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Life may seem Mysterious

"DON'T DO IT!" someone cried from the crowd.
I was going to suicide to jump off this building to land on the ground of this cruel earth.
I shall not live in this CRUEL world!
"Please!" My Aunt sobbed.
"Please don't... It's your life.." She said wiping her tears from her cheeks.
I wish my mother was out there for me...
I wish my father was there.... for me...
I stood there looking down from the tall building.
"No please No!" I heard people shout at the same time.
The policemen surrounds the building. I stood there crying harder.
Why does my life have to end so......
I climbed higher on the rail.
My aunt sobbed harder cried harder screamed louder and hand to stop me raised higher.
Mother forgive me.
Father I'll go and live with you in your world too.....
One... counting silently underneath her breath.
Two... Closing her eyes..
"-Gasp-" A hard hand Grasp me on my waist.
"What do you think your're doing?" A Handsome voice asked me.
"I... I..."
"You were going to kill yourself"
I turned around. Our eyes Met.
It was like a dream... His blue eyes blond hair..
It was a miracle. Then all the screaming from the crowd interupted my thoughts.
"You still wanna jump?" He asked me.
I didn't respond and looked back to the crowd.
He hand me a hankerchief to wipe off all my tears.
Then I heard peaople clapping hands and the policemen gathered in a group looking like they were
Suddenly I felt terrible all again I felt Like i wanted to die...
I wanted to die...... Why am I standing here? To die of course! "Yes.." I said.
I wanted to die!!!!!!! Then I looked back to the handsome man. Wait....
He's gone? HE'S GONE! He's...
My thoughts replayed inside my head.
He..... was here now he's... not.
The people stopped clapping. Hands raised again.
Goodbye earth.
I shall Jump........
One..... Two...... Waiting for my third count. For a grasp on my waist. For anything before
My life's over. Nothing? 3? I climbed up on the rail "Goodbye..." Saying it for the last time...
Looking down. It's that MAN he's down there? He glared coldly into my eyes.
"I guess my answer's a yes?" I heard him from behind. I made sure I wasn't dreaming.
I touched him. "I thought you were..."
"Down there?" He said asking me.
I didn't answer.
"Not anymore" He said coldy.
He was PUSHING ME!!! He was Pushing my head down! he was GOING TO KILL ME!
"Stop! Stop!" I screamed.
"I thought you wanted to die?" He said smiling.
I did... I thought. "I..."
"You were... So why do you care if I give you a hand?"

Written By Jammie King *Workshop*