Jenny hugged the Doctor, happy knowing he was going to save River. As her back was turned on him, the Doctor closed his eyes and gulped as he tightened his grip on Jenny. As they both broke apart the smile on Jenny's face had altered into a more serious expression.

"So, w-what do you need to do? Can I help?" She asked with furrowed eye brows. The Doctor then thought for a moment. He considered whether or not to get Jenny involved, after all, this was his problem, and he didn't want to drag in Jenny with false hope on saving River. He'd already done that problem before. Nevertheless, he needed all the help he could get, so he attempted to smile in the most optimistic way he could. He adjusted the fez on top his head that Jenny had retrieved for him, and then straightened his bowtie. He puckered his lips for a few second while in thought but then he clicked his fingers which caused a loud snap to echo through the TARDIS. He grinned manically to himself, the face River would call the 'he's hot when he's clever face'. Jenny recognised it straight away, it was a face she normally does aswell. She thought maybe she did have some traits from this Doctor, and not just the past regeneration. The Doctor pointed to Jenny enthusiastically,

"I think I know a way to save River," he confessed as he sprung out of the TARDIS sofa chair and began to click buttons around the console. The TARDIS sprang to life, all the buttons became brighter and the cylinder tube, right in the middle of the console, began to do the similar up and down rhythm the Doctor was so fond of.

"How?" Jenny asked impatiently as she followed him around the ship. The Doctor spun around her to push down a red lever.

"I'll do a thing," he replied, knowing full well that would just frustrate her, it did with both the Pond women. He laughed sheepishly at himself at that thought. Jenny furrowed her eye brows and folded her arms over her chest.

"A-A thing?" She repeated in a confused tone. Her head then tilted to the side as she saw the Doctor's grin become wider. He pushed down another blue button on the TARDIS.

"Yes, a thing." He said as he continued to run around the ship, just before Jenny was to reply, the Doctor interrupted. "And by thing I mean plan, or-or work in process." He acknowledged, pointing a finger at her.

"You don't have a clue what you're doing, do you?" Jenny admitted as she rolled her eyes, a smile still placed on her face. The Doctor popped his head around the cylinder to look at her properly. Jenny looked into his eyes, she found it heart-breaking how different this regeneration was to the other one she first met. This Doctor would use distractions, like the hats and the bowties to hide away his pain. That was a lot different to the other Doctor; he would express his feelings, letting everybody know how he felt- but then she thought, maybe that was his downfall- to care too much. But that idea soon ran out of her head when she looked back at the Doctor. She could see right through that fake smile of his. He was just smiling to reassure her, and make her feel better. But she saw it, that glimpse in his eyes which showed just a fragment of the pain in those old eyes of his. She gulped unintentionally- thankfully unnoticed to the Doctor.

"It's more fun that way," he confessed with a smirk and then jumped back down to the floor. Jenny smiled to herself at that as she walked around the console to meet him.

"So, how you going to do it?" Jenny questioned simply. "Save River I mean," she added as she placed an arm onto the console to give herself some support. The Doctor's jaw clenched.

"I can go back." He whispered as he stopped what he was doing. He looked down at the console, not looking at Jenny whatsoever. Jenny furrowed her eye brows as she turned around, so as he back was against the console and she could look at the Doctor better.

"Back where? Back to the fountain, because she's gone why would tha-"

"Not if I go back in time," he quickly added in. Jenny stopped mid-sentence to look at him in be wilderness. Her mouth was left agape as she looked at the Doctor.

"Bu-But you can't." She accused in a more serious tone. "You can't go back on your own timeline Doctor, it's too dangerous. You could River a hole in the universe." She informed him in a panicked tone; she pushed back from her stance. "You can't just-"

"Yes I can!" The Doctor snapped. "Jenny, I have to, I just…" He paused for a moment, his lower lip wobbled. "She can't die here!" He said furiously.

"Doctor, nobody can chose when people die. Not even you." Jenny commented quietly as she looked at the man before her. She then noticed how he hands clenched into fists as soon as she said that comment. There was a pause. Jenny looked at the Doctor; she furrowed her eyebrows again and dropped her hands to her sides.

"Wh-What do you mean? She can't die here." Jenny asked, the Doctor didn't answer, instead he moved over to the other side of the console, trying to lose any eye contact. "Doctor…" Jenny breathed out.

"I've seen her die Jenny," he replied, his voice was barely a whisper, but Jenny could feel the misery and heartache suddenly drown the room. Jenny's muscles tensed and she gulped down the ball in her throat.


"The first time I met her," the Doctor answered her question. He took a deep breath in and looked up from the console. "It's our relationship, you see," he said sheepishly with a breathy laugh. He gulped, "Timey wimey," he said as her shook his head. He breathed through his nose. "The first time I saw her, was the last time she saw me…" He explained, his voice had broken up and it was a struggle to hear him, but Jenny understood none the less. She nodded slowly,

"So that's why she can't die here," she acknowledged, her voice only quite, not wanting to get rid of the silence.

"It would cause a paradox, and a big one at that." He pointed out, his voice picked up abit. "After all, if I wouldn't have met River, I'd be dead. And if I were dead, I wouldn't have met Pond. Then River wouldn't have even existed-possibly." He paused for a moment thinking of the possible outcomes. "Well, she wouldn't be half time lordy and all humany on the inside anyway." Jenny smiled softly. She nodded her head,

"How are we going to do it then?" She asked curiously as she walked toward him. He licked his finger and raised it in the air. He squinted his eyes and then normally looked back at Jenny.

"I'm going to have to get back to the fountain, maybe ten- fifteen minutes earlier before you arrived." He told her as he moved over to the scanner and turned the nozzles on there.

"Yeah, but how do you know where we were? It was just a fountain, there weren't any signs or anything to show where we were," Jenny doubted as she watched him do his stuff on the scanner.

