." He ran to the door and jumped out.

"Right then. Earth, 78th Century." He jumped up and down a few times, "London?" He jumped once more, "No Birmingham. Definitely Birmingham."

Amy and Rory looked at there surroundings. It was just a normal living room.

"Yes, but where?" Rory asked, still looking at the room. There appeared to be a fireplace still alight.

"Rory," He spoke putting his hand on his shoulder. "I have absolutely no idea."

Then he gave a wide grin. Rory nodded his head quite nervously. It shouldn't be like that, he's meant to scare the Doctor not the other way around. He's his father-in-law for crying out loud, even though it wasn't really a proper wedding. Still, they all remember it clearly. The Doctor walked over to the door at the other end of the room.

"C'mon then you two," he exclaimed.

Rory and Amy didn't need telling twice.

Weirdly enough on the other side of the door there was a party. Surely they would have heard the loud music? It was overly crowded; The Doctor struggled to even move. They all made there way over to the bar, so as they could sit down and talk.

There were only two seats available; the other seats were 'in use'. Well, they just had couple's snogging there faces off 'in use'. So the Doctor let Amy and Rory sit down.

"Why would anyone ask for help here?" Amy spoke, before any of them could say the same thing. The Doctor looked around the club, trying to find anyone that was hurt or needed help. Nothing. A familiar voice came from behind them at the counter of the bar.

"Sweetie, I paid £20 for a drink. I think that deserves more than a 100ml shot, don't you?" River warned the woman, pulling the bottle off her.

"River?" They all said in unison. River looked over at the three people infront of her.

Amy just stood there giggling to herself at how they found her, whereas Rory and The Doctor didn't look too pleased.

"Oh, hello sweetie," she shouted over the music.

The Doctor shook his head slightly and snatched the bottle of vodka from her grasp. She tried to retaliate, but knew that if she started fighting in a club they would be sent out immediately. So she just gave up and let him have it.

"None of…" He looked at the bottle sceptically, "this. What are you doing here?" He asked distastefully. She moved round the counter so as she was closer to them.

"The Tardis sent me a message saying you were in trouble," she admitted. She looked at him up and down.

"However, I can see you're perfectly fine," she emphasized. The Doctor suddenly felt something burning at his chest, leaving him shout in agony.

"Ow,Ow,Ow." He put his hand in his inside pocket and threw the psychic paper on the counter. While the Doctor was to busy looking at his now burnt shirt, River took a look at the message. 'Don't believe everything you read, sweetheart x G.' She picked up the psychic paper and placed it in the Doctor's face.

"Doctor? What is this?" She asked worriedly. The Doctor took the paper from her hand and had a look properly. He scratched his cheek nervously, 'whatisthis?' he thought to himself. He shrugged his shoulders in reply,

"I have no idea. Tell you what; shall we go somewhere where we can actually talk, properly?" He bellowed over the music, pointing to the door they entered earlier. She nodded and made her way to the door, with The Doctor, Amy and Rory not far behind. As she opened the door they came to a bowling alley. The Doctor ran inside panicky. This wasn't the room they were in before. He ran round looking for the Tardis, but it was no where in sight.

"Doctor what's going on?" Amy asked, grabbing hold of his jacket so as he could walk off again.

"The Tardis has gone," he complained.

"No matter, I can just type in the co-ordinates from my vortex- Oh." River gasped, looking at her manipulator in shock. The Doctor ran over looking at the results on the screen.

"What's the matter?"

"The co-ordinates for the Tardis… There are none," she muttered, trying to get the thing to work.

"What that's impossible! It's got to be somewhere. That message you got from the Tardis, let me see it," he demanded handing out his hand. River searched around her body looking for the note.

"I may have left it at the bar," she admitted, leaving the Doctor storm off into the club again.

"Aha!" He shouted, as he found the note.

'What is broken every time it's spoken? x G' the letter read. Surely this wasn't from the Tardis. Somebody must have tampered with the note. The Doctor got the attention of the man behind the bar,

"Yes, hello. Was there a person right here a minute ago? Left this note," he pleaded.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. A woman. She looked rather nice mate, she your date?" The man asked The Doctor, with a huge grin on his face. As a result the Doctor turned very red.

"No, no." He squeaked.

"Mind if I have dibs. Next time I see her anyway." The man asked, now very interested in the conversation.

"Dibs?" The Doctor asked obliviously, furrowing his eye brows.

"Dibs, yeah. Y'know. 'You- can't- have- her- once- I've- called- dibs' sort of thing." The man explained.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Just tell me what she looked like," he asked urgently. Seriously his not bothered about this so called 'dibs'.

"Urmm. She was pretty sexy to be honest."

The Doctor gave out a sigh,

"Yes but what did she look like. Anybody could be sexy,"

'Well only the Tardis and…' but before he could think further, the same burning sensation came back into his chest; he pulled out the paper and read the new message.

'Talking about a woman behind her back is classed as rude Doctor x G'. The Doctor looked around the room to look for any eye contact. She must be following him.

He turned back to the man, who was trying his best to read the psychic note.

"Thanks for your help anyway," the Doctor muttered and turned around.

'Right, now where did the others go?' he thought to himself and marched his way back to the bowling alley.

They were still in the same spot, but just talking. They all looked quite happy actually, now that he thinks of it. The Ponds. Definitely not a normal family. Come to think of it, isn't he in the family now? Well technically if you call the wedding real that is.

Another message from the note appeared.

'Such a lovely family portrait. Imagine how better there lives would have been without you?'

As much as he hated that message, he knows it's true. But if he hadn't had met River then he would have met Amy or Rory would he? She sacrificed herself. Meaning he could live on to meet Amy and Rory, to then find out there child was River. They barely had a normal life. River saw the Doctor looking at them and gave him a wink.

Different shades of red leaked across his cheeks again. That woman. How could she do that? Moving on from his thoughts he walked over to them.

"So then sweetie. Did you find the note?" River asked nonchalant, asif the little winking incident never happened.

"Yes I did, but it's not from the Tardis. Somebody tampered with it after we left," he explained while looking at them all. Rory shook his head slightly confused,

"Well what does it say?" He questioned, eager to know more.

"It's a riddle," he confessed while opening up the note. He read it out loud for them all to hear,

"'What is broken every time it's spoken? x G'." As soon as he read it out loud the whole room turned quite for a few seconds. Everyone just stopped talking and noises that were meant to be heard weren't. Then the volume returned.


"Was weird," Amy but in on Rory, agreeing.

"Well, what's the answer?" Rory asked.

Another note came up on the psychic paper.

'Not a very bright one, this one Doctor. Then gain, your companions are always the young sassy females aren't they? x G'

River snatched the note out of his hand before he could do anything.

"She has been sending you messages and you didn't think to tell us?" River exclaimed, rather hurt.

Another message appeared,

'Oooh, I like this one Doctor. She's different from your other companion's. Feisty.' The Doctor could sense the anger building up in River. She just gave out a deep breath and looked at Rory.

"The answer to the riddle is silence. What is broken every time it's spoken? Hence the reason the room went quiet," she explained.

"Oohh," Rory and Amy said together, finally understanding things.

"But what has that got to do with anything," the Doctor mumbled to himself.

'You'll find out soon enough Doctor x G.' Another message appeared.

The Doctor was finding this 'G' to be rather annoying now.

"Right then," he clapped his hands together in determination, "we are going to need to find out some more information." He pointed to the doors across the room. "Let's see where those doors lead to." He opened one door with one hand and River helping with the other door. The room inside was pitch black, so the doctor got out his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor was at the front so as everyone knew where they were walking, vaguely. After walking for about half an hour in complete dark, they finally found some light further down the tunnel-like room. Once they were towards the light they could see clearer. They were in a tomb now. A tomb? In the middle of Birmingham? Well, they're probably not in Birmingham anymore.

There were some old fashioned torches in the room which the doctor managed to alight with his sonic screwdriver. There seemed to be no way out, and the way back was no longer visible. A note was left on the wall ahead of them. Amy picked the note up. There were many clicks and suddenly the floor collapsed below them….

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