A boy and a girl had been dati ing for a year and a half. The guy desides to take the girl to a beach.

"Where are we going baby?" She asked the boy curiously.

"Somewhere very special baby girl." He replied excitedly.

He loads the car up with blankets, champaign, and wicker basket. He gets her into the car and drives toward the beach. She looks at him happily.

"Are we goin' to the beach?" She smiled lightly.

"Yes baby.." He said, he grabs her hand and kisses it.

They arrive at the beach just before the sun sets and they layout the blankets and the wicker basket.
The girl waits for the guy on the blanket, The guy sits next to hid girlfriend and puts his arm around her as they watch the sun set. He kisses her cheek and rubs her leg.
m "I love you Jakie, you are my everything." He puts his hand on her face and pulls her closer to him and kisses her for a long moment.

"Aww Ryan! I love you so much!" She squeaks.

"Renee, will you marry me?" He pulls out a black silky box and opens it, inside was a 13 kt diamond ring inside. The moonlight is reflecting off of it. Renee smiles wide and a tear falls.

"Of course baby," She kisses him for a long moment and he puts the ring on her ring finger." I love you Ryan!"

Ryan kissed her and they sat there for hours more, talking and kissing, and reminising.