"Oh, that's easy. I'll just go through the TARDIS history." He answered her question in a tone that suggested the question was stupid. Jenny arched an eye brow.

"History? The TARDIS has a history?" She asked the question in disbelief. She shook her head bewildered. The Doctor nodded as he pressed the buttons on the scanner. Some words, words that Jenny had never encountered before, popped up on the screen.

"What language is that?" She asked as she pointed at the screen in confusion.

"Gallifreyan," he answered simply, no explanation or anything else. He continued to look at the screen.

"I've never seen it before… Is it- Is it the language, of your kind, the peo-"

"Yes it is," he confirmed. He sighed, knowing how rude that was; he looked back up at Jenny. "It is the language of my people. Nobody can read it anymore, wellll.. Besides River but-"

"River can read…" She looked back at the scanner, her eye brows furrowed. "That," she spoke. "But it's just a bunch of circles and lines." She commented, the Doctor laughed in her face.

"This, Jenny," he pointed his head at the screen. "This language could destroy whole worlds, it could cause stars to die, solar systems to burn…" He went to carry on but stopped, Jenny blinked at him.

"Then why do you still use it if it's so dangerous?" The Doctor lowered his head,

"Cause it's the only thing to remember them by…" He confessed softly. "I don't have anything else." The beeping from the scanner interrupted their silence, the Doctor swirled around.

"Ah, the fountain of Menista, that's where we were," he nodded his head. "Nice planet, they have lovely fish fingers there, no wonder Gamine sent us here." He twiddled with the nozzle on the scanner and an image appeared.

"Is that Gamine?" Jenny panicked, "Won't she see us?"

"I've put the TARDIS on invisible…" He said smugly, "River showed me how…" he added quietly. "I've planned out so as we don't cause any disturbance, this has to be perfect, otherwise bad things will happen."

"Worse than River dying?" Jenny asked harshly. The Doctor blinked and then straightened his bow tie.

"Oh, look there's you." He pointed at the screen as a diversion. He didn't lie though, Jenny popped on the screen- literally. She popped from mid-air. Then he saw her,

"River," he breathed out as he saw the familiar fluffy hair sweep across the floor. He gulped, she was right there, alive. He wanted to just open those TARDIS doors and pummel her to the floor and never let her go. He turned back to Gamine. Whatever she had been messing with in her hands she had stopped, she must have known of their arrival. As she got up the Doctor got a glimpse of what she was holding.

"Is that-" He said out loud as he looked at the object. "No," he realised as he brushed his hair back with his fingers. Jenny looked at him confused,

"What's wrong? What's that she's got in her hands?" Jenny asked as she moved closer to the scanner, her nose nearly touched the screen. The Doctor pulled her back gently,

"It's Morphic. A stone which is only created from one planet," the Doctor scratched his head. "But that's impossible, that planets been demolished, an asteroid hit it and blew it to pieces." Jenny didn't take much of that but she continued to watch the screen.

"Wait!" The Doctor realised as he flung from his position. "Back then, Rory came to me, told me to go to the interview room. That must have been me, as in me me, now, me." He realised. "I told them to 'stay put'," the Doctor hit himself around the head. "Where is stay put?" He yelled at himself in frusttratin.

"Uum, right here, I guess, Doctor?" The Doctor turned around quickly,

"Rory?" The was a pause, "Rory!" He ran over to the Roman. "What are you doing here?" He smiled at him, glad to see he was alright.

"When you left us on the stairs we found the TARDIS, she was at the bottom of the stairs," he replied back. The Doctor sighed,

"Always at the bottom of the stairs aren't you sexy," he huffed out. "Right, Rory," he said as he ran over to the console. I need you to-" He commented as he shuffled through a box which had appeared from below the console, "Aha!" He exclaimed as he pulled out a vortex manipulator. He handed it to Rory, who was very confused. "I need you to go back in time and say something to me, just two very simple words, can you do that Rory? Oh of course you can," he mumbled as he started to fasten the strap around his wrist.

"But-Wh" Rory attempted to mummbled out but the Doctor interrupted.

"I need you to say 'interveiw room', that's it okay. And then I'll get Jenny to bring you back here." He encoureage as he pressed buttons on the vortex manipulator.

"Interview room, got it. But when do I-" Poof. The Doctor had soniced the manipulator and he had vanished. He turned around to Jenny; he was still watching the scanner. He could hear himself on the scanner, he was losing time.

"Jenny!" He exclaimed, Jenny shot up and turned around, only to be attacked with a sonic. "Jenny, I've sent Rory back in time, shouldn't have done that really, but I would have caused some serious trouble if I didn't. Anyway," he got back to the point, "The TARDIS will sound an alarm when Rory should come back," he ran up to her, "all I need you to do is press this button on the sonic, then he should appear, okay?" He explained very quickly, she nodded anyway, so the Doctor carried on.

"W-What about you?" Jenny asked concerned, her hand held onto the sonic tightly. The Doctor was busy rushing about the TARDIS. He ran up the stairs then back down, and the up again, carrying different objects each time. He finally stopped, and took a deep breath.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." He huffed out as he slouched something over his shoulder. Jenny thought it was a rope, what would he have been doing with a rope?

"You always say that, Amy told me," Jenny argued as she quickly looked back at the scanner, Jenny wasn't anywhere to be found on there. She must have gone onto the TARDIS, well, the other TARDIS that was back there at the time. The Doctor skipped up the stairs to close up on Jenny. He face was only inches away from hers,

"Yes, but I'm not lying am I? I always turn out fine," he counter argued as he jumped back down the stairs and threw the rope onto the other pile of objects on the floor. He clapped his hands, "Right, time to get crackin'… Okay, I've never saying that again."

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