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Mystery of life - Life may seem mysterious Chapter 2

She felt shaken standing still squeezing her own eyes... The guy stood there shaking as if to stop
her from something "are you ok?"
She stood there in wide eyes looking shocked.
"STOP STOP!" She screamed.
"It's alright everything's fine! Are you ok Miss?"
She pushed him off her way and ran to the rail.
The crowded people raised both there hands behind the yellow caution line.
She can hear people gasping and screaming all again...
She was again for her third try going to jump off the building.
"Why?" The man asked her.
She turned....
"Where are you" She asked.
She looked around.
"What do you mean?" She heard him say then felt him held her hands.
"You're a ghost?" She asked trembling.
She squinted her eyes seeing him right in front of her.
The police ran up the building and grabbed her. "LET GO!" She screamed.
"Let me go!"
They handcuffed her hands. Her aunt ran up " MAGGIE!!!!!" She cried.
"Aunt let me go! I'm going to DIE! I'm NOT living!!!!!!!!!"

Taking a sip of the hot tea. "I'm glad we saved you" He said.
Her aunt put a plate of cookies down. "Maggie... what were you thinking?"
She was trembling still trembling from the day.
"What are you" She asked him.
He looked down at himself... "A gorilla?" He said in sarcastic.
"I'm serious!" She said putting the tea down.
"Get over it you were trying to kill me!" In a shakey voice she stared at him.
He suddenly looked shocked.
"I... was saving you!" He cried angrily.
"You? saving me? you were pushing me down! you were going to push me off the building!"

"What if i said i was going to kill you? Do you mind?" Getting a pocket knife out from his pants.
Maggie's eyes widenned. "SEE AUNTY HE WAS GONIG TO KILL ME!" She screamed for help.

"Maggie... Maggie...."
" Maggie... Maggie..." "AUNT HE WAS!!!!" Looking around seeing herself in her own room.
"you fell asleep in the living room so Mark helped carry you in here"
She squeezed her blanket and blinked several times assuring herself she wasn't dreaming.

She lied down and closed her eyes after her aunt flicked the lights off.
"I.. was saving you!" She thought about what he said.
Why did he push me down the building and pretend I was just thinking it happened?
Now they're thinking i'm Possest! I'm crazy! We'll see about you Mark!

Jammie